Manda and the quest for Windforce


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I felt like gathering my experiences gained from playing this character in one thread so I decided to start a progress thread. I hope that it will be useful and inspiring to some.

Meet Manda, the amazon! Manda is on a quest! She has her mind set on finding what many believe is the most potent bow in all of Sanctuary! The legendary Windforce Hydra Bow.

After a seven year long break I decieded to start playing Diablo 2 again a couple of months ago. This is my second character after restart and since I intend to keep her untwinked she represents a new way for me to play this game.

To keep me motivated, I wanted to set a goal for her. Concidering my plan is to go all in on dexterity and strafe, what better goal to set than to find her own Windforce Hydra Bow! :)

  • Diablo II: Lord of Destruction version 1.14b or later.
  • No third party software.
  • No multiplayer games.


Players set to 8.

Act 1
28 August, A.D. 2017.

Manda the amazon is born!

At level 6 Manda is holding her first bow and after the death of Blood Raven, Amplisa joins the fray with her cold arrows!

While exploring the first level of the Underground Passage, Manda stumbles upon her first set item!

Leveling is swift and shortly before entering Andariels hideout Manda has reached level 20.

Act 2

Andariel is defeated and Manda with friends has made their way to Lut Gholein.
Manda has her mind set on making a Zephyr bow and after the first Ort rune shows up (cubed), the party takes a quick de-tour west to dispose of the evil countess in hope of finding an Eth rune.

The quest is a success and Manda manages to assemble her new bow!

One of the very first unique items shows up in Far Oasis. Bloodfist Heavy Gloves!

Lots of useful magical properties on these! Especially a healthy boost of life points!

When eventually finding the true tomb of Tal Rasha, Manda has reached level 29.

The battle with Duriel is tough but victory is secured.

Act 3

When fighting her way through Upper Kurast to the temple city of Travincal, she finds this piece of green jewelry laying on the ground.

Angelic Wings!

While not very useful on its own, this amulet is rumored to be a lot more powerful when combined with other pieces of the set so Manda chooses to hold on to it.

The compelling orb is smashed and the way into Mephistos lair lies open. On her way down she finds a chest with a shiny ring hidden inside!

Manald Heal!

The Manald Heal is put away in the stash. A ring that grants the ability to leech mana will most likely be essential later on.
The guarding council members together with vampires makes for a hectic battle but eventually they are brought down and Mephisto can be taken care of.

Mephisto is dead.

Manda is level 32.

Act 4

Smashing Mephisto's soulstone results in a Eld rune.

The battle against Diablo feels like it lasts a good hour and it is by far the toughest challenge Manda has met. By the time the demon finaly falls, thousands of arrows have been fired.

Diablo slain.

To be continued...
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Good luck with the project!

Here some tips:
* complain a lot about not finding WF
* you're looking for a wrong item, look for tyrael's might (they know what you look for.....)


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Act 5

Manda reaches Harrogath at level 35.

The lack of power in the Zephyr Composite bow is realy starting to show in Bloody Foothills. Progress is steady, but slow.

A monster in Frigid Highlands drops this armor.

It is certainly a keeper but Manda offers to lend it to Amplisa for now since she doesn’t feel it is worth the loss in Magic Find to switch out her Arctic Furs.

The need for improved killing speed is starting to get desparate and in an attempt to remedy this, the decision is made for Manda to finaly take a big step towards becoming the amazon she is destined to be. Time to properly try out the Strafe attack skill. For this to be efficient enough, the Zephyr Composite bow is ruled out in favor of a new magic Razor Bow to increase physical damage output. This together with her Manald Heal ring proves to be strong enough to regain mana at sufficient pace. Some mana potions are still required but not more than is bareable.

Invigorated by the switch to Strafe, Manda is starting to cover ground noticable quicker.

In the Crystalline Passage, this ring drops and it is time for Arctic Furs to retire.

Replacement is Angelic Mantle and together with Angelic Wings and Angelic Halo, this change of clothing gives a lot of useful mods while Magic Find is somewhat retained.

Continuing on to the Frozen river and finaly the long overdue bow upgrade is found.


The sightings of set and uniques have been quite close in between but it feels like the vast majority have been spears or polearms. This is a very welcome sight indeed!

Manda is now at level 41 and a boost in damage output is long overdue. Not long ago she was mentaly preparing for the possibility of reaching the summit of Mount Arreat equiped with only a Zephyr Composite Bow.


At last, a Sol rune is found when clearing out the Halls of Vaught after Nihlathak got to meet his maker.

This means it is time to strengthen the Wizendraw.

Screenshot1304.jpg Screenshot1305.jpg

After the upgrade, Larzuk was kind enough to add a socket to the large siege bow and it now features knockback!

The Journey continues, and the time has come for Manda to show herself worthy in the battle against the guardians of Mt. Arreat.

Manda and Amplisa admiring the view from the Arreat Summit after yet another important victory.

Getting prepared to face Baal, the Lord of Destruction himself!


Manda is level 49.

To be continued...
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Good luck with the project!

Here some tips:
* complain a lot about not finding WF
* you're looking for a wrong item, look for tyrael's might (they know what you look for.....)
Thank you! I will probably need it! :)

Haha, my bad. I meant to say I am looking for Tyrael's Might, Arachnid Mesh, Stormlash and an ethereal Tomb Reaver. There.


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I'm enjoying following along! What's going to be your primary target?
Honestly, I don't realy know what to expect when I reach hell difficulty. My initial thought was to try my luck in the Pit but I've heard grim stories of the demonic archers that dwell there. I do realize this mission will take a lot of time and to keep me entertained my hope is to be able to move on to the River of Flame and Chaos Sanctuary later on.
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An Amazon can easily deal with those archers by casting decoy behind or to the side of them. Decoy is a really subtly powerful skill.
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An Amazon can easily deal with those archers by casting decoy behind or to the side of them. Decoy is a really subtly powerful skill.
Manda decided to skip the passive evasion skills meaning no Valkyrie. She also choose to keep Amplisa as her companion.
The Decoy is the only thing that stands between these two amazonian heroes and the twisted creatures of hell.

I'm curious to see if she will regret taking this approach later on.


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Cool project !! Good luck :).

You should be fine with only Decoy. It's that good !!!

I hope so! Manda is contemplating on how many skill points to invest in it. We'll see how she feels when in hell.

I love these threads good job sir! Keep m comming!
Thank you! I'll do my best to keep all of you up to date!


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Players set to 8.

Act 1
The Wizendraw does solid work still. With no time to waste, they push on.

In the stony field, Amplisa digs up a treasure of her own!

A new bow with a healthy dose of fire damage!

After realizing that Charsi couldn’t be counted on to keep Mesh Belts in stock, Manda instead turned to Gheed to try her luck in gambling.

Mandas first blood Craft!

Time to replace the Arctic Binding. The need for extra potion slots isn't very big but without the Arctic Furs, the belt has lost most of its usefulness.

While feeling lucky, she moves on to gamble for circlets and walkes away with this!


Sweet! You can never run fast enough and ~50 lightning damage added to each arrow is a big boost. After trying out a couple of different pieces of equipment, Manda suspects that the +5% bonus to attack rating gets added to her penetrate skill and therefor a fixed amount of added AR would be more helpful. Every little bit helps, though!

Soon they find themselves down the deepest parts of the Catacombs, facing the venomous demon queen.

Andariel died.

Even through her Venom Ward Breast Plate, Amplisa had difficulties withstanding the toxic attacks from Andariel. Eventually, the beast was worn down and destroyed.

To be continued...


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Act 2
Amplisa feels she's falling behind in terms of power and orders a weapon upgrade.


Manda is getting a hang of the crafting rutine and now produces her 4th blood belt.

First one with a Faster Hit Recovery attribute!

The team hears rumors of a Blood Witch who supposedly dwells down the Halls of the Dead under the Dry Hills and decides they should check it out. Down there she finds a strange looking sword.

This sword will complete the Angelic Raiment set she was collecting!

The Bloodfists haven't let her down yet but they start to show a lot of wear so some freshening up is definitely needed.


In one of the tombs in the Canyon of the Magi, the gatherer in the amazon hunter is awoken again when this sharkskin belt shows up.


Death by Cold Arrow.

The ambush in Tal Rasha's Chamber proves to be suprisingly manageable.

To be continued...