Mat Alys frostmaiden you're behind Toppo


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Mat Alys frostmaiden you're behind Toppo

started a frostmaiden some weeks ago, after i was impresed by , now deleted, Multi zon with a point in FA.
twiked to the teeth. at low levels full artics and vidala ( to make some use for those items).
i got slow killing speed until lvl 30 when FA was available. i dind't wanted to go with fire route first. from that point Normal and NM was a breeze. lot of monsters shatered to my Wizendraw. still Baal was a problem in normal and NM. too low my damage and he is always alone and i can't pack FA with pierce on him. but my merc had some CB gear and he did the job done.
hell was another story. imunes everywhere mostly cold an fire in the pits. i didn't level her at all, i just rushed to Pindle where she was at lvl 79.
made 100 runs with her for Pindlethon and nothing dropped. after that i was lvl
good, time to take on ancients. did a brainless rush to them and they KO her in two sec. damn i have forgoted to take the waypoint and no good merc gear ( cb, slow in stash).
today i visited them with another set of weapons. i decided to go with slow gear and merc was allowed to make the kills. first rownd amp killed my merc, next was a good one none with amp and slowed to an extreme they where dead in ten minutes ( two where stone skin ).
i was really impresed about riphook killing speed on the WSK with exploding arrow. baal minions are very easy with FA, baal was taken with slow gear and GA.
best finds IST helforge and Hellslayer's Blade

Character name : Alys
Character type : Amazon
Character level : 84
Character exp : 963701737

Strength : 95
Energy : 15
Dexterity : 70
Vitality : 325
Stat Points Rem : 5
Skill Points Rem: 1

Life : 1355 / 1191
Mana : 401 / 139
Stamina : 474 / 472


max Cold Arrow, Fire Arrow

20/29 Frozen Arrow 1720-1754
20/29/35 Exploding Arrow 812-946 with Riphook 1220-1414 with meody RW
one point in decoy and GA
5 in pierce


Harley, 2xRaven ( used BK + Raven most of the hell), Eye of Eyelich (7sec cold duration), Razortail, Peace RW mage plate

Long Battle Bow
Two-Hand Damage: 5 to 31
Required Dexterity: 50
Required Strength: 40
Required Level: 29
Bow Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x609d0059
+15 to Energy
+30 to Mana
+74% Enhanced Damage
+72 to Attack Rating
Cold Resist +26%
40% Increased Attack Speed
Fires Magic Arrows
-35% to Enemy Cold Resistance
Socketed (1: 1 used)

Ashwood Bow
Two-Hand Damage: 24 to 43
(Amazon Only)
Required Dexterity: 77
Required Strength: 56
Required Level: 39
Bow Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 85
Fingerprint: 0xdc877d5e
+10 to Dexterity
+50% Enhanced Damage
20% Increased Attack Speed
+3 to Slow Missiles (Amazon Only)
+3 to Dodge (Amazon Only)
+3 to Critical Strike (Amazon Only)
300% Damage to Undead
+3 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
+3 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
Socketed (3: 3 used)

Soul Stalker
Chain Boots
Defense: 19
Durability: 16 of 16
Required Strength: 30
Required Level: 29
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xb8cb072c
+5 to Dexterity
+98% Enhanced Defense
Lightning Resist +35%
Cold Resist +21%
17% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
30% Faster Run/Walk

Demon Grasp
Heavy Bracers
Defense: 37
Durability: 16 of 16
Required Strength: 58
Required Level: 35
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x8225d2b5
+8 to Dexterity
20% Increased Attack Speed
Half Freeze Duration
+2 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
two bow skillers (plain + 19% GF) rest where rezists all GC and SC with frost damage
for ancients an baal killing i used slow gear Riphook + Blackthorn + Arachnids

Merc HF
Tal's helm, Treacery RW, Insight Thresher
for baal and ancients Reaper, Stone bugz0red eth, Guillame's.

she will run Ancients tunnels and Pindle in the future and i'll try to have some points in walk


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Haha. I'm spending my time with the dexazon, not with the M'avina's zon. But yes, I'm behind you allright :wink3:

Congrats on the Mat.


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Congrats on your nice Mageazon mat. I found mine had hads lots of trouble with the Hell Ancients, same as you had. How did find pierce hit rate with a low AR setup? Did pierce trigger much?