Mat Chon- Pure Light sorc


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Mat Chon- Pure Light sorc

So yesterday matted my blizz sorc and I though to myself, " wait a minute why should I mat that and not my light sorc, who ive had longer?!?!". So yeh last night I had a serious thought about killing those damn ancients biznitchs. I had mfed a reapers toll and shoved it onto my merc and decided to scrifice some fcr for + skills on my sorcy. I now had 1-7000kish damage and had a merc with nice leeech and micro capabaility. So yeh I abosloutly shat all off the ancients much easier than with my blizzer. Throne + baal was very easy fortunatly all the souls were on holiday leaving a nice path for me. This was my first sp character since my return to sp and was very enjoyable. Some good finds thatI can remember Include um of mephy in nm, pul of hf in nm and mal of hf in hell. I also made my 35 fcr spirit cs with this char and also got a pul og count with it. I had planned to use this char for key finding and socketables in pit. Now it just looks like it will be socketables only -_-. If your the type of person who normally goes meteor/orb or chainlight/orb I suggest making a pureist!! Both my blizz and this char are pumped and thats something you will never get with a hybrid character, some may argue. Well ill post what shes equiped with now, most of it hs come along since my blizzer started massing meph runs.

Character name: Chon
Class: sorcy
Build: Pure light
20 lightning
20 chain lightning
20 light mastery
20 charged bolt
05 nova

Gear and stats

Lightning damage:4-7978



Charged bolt:25
chain Lightning:25
light mastery:25

Duriels shell
Scared Globe 2/20/1 skill/fcr/blizz
Glooms trap belt
Trangs gloves
10/10 fcr/str ring
5/prismatic str/resist ring
Sarcens chance amulet
35 life lc

level 81
reapers toll/ insight poleaxe
rockstopper/ COT
Courpsemorun(wish I had better cause ironmaiden ruins my reaper microing)

So yep that completes my tale, I would be happy to answer any questions on the build, Ive made it before on realm and have also made a pure 700+ mfer for pits with this build (thing is you need infnity and a kick arse merc for that build -_-). Hope you enjoy reading put a bit more effort into it than my blizzer. My next project is a freezadin, Im actually a bit stuck on skill tree for it, ill post my idea for it below. Hes level 23 at the mo btw in act3 p8.

max vit

20 holy freeze
20 salvation
20 resist cold
5-20 zeal?
20 holy shield

guilames (got)
Treachery (can be got easily)
azurewrath (got)
Hoz (need)
Draculs (got)
Gores (not got should be easy)
HIghlords/metalgrid ( I can wait for)
ravenfrost maybe x2 (got 1)
o yeh 40/15 dungo ^^ yay (got)

so yeh im gonna play the game a bit now maybe mf meph or get straight into leveling my freezer


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hehe, good work, always hard to get a single tree through hell, i got bored of my lite sorc, really cant get the motivation to play her atm, she is 60 and in nm act3, she is just so powerful... its almost boring! she either pwns EVERYTHING one hit... or cant do anything (ie LI's) makes me fall asleep :p


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Ha im pit running at the mo with her and runs are pretty damn fast on p4 also. I dunno if I should post this here but I well anyway. I just founda reapers toll in pit and decided as it was betetr sats to switch it with my mercs reapers. My mercs reapers was equiped on the right hand side box not the left. When i put the new reapers over the old one and clicked to switch my new reapers poofed. Im not sure if your suposed to have your polearm in the right hand side box and if thats why it did it. Its just kinda anoying, im just glad it wasnt a infnity :).