Map seeding help


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Map seeding help

How exactly do you reset the "map seed"?

1) Save and Exit, then go back in to same difficulty.
2) Do (1), then go to Normal difficulty, then go back to Hell difficulty.
3) Do (1), then go to Normal difficulty, close out DII, Load back up, go back into Hell difficulty.

This might be a fluke, but I found a good Meph map, and I stuck with it for two weeks -- I found squat! I did option (3), and I was rolling in the uniques for like 3 hours straight, then it started to taper off to squat again. :tongue:

Does this mean that if I'm not finding anything after 4 or 5 runs to change the map seed -- regardless of what I've previously found in that particular seed?

Thanks, in advance for your suggestions...

Sint Nikolaas

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First off, you can change map seeds quite easily. You can either go online with your character (trough TCP/IP or Open although Open isn't suggested) or go to another difficulty. Just select save and exit, make a new game in another difficulty, save and exit and make a new game in the prefered difficulty.

Second, changing map seeds does not affect the item drops in any way possible. A map cannot ''dry up'' or have good or bad streaks. It's just luck. Your best bet is to find a map that is very good for the run you want (if you run Mephisto, get a nice Durance of Hate level 2 map) and stick to it.


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Isnt the player setting youre on the only thing that affects drops (other than your mf lvl) and mostly by reducing the non drop% for Monsters. Such as P8= more items dropped but not necc. better items?


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Ah yes, that's good confirmation of what I logically think, but when things aren't going so good, I find myself itching to get a new map.

I think that's just me being too superstitious... I'm going to try and cut down on that. :thumbsup:

Thanks guys!


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IIRC the map seed does have an effect on your drops. Which is why running with the seed command active is a major no no. Certainly when running LK I noticed that a nearby armour rack had a fetish for defenders. (No I wasn't using the seed command but was not changing the map.)


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Thanks for the input Thyiad, so now I'm back to where I started: map-fickle, so to speak. I don't know what the see command is, and since it's a no-no, I guess I don't need to know.

I do notice sometimes that when running Meph, all he (or she?) will drop is lower items like Duskdeep or Swordback. And, when I change the map, he stops dropping them and the drops either gets much better or much worse.

I've been thinking of taking some statistics on the drops to prove or disprove the hypothesis... Dunno if I want to dedicate that much time to it though. :scratch:


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Hmmm... interesting argument, but I'm still not convinced one way or the other. I guess I need to start upping my knowledge from the Statistics forum.

That argument does go along with what Thyiad was saying about the same shield dropping from LK.


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I doubt the map seed has any influence on which particular items Meph drops, although it may have influence on which items the armor/weapon racks drop.

As for statistics; I've kept stats for my last 1250 runs with my MeteOrb Sorc (currently 365% MF, although she started out at around 150%). Here are some tidbits:
10 Infernal Sign vs 1 Iratha's Cord (same item [heavy belt], supposedly same drop ratio; but it did make me wonder when I got my 7th Sign without having seen a single Cord :azn: )

Interesting Exceptional drop ratios:
5 Duriel's Shell
0 Shaftstop
5 Bartuc's Cut-Throat
0 Titan's Revenge
5 Butcher's Pupil
0 Islestrike
5 Kuko Shakaku
0 Riphook
0 Endlesshail
6 The Gavel of Pain
0 Bloodtree Stump
0 Earthshaker
6 Hexfire
1 Blade of Ali Baba

Interesting Elite drop ratios:
11 Immortal King's Stone Crusher
7 Ethereal Edge
5 Bonehew
5 Arioc's Needle
vs the 18 Elite Uniques Meph can drop that he hasn't done yet :)


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I am sure there was an accidental incident in the SPF where running with the seed active resulted in items with identical fingerprints. I'll see if I can find it when I have had caffine.

@grogs - thanks for that, I was too tired *cough* drunk *cough* to do that last night.

Edit: This was the discussion, I was thinking of. I will leave the statistics bods to discuss whether the map seed has an effect.

In my Pindleruns:
Runs on map v gold/green items (not necessarily qualifiers)
43           3
66           4
30           6
59           1 - sol rune
92           1 - dol rune
25           0
15           0
I really want that 30 v 6 map back :grin:

Not sure if anyone answered Ribgriller directly but the seed command is a way to bring back a lost map. It's use is fairly disliked but running with that command active is a no no (see discussion to which I have linked).


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I thought I noticed that Mephisto was dropping very similar item types on each run, so I decided to try and get some proof. I noted down every base item which dropped and the quantity trying to see if there was a pattern.

Before I started I was certain that only about 20 item types were dropping and I would see a pattern pretty quickly. But, after about 15 runs I realised that I had seen well over 50 items so I decided that I was thinking things and it was just me trying to give reasons for my streak of bad luck.

Just keep with the same map if its a good one, the items will come eventually.


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Are said:
Interesting Elite drop ratios:
11 Immortal King's Stone Crusher

In all fairness, the IKSC is the most common Elite in the game. It's only proper that you find more of these than anything else. I did 1000 logged Meph runs and found 3 Harleys. Sometimes you don't question these things. :wink3:



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GooberGrape said:
In all fairness, the IKSC is the most common Elite in the game. It's only proper that you find more of these than anything else.
NO IT ISN'T! :smiley: Never found one, despite many elite uniques. Found 3 or 4 Ethereal Edges though. Many other EU weapons, but never an IKSC.
For me, it's a pretty rare Elite.


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@ Drystan. I have 7 mauls (not all found) but no Ethereal edges lol

Sint Nikolaas

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IKSC normally stands for Immortal King's Soul Cage too...

By the way, I wasn't entirely honest about mapseeds having no effects on item find and area running, however for your average area run (like mlvl 85 runs) or target runs (like meph or pindle) it's too much of a hassle to worry about it and the differences are too small. There are situations where you want to get a nice seed like rackrunning in previous patches.


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I think we have all thought at some stage 'good map', 'good drops' when it has probably been the killing speed allow us to get better items. But there did seem to be a correlation between map seed and item dropped in the thread I specified.

*cough* yes, Sint. I see your point. I'll be off to my literacy class now ... back later. :embarassed:


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Oh yes, I read the thread, and I'm gonna have to stay away from it, so I don't cornfuse myself, which is not very hard to do. :laugh:

I think I proved a point to myself last night. I decided to stick it out, no matter what with one map. I was running Countess, Meph, and Pindle in one run. After about 10 runs with nothing but junk, I preservered through my itching to get a new map, and this happened...

Ist Rune
Can be Inserted into Socketed Items

Weapons: 30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Helms: 25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Armor: 25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Shields: 25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Required Level: 51
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion

Two-Hand Damage: 98 to 274
Durability: 26 of 40
Required Dexterity: 33
Required Strength: 189
Required Level: 66
Axe Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x810fc024
+25 to Life
+100% Enhanced Damage
Adds 150-250 fire damage
10% Chance to cast Level 19 Fire Ball on attack
+3% to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)
+0 to Strength (Based on Character Level)
+0 to Vitality (Based on Character Level)

Shimmering Grand Charm of Maiming
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 63
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 82
Fingerprint: 0x1bd2f068
+3 to Maximum Damage
All Resistances +15

Herald of Zakarum
Gilded Shield
Defense: 434
Chance to Block: 72%
Smite Damage: 20 to 28
Durability: 33 of 50
(Paladin Only)
Required Strength: 89
Required Level: 42
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0xc121080f
+20 to Strength
+20 to Vitality
+157% Enhanced Defense
+30% Increased Chance of Blocking
All Resistances +50
+2 to Paladin Skill Levels

Bartuc's Cut-Throat
Greater Talons
One-Hand Damage: 87 to 153
Durability: 58 of 69
(Assassin Only)
Required Dexterity: 79
Required Strength: 79
Required Level: 42
Claw Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0xb8e39a1a
+20 to Strength
+20 to Dexterity
+197% Enhanced Damage
+25 to Minimum Damage
+50 to Maximum Damage
5% Life stolen per hit
+2 to Assassin Skill Levels
30% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Bonus to Attack Rating
+1 to Martial Art Skills (Assassin Only)

Scintillating Ring
Required Level: 59
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 83
Fingerprint: 0xfc16180a
All Resistances +15

Grim's Burning Dead
Grim Scythe
Two-Hand Damage: 83 to 195
Durability: 29 of 55
Required Dexterity: 70
Required Strength: 70
Required Level: 45
Polearm Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x4f03d78a
+20% Enhanced Defense
+179% Enhanced Damage
+211 to Attack Rating
Fire Resist +45%
Adds 131-232 fire damage
Attacker Takes Damage of 8
+3 to Necromancer Skill Levels
Requirements -50%
-50% Target Defense

Duriel's Shell
Defense: 564
Durability: 26 of 150
Required Strength: 65
Required Level: 41
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xa53f7238
+15 to Strength
+178% Enhanced Defense
Fire Resist +20%
Lightning Resist +20%
Cold Resist +50%
Poison Resist +20%
+100 Maximum Durability
Cannot Be Frozen
+1 to Defense (Based on Character Level)

Azure Ring of Fortune
Required Level: 31
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 79
Fingerprint: 0x305612ad
Cold Resist +9%
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

First, Countess dropped the Ist, then Meph dropped the axe, then Countess dropped the shimmering charm, then Meph dropped the HoZ (my first HoZ -- it's about time I start making that Hammer guy) and the Bartuc's at the same time, :jig: then the rest came out.

This is not godly stuff, but hey, I think I learned something from this. BTW, I got to throw the Ist in a Baba, and am currently running for another! :thumbsup: