Martial arts assassin for solo pvm


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Martial arts assassin for solo pvm


well I ve been playing a lot of pvp now but today I got bored and just realized that I never ever single soloed Diablo 2 - LoD in pvm.
And because I love assassins as character class, I want to make an assassin of course.

But because I'm pretty much a newbie in the concern of pvm, I wanted to ask you how skilling should look like to be successful in pvm.
I will try to play with only selffound items ( yeh, try is probably the right word) so it's really only pretty much about the skilling.

Does anyone have an effective build for me that fits for me? :D

Thanks in advance.


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Max: Phoenix strike and a finishing move;
Get some 10~15 points in shadow master;
Get 1 point in burst of speed, death sentry and mind blast;
Get as much points in Fade as u think its necessary (some people like it, so they spend lots of points here... I prefer Burst of Speed, so i just get 1 point here IF i'm getting Venom...);
Try to max some elemental charge as sinergy to phoenix strike (recomended: Claws of Thunder or Blades of Ice).

Do not spend more than 1 point in tiger strike...

Use a lot of cloak of shadows, mind blast, 3rd charge of phoenix strike (for crowd control) and death sentry (when u get some bodies and terminate the group of foes)...