Mass Confusion


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Witch Doctor has long been my favorite class of all (I might enjoy Necromancer very much, as it was my favorite in D2, but Witch Doctor is just wonderful). I really enjoyed all the changes made since the vanilla D3 and all the sets and cool stuff they added. One of the things I love most in the class is his variety of cool - and fun - skills and the concept of the character. The idea of a class that takes things from the "real world", such as skulls, poison, corpses, to cast spells is very nice compared to the usual "let's just summon a fireball" (nothing against it, it's just different). Obviously not all Witch Doctor spells are like that, but still it is a very fun class - and great, too! I mean, throwing snakes at enemies? Using voodoo dolls to turn them into chickens or pigs? BECOMING an explosive chicken? Zombies who pile up and fall onto enemies? Haha (Ok, this last one I find a little useless, but it's fun to see!)

However, there is one skill bothering me a little and that's Mass Confusion. I love it in itself, as the Witch Doctor is the only class who can charm and confuse enemies, making them attack each other (I'm not a 100% sure if that's the only class, but I can't remember other classes doing it as well...). The only problem with the skill is that I don't see much use for it. I don't remember I've seen someone use it on a build (or even consider using it). I've tried, but it just doesn't add anything to any build. The cooldown is long, even with all the cooldown reductions you get from items (in special with Last Breath) and paragon, and the effect doesn't seem to be worth it. Maybe I'm misusing it?

If that's not the case, then what? I'd like to see it doing something else, maybe the effects could last longer or it could affect more enemies. Perhaps it could buff more the player while the enemies are charmed? Smaller cooldown? I don't know, something else. And if I am actually misusing it, could someone give some ideas, please?

Don't get me wrong, I love the skill in itself and the runes aren't that bad. It just seems a little useless when you go to great rifts... I guess Plague of Toads with the Addling Toads rune is more useful in terms of charming enemies...

Anyway, just looking for some ideas! :)