Martinkingss UBER thread.


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Martinkingss UBER thread.

Some mins ago, I jumped down in anicent tunnel, cause i needed "some armor"

First round, just before opening the chest, killing a bunch of invader, with one uniqe in it. This drops.

Jumps up to down , to mkae space, and i hope for a templars, cause atleast u can use them for something.

My yaw dropped 15 meters, when i ided this:

1 : 409249 Tyrael's Might - {qlvl 87} Ancient Tunnels - {mlvl **}

this will be up for trade, cause i dont need it, and i dont grail.

stats: Tyrael's Might
Sacred Armor
Defense: 1430
Required Level: 84
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x9fd23cc9
+26 to Strength
+138% Enhanced Defense
All Resistances +21
Requirements -100%
20% Faster Run/Walk
Slain Monsters Rest In Peace
83% Damage to Demons
Cannot Be Frozen


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OMG GIB GIB!You should get lots of goodies for this.:shocked:

edit: remove the .th from the address and its fine.


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Congrats! :thumbsup:

You are really trading it? Now, that will be fun to watch, I guess sirpoop's Sur auction thread will look like pgems auction compared to this :tongue:


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Damn, lucky!

Nice find... finding an item off a regular monster or chest is so much more fulfilling than off a level boss.

edit: About 15 minutes later I'm clearing hell chaos and an undead mage drops me IK armor... probably the best item I've ever found, score!


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Big congrats, already posted at GO about the find but I think it deserves more than one post! Grats on finding the one.

Poor Grogs and Marvel :\


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Well, since im obviously made a big mistake, i dont think anyone wants this, i found it using the fe/rrm mod, that i thought everyone used, but thats obviously not the truth. I guess that sucks donkey dong. Im thinking of selling this to a mercant now, it anyway useless.


I will make a new trade thread soon, describing more what i want, but it's bascilly high tc's that i can use and not just rot that i want. such as griffons, coa, more and more...


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Well, the thing is, I'm not sure if there are more people like me on this forum... but even though I trade, if I trade for a Tyreal's Might (which the item I most want to find), I feel as if it defeats the purpose (esepcially since Tyreal's Might is a novelty item). For me, if I ever get my Tyreal's, it will be through long hours of AL85 + Baal.

Good luck on the auction though!

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Yeah, it looks useless.:rolleyes:

it would be a crime to sell that to a merchant - it should go into an ATMA stash all of it's own, just so you can sit and look at it if your MF luck seems to be running out.