Making New Low Lvl Dueler Zealer, Please Help


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Making New Low Lvl Dueler Zealer, Please Help

Can someone post a guide or help me please? I am making a low lvl dueler(about 15-17) zealer and I need some help. So far I know I am probably gonna use a bloodrise morning star but I don't know what to put skills and stats into since I am going to be so low of a level. Please help, thanks.


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Lvl 18 is kinda good for a lld zealer, since the lvlreq on jewels with 15max damage is 18. They can go to 20 max damage but theyre much more expensive.

For gear:
Cleglaws sword
3 sock mask/crown
Angelic amu
Angelic ring x 2
Deaths gloves
Deaths belt
Cow kings boots
ed/ar royal shield
res shield on switch for sorcs

Put +15 maxers in every hole you can find. Or 20ers if you can afford it.

For inventory its 15life scs all the way. Not sure about fhr breakpoints so check those. A cold damage sc is always good to have for pubs. Of course secondary mods are good.

Skills would be:

1 might
max zeal for level, 7 i think it is.
Rest in sacrifice.

strenght for gear, dex for max block, rest in vita.

Some say to only put enough in zeal to get 5 hits, but its all about preference i think. I liked the ar.


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saytun said:
As 18 Zealots seem to be fairly common right now and its an easy build to get you started and still be able to wreck havoc in most pubby duel games i'll "try" to put together a basic starter guide. This is my first draft so I need constructive comments before I put together a final, bear in mind this is the basic build and although i'll mention the better items i'll concentrate on the cheap, easy to get items.
Following and falling within current LLD101 guidelines this guide is for a level 18 Palidin using Zeal as main attack. Character will not have left normal difficulty but will have been rushed to act5 to make full advantage of all quests within that difficulty. The Den, Radament, Golden Bird, Lam Essans tome, Izual, Anya quests will help significantly so make sure this is included in your rush.

3 Socket Mask (preferably superior) , filled with 3 x +15max jewels
3 Socket Crown (preferably superior), filled with 3 x +15max jewels.

Only real two options here to get as much damage out of zeal as possible, only thing to note is that the crown requires 55 strength and could possibly be your highest str req. item.

Angelic Set Amulet and 2 x Angelic Set Rings.
At level 18 the AR bonus is 218 PER ring, +75 life, +10 dex, cant argue with stats like that when you include +12 replenish life, 20% damage to mana from the basic item stats as well.

6 Socket Military Pick filled with 6 x +15 max jewels, -10 weapon speed, around 7-100 damage if socketed well. Speed and damage.

5 Socket War Scepter filled with 5 x +15 max jewels, -10 weapon speed,
only 5 sockets on war scepters but if you can find one with great +skills this makes up for the one less socket, +skills to look out for +zeal/+might/+conc. Get two of these on same one and you've struck gold.

Clegaws Set Sword, socketed with +15 max jewel. -10 weapon speed,
Low damage, only one socket but one VERY interesting mod on it. 50% deadly strike, basically half your attacks will do twice the damage. Also a very cheap sword to start off with but still effective. Short on max jewels? this might be the weapon for you.

There are other options I see around such as war axes, crystal swords but they're slower and in my experience speed kills.

Twitchthroe Studded Leather, filled with +15 max jewel.
+10 str/dex, Hit recovery, 20% IAS 20% increased blocking. Armour of choice for many of the Palidins ive encountered.

4 Socket Gothic Plate with 4 x +15max jewels. High damage but doesnt give the great bonuses of the Twitch and needs 70 str to use. Personally I dont like it but ive put it in here as an option.

4 Socket Heraldic / Aerin / Crown Shield with inherent bonuses to ed/ar.
Look for 55%+ed / 100+ ar on these shield. Best being 65%/121 AR. Only consideration here is how much strength your going for, Crown requires 65 str and for many its too high to be beneficial over the other two. With twitch and +dex from items you'll hit 75% block with any of those three without putting any points in dex.

Deaths Set Gloves, 50% Poison resist, 75% poison length reduced

Deaths Sash, VERY important mod, CANNOT BE FROZEN, without this someone packing a lot of cold damage will slow you down considerably. Combined with the gloves the set give +30% IAS, +15% resists.

