mana help


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mana help

ok so my sorc is getting owned when pking and mfing because as soon as i get hit my mana is gone so i need more mana? any ideas?

my setup:
tals armor & belt
rare boots
rare fcr rings
tals ammy
perf chances :tongue:

Evrae Altana

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If your sorc is dying due to ES draining your mana and preventing escape, then I'd recommend to just stop using it.

Noite Escura

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um es is like lvl 12 and telekinesis is 12
because of torch
You mean lvl 12 after + skills? Too low. Only hard points in TK help preventing mana loss from ES. You shold always max TK if you intend to use ES(unless you use a low lvl ES, which is almost impossible, as everyone runs today with loads of + skill equip)


Eilo Rytyj

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You pretty much need max Telekinesis for Energy Shield to be of any use. The bare minimum for using ES is 20 points TK, 1 point ES, and it's extra points to ES from there.

Simply put: Don't use Energy Shield with your current sorceress.