Many threads on same topic, but mine is really puzzling me :( der=


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Many threads on same topic, but mine is really puzzling me :(

Ok so I'm getting that infamous access violation (c00000005), you all know what I'm talking about.

Before you give me the usual do this do that, here's a little background. I don't use any mods, any bots, any hacks whatsoever. Prior to this, I've been running two diablos at the same time by fast-switching windows xp users and with two diablo 2 cd keys without a problem at all. This random error one night just started coming up over and over, but only on my second diablo 2.

A long time ago I remember seeing this same error although I don't remember what I did to remedy it.

The Diablo 2 on my main computer log in file works without a problem, it's when I try to run the second Diablo two on the other user. The error pops up right away. I never did anything different, it just started happening one night.

Tried reinstalling patch, failed. Re-ran video test, failed. Reboot computer, scan disk for viruses, failed. Replaced the d2data.mpq file, failed. Lastly, I tried to unstaill...FAILED.

Keep in mind, this doesn't happen in game, it happens as soon as game even begins to load up on my second computer user only. I only play hardcore classic. I am totally lost as to what to do. My desperate solution was to uninstall and re install, but now I can't even uninstall lol.


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well u use xp right? try to uninstall in safe mode, or try to delete registratiion in regedit.... i m no computer technician but if u have more than 1 hard drive u should be able to install into the second drive or just different folder to make it work again...


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Lol yay success!!

I ran the disk error check that Blizz site recommended. It was one of the last recommendations =/ But it worked :)