Cow King Set boots, +20 dex, fast run, fire damage.

Look for some Fine Grand Charms of... Life/str. Rest fill with small charms of sustenance, 13-15 life on each. Some second mods to look out for are resists/ar.

Level 1 Paladin starts with:
Strength - 25
Dexterity - 20
Vitality - 25
Energy - 15

with leveling up and +5 stat points from Lam Essans quest you'll have 90 stat points to use.

From items you'll receive +20 dex from boots, +10 dex from jewelry, +10 dex from twitch, +10 str from twitch.

Strength - 35
Dexterity - 60
Vitality -25
Energy - 15

60 Dex is enough to keep 75% blocking with Heraldic/Aerin Shield so no points needed here. Depending on your weapon choice you'll need 55 str for a war scepter or 49 str for military pick. If you cannot find fine gc's of strength I suggest pumping strength to meet the req. The rest of your stat points should go into Vitality.

For a pure Zealot the usual skill setup would be.

7 Zeal
13 Sacrifice
1 Might

Points in sacrifice adds +12% damage to Zeal, Might only adds +10% damage. Most effective way to increase damage is therefore pumping sacrifice. 1 point in Might gives +40% damage but only increases by 10% for every point after. To hit 5 times with Zeal you need it to be skill level 4. More points add damage/attack rating.

With the suggested items above you'll be hitting a 5 frame zeal attack which is the highest available at level 18.

Always WALK into battle, even more so vs chargers. Walking keeps your block at 75%, running cuts it by 1/3 and open for a few easy attacks against you.


Well thats my attempt, now for comments from you guys before I tidy it up and do a final. Suggestions are welcome, "saytun your a noob, I PWN you! " isnt. This is a basic cookie cutter guide, I know it wouldnt necessarily do well against the likes of Matic and my lil pally, but this is how I started and you'll soon see where/how to improve it over time.

Throwing it open to the floor.....


l337h4x0rz said:
Table of Contents
[1] Introduction to The Guide
[2] Information Useful to All Zealots
[3] Rare Weapons Vs Honor Weapons
[4] Gear Choices
[5] Update List
[6] Credits/Disclaimer

[1] Introduction to the Guide
Hello, My Name is L337h4x0rz I Figured I Left this Guide to Dust So Now I Changed it a Bit so its a lot Easier to Follow. Since Many Peeps Told me my Guide was a bit Confusing and a little hard to Read. I've fixed it up and I'm guessing this is going to be the last update since this is Everything I Know about LLD Zealots.

[2] Information Useful to All Zealots
Skill Layout
At Lvl 29 You Get 32 Skill Pts to Play Around With. 28 From Lvls and 4 From Skill Qs.

Save all your skills ,and put all your gear on with charms. Now keep putting points into Zeal until you reach 4000 AR. Then just dump the rest into Conc and Sacrifice. Think this way is a bit better honestly since you wont waste a extra 3-5 Pts into Zeal. You Wont Need Anything Higher than 4000 AR. If your still not hitting those high defense characters use Blessed Aim.

You will also need at least 1 point into holy shield if you cannot afford or find a + Holy Shield scepter.

Faster Hit Recovery/Zeal Speed Breakpoints
The FHR or Faster Hit Recovery Breakpoints come out like this

6 Frames 27 Total FHR
5 Frames 48 Total FHR

You Don't Need to hit the 48 Since Zeal is not interruptible. Go For 27 FHR Breakpoint at least. If your Lacking get a Sharp GC of Balance or a 10/xx/12 FHR Grand Charm and with Twitch. Then you should hit the 27 FHR Breakpoint

Zeal Speed is always Different with Each Weapon. Some Weapons Have Faster Base Speed than others. I'll Only List the -10 Base Speed Differences since Most LLD Zealots use these types of Honor Weapons.

Zeal Speed Differences with a [-10] Base Speed Weapon
6 Frame <-- 8 Ias
5 Frame <-- 42 Ias
4 Frame <-- 142 Ias

Don't even Bother with the 6 Frame Zeal. You'll be Pummeled by anyone and anything. 5 Frames is basically Standard for any LLD Zealot ,but you could go for 4 Frame Zeal.

Stats for All Characters are basically the same.
Strength:Enough for your Gear and your Gear Only.
Dexterity:Enough to hit the Max Block. (75%)
Vitality:Rest of the Points.
Energy:None Whatsoever.

Few Items to Have in Stash
--For Smiters Have a 4 Sol Shield 3 Sol Helm. This Will Basically Null All Smiters at 27-30.
--For Casters I Suggest a 4os 40+ Resist 4x15-24 Jewels Shield with a Honor Divine with a 1-3+ Charge.

Basic Zealot Dueling Info/Tips
1) Walk Don't Run -When you Run your Blocking is actually Decreased so its best to remain walking in every melee Duel.
2) Zeal is not interruptible - So Basically once you start you'll have to wait till its done. That's why speed does play a part in Zealot Duel. Even a horrible 4 framer can get the edge over a 5 Frame Zealot.
3) Don't be a Baby and Cry - Even against a Smiter, CS Zon, or any BM Build if you lose you lose that's that.
4)Zeal is not interruptible and that means you wont be put into FHR animation, But you Can still block your opponents Zeal Thus FHR Does not play a Huge part in Zealot Vs Zealot Duels.
5)Don't WASTE A SINGLE POINT INTO HOLY SHIELD Go Buy a 1-3+ Holy Shield Magical Scepter from Drognan. This will save you 5 Skill Points.

[3] Rare Weapons Vs Honor Weapons
If You're Going with a Rare Weapon It's First To Know What you really want to look for Vs a Honor Weapon.
--With a Honor Weapon You Get a lot More Attack Rating, Deadly Strike, and Strength Than You Can Get with any Rare Weapon.
--Yet With The Right Rare Weapon You Can Achieve More Damage and Actually hit the 4th Frame With the Perfect Rare Weapon.

.::*Mods You Want On A LLD Rare Weapon*::.
130+ Ed (Yes you can get higher than 100ED The Prefix Knights , Fine , Warriors , Soldier's , Sharp All Stack with Merciless)
10-100AR (Its Gonna Vary Of Course with the Prefix you recieve)
Etheral/Repair (Possibly Only Way its going to contend with a Honor Weapon Dmg Is If its Etheral / Repair)
20-30 Ias (This is a bit Vital with the Right Ias on the Right Weapon you Wont need the use of Twitch Or the Use of Death Gloves)
2os (Need this for 2x Ed/Max Jwls or Possibly Shaels If You Needed Extra Ias But This is Highly Optional)

So Overall My Suggestion IS DON'T BOTHER WITH RARE WEAPONS. Unless you paid overpaid for a rare classic weapon that doesn't contend with the limits of .1 then Go ahead with it , but Honor is Way Cheaper. Honor Just Plain Beats Rare Weapons Unless you got all the Exact Mods or better than I Just Explained.

[4] Gear Options
Gear Always Depends on Either If your Wealthy or If your Dirt Broke. I'll try and put both to as much detail as I Can and I'll go Bit By Bit With Each Different Zealot Class.

.::*Cookie Cutter Gear*::..

3OS helm, your choosing, equal to or less than the strength requirement of your weapon + 10. You're using Honor, which adds 10 str on top of your twitch, sander's boots' str bonuses. The numbers are: 92 str or less for Knout users, 113 Str or less for Divine users. For those able to get ahold of 20+ max damage jewels, I suggest a 2 socket Visionary of XXX, where XXX is any of the following: 10% fhr, 10-20 life, +strength, +dex, +whatever you want. Obviously Rares with a combination of such are valued even more. The "best" rare would have(and it would be a circlet) : +1 Paladin Skills, Visionary, 2 sockets(prefixes), 10% FHR, +life, and either +strength or +max damage built-in. Alternately, Artisan's of XXX helms work just fine.

Twitchthroe -This is Probably the Best LLD Armor out there Increased Attack Speed, Faster Hit Recovery, Dexterity, Strength, and Even Increased Chance of Blocking. Definitely Use this Its the Only way you'll hit 5 Frames with Death Combo Unless you're using a Weapon Other than a Honor.

3 Open Socketed Armor of Squid/Stability- This is also a Choice. If your already Hitting 5 Frames with your weapon or even 4 Frames you can Use this. It gives you more Life and Damage than with a Twitch, but you'll lose a bit Faster Hit Recovery.

Death Gloves-Along with Death Sash this gives a 30 Ias Bonus which you might need to hit that 5th Frame Plus Huge Poison Resists.

Bloodfists-If you don't need any Extra Increased Attack Speed then go with these gloves these gloves are very helpful and give a nice Faster Hit Recovery , Life , and Small Min Dmg Bonus

Sanders RipRap-These Boots are probably the best Melee Boots out there Has a nice Attack Rating Bonus which will help any LLD Melee Class

String of Ears-Has a nice Damage Reduced and a Nice Magic Damage Reduced. Even if its a small 13 MDR String it still helps against caster classes.

Death Sash-You Might need the Cannot be frozen mod against some classes but along with Death Gloves it also gives a nice 15+ All Resists

Shield - 4OS pally shield with 60+ed/110+AR is the way to go. There isn't really a need for an Artisan's of Deflecting with 41+/80+, as they're far too rare to be of practical use, and with an Honor Knout as weapon, you're already pretty damn close to max block as it is, if you have anything more than +1 HS on switch, you'll be there. Another shield you want in your Stash is a 4-Socket 35+ resist all shield, ideally of the same type as your main shield(or with better blocking) socketed with 2x P Sapphires, 2x P Topaz. I say this over P diamonds because if you are dealing with casters in the lld world, you do not need a massive +fire resist stack, or poison resist. Fire resist can be taken care of via another Twitch socketed with a Ral or Hotspurs. Poison resist is already taken care of with the Death's combo. 115+ cold and lightning resist should be enough to deal with any caster up to around level 38-39.

Honor. Rares can work really well if 140+ed with AR and at LEAST 2 sockets. Base speed 0 weapons will also need an "of Alacrity" mod to reach a 5fpa Zeal with Twitch and Death's. +1 Paladin Skills, +minimum damage, +maximum damage, +strength, -requirements ae ALL highly desireable mods. Socket with either an ed%/15max jewel, or 20+ max jewel, whichever will add more AVERAGE damage. Remember, the 250 AR, +1 skills, 10 strength and 25% deadly strike on Honor give it very very major advantages over rares and as such, the rares have to be so much more above and beyond Honor's stats to overcome it in average damage over time that Honor is the cheaper, easier way to go until you come to posess one of those rares. As for what to make the Honor out of, Knout is a very good choice. Not too bad on the requirements, great damage, range 3. The dexterity requirement on it is usually enough to put your block near or at 75% after an application of Holy Shield. You *might* have to add another 3-4 points in Dex, depending on your shield. Divine Scepter is another great option, trading in the Dex requirement for 21 more required Strength, plus the ability to get Automods. +3 Zeal, +3 Concentration, +3 Charge/Holy Shield on a Divine Scepter would make it incredible.

Rare Classic Weapon-If you find a Nice Rare weapon with the Mods I Posted. And It can still hit 5 Frames then go ahead and use it.

Angelic Set-This is Also Standard for LLD Zealots the AR Bonus Along with the Dexterity Bonus and Life Make this the top Choice

Rare Strength/Dexterity/Attack Rating Ring-If you can find the Perfect Str/Dex/AR Rings then why not use them on your Zealot You Get More Life with these since you save even more points from your Strength and Dexterity.

Ahh the Essence of a LLD Zealot this is what Separates Average Zealots from the Best. Now The Basic Average Zealot Uses 15 Max Damage Jewels While the Over the Top Zealots Use 24 Max Dmg Jewels. The Choice is Really Up to you Anything 20-24 I'd Stick together instead of putting it with a plain 15 Max Damage Jewel.

1. 9x Sharp GCs of XXX(life, fhr). High damage, nice AR, useful second mods. Fill rest of slots with 13-15 life SCs. Pro: Nice damage, great AR. Con: low life.
2. 37x 13-15 life SCs, ideally with second mods. Pro: Great life. Con: Damage/AR may seem a bit lacking.
3. 37x Fine SC of Life/Sustenance. PRO: Max/ar/life rolled into one sweet little package. Not much else you really need. Con: Rare as hell, expensive to trade for.

[5] Update List
Version 1.0 Will Update with Any Changes or any new Build Ideas.
Update:Changed a Few items around Thanks for Gheed's Suggestions.
Update:Took Out Some Stuff
Update:Discussed Honor Weapons Vs Rare Added Build
Final Version:Took Out Defiance Zealot Build , Shocker Build , 4 Frame Build. Changed the Entire Layout Added Table for Fast Finding Fixed up any Spelling Errors added punctuation Etc Etc
Updated with Cancers Information

[6] Credits/Disclaimer
I'd Like to Thank Various People For Some Helpful Information.
Cancerofdabowel - Changed alot of this guide up so thumbs up to you
Gheed -
VoicesLLD - Cleared up something I Misunderstood ,and put my *** in place plenty of times.
And Zharous Knarl For this Awesome LLD Site.

Please Do Not Claim this Guide to be your own. Do Not Also Link this Guide unless I Am Given Some Consent. I Have Taken Plenty of Time to Make this Guide Alright and I Dont want to see someone claiming its their's
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Atomicman said:
this is for those who want a pally thats a little different from the scepter/pick using zealots. with that said this is still a cookie cutter so to say since it is a zealot Crying or Very sad but from what ive seen clegs pallies are very rare which is both sad and good lol. for some background around this; a lvl 18 zealot is easy to make with the basics and doesnt really cost much but going from that they get expensive and fast. now with a clegs pally they get to be more charm intensive beyond the starter gear even more so than a scepter/pick user but with the basics you have 4-5 less jewels and have a pallie that does just as well as a scepter/pick counter parts.

starters heres the stats:

str: just enough to equip clegs (55 str minus the +str you get from gear and charms)
vit: everything else
enr: do i really need to say nothing here?

skills (normal rush, if you want the hell rush skills search for it cuz i wont advocate hell rushing a lvl 18 ):
1 might
4 zeal (i say 4 cuz i think 1.5k+ ar is more than enough for lvl 18s with usually 300 or less def)
16 sac

now for the meat of the build, your gear (for maxers 15s are standard +16 are for the elitists and increase the cost of the build greatly):

clegs (max jeweled or ed/max, 20 max>20/15 jewels imo here since the min increase on base 3 damage blows you get the same average damage as a 18 maxer)
twitch (max jeweled)
deaths gloves and belt
crown (3x max jeweled)
aerin shield, high ed is prefered along with good ar so id say 60%+ ed and 100+ ar (4x max jeweled)
cow king boots
angelics ammy and rings (if you have a good pre lod ring with more than 7 str and 100+ ar go with that since you will save in the stats department but still keep 1 angelic ring)

on your switch:
decent war javs (imbue some try to get more than 50 damage throwing)
aerin shield with ed/ar (4x max)


40x 15 life small charms

rich (with godly charms you will really start to see your pally exceed scepter/pick users by leaps and bounds even with pallies with equally good charms and jewels):
10x 6 max damage charms with life or str (1 str=3 life)
10x 15 life small charms with ar

45% resist all base shield (perf diamond and 3x max jewels)
45% resist all base shield (4x per diamonds)
if using eth repair javs a set of normal javs to use when you have to wait for repair
duskdeep (max) works wonders with smiters
i also like to keep a perf amethyst clegs also if i ever need more ar for some of the higher def chars that i cant hit normally easily

a few notes on jewel choices, you dont need max/ar jewels the 30% ar bonus from clegs makes up for most of the ar problems and lvl 18 pallies do fine wih 1.5k ar or more, more than 2.5k ar is way way overkill and you shouldnt go out of your way to get more ar unless you can afford charms to make up for it, dont waste sockets and damage to get it...

now for some of my proof for why i think clegs>scepters:

1: price- for one you are short 4-5 jewels leaving more to spend on your charms and you dont have to spend the currency to get a +skill scepter (seen +3 zeal scepters get 5-20 sojs, and for those that saw my april fools trade with the perfect stat scepter i was