Man meets woman online, hook up, gets crowned king

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Man meets woman online, hook up, gets crowned king

Norwegian met African princess on the Internet

Norwegian Sveinung Hobberstad sat in the little town of Varhaug in Rogaland and chatted with Sylvia from Ghana. Little did he know that he was falling in love with a real princess.

Last year, Hobberstad travelled to Ghana and married Sylvia. This was first at this time that Hobberstad was informed that she really was the coming queen, and as a result, he would become king.

This real life fairytale started when the father of two got an e-mail from an African woman named Sylvia. She had found him on the Internet, and she wanted to get to know him better.

“We became good friends and started a relationship after a while,†said Hobberstad in an interview with TV 2 at the news Monday night.
Knew nothing

After having chatted for a year, he travelled to Ghana this summer to marry his Sylvia, but at this time Hobberstad still had no idea of Sylvia’s royal background and the world that awaited him. In March, he will become crowned as king.

“When I chatted she asked if I knew if she was a queen,†Hobberstad explained. “I answered that of course she was my princess and didn’t think more about it.â€

However, there was more behind the statement than he could ever imagine.

“I guess I won the heart of Ghana’s most wanted woman,†he said to TV 2.
Moving to Jæren

Sylvia, who is the queen of one of the regions in the African country Ghana, has moved with the husband to Jæren, where she is going to live an anonymous and relax life with her Norwegian prince charming.

“In Norway, she can be herself,†Hobberstad said. “There are not many who know that she is a queen and what all this is about.â€


Is that cool or what? :xcool:

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Cool, yes.

However, my eyes were drawn to the article "Swedes have more and more animal sex". And I then proceeded to become very afraid :xsmile3: .


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Dang, guess I shoulda held out for royalty! Nah, my queen is more than I could have hoped for. That is a cool story though, very fairy-tailish, in a 21st century sort of way.


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Ash Housewares said:
dang, the only queens that come on to me are oh nevermind
Ash why don't you respond my calls anymore? Are you seeing someone else? It's that other guy Durf isn't it? Crummy Durf:grrr:


Tridge said:
i thought he-man married she-ra
Dude, they were brother and sister.

Unless their mythical land was actually Arkansas (which all of you know is what I suspect), it likely didn't happen. Although they were pretty dang close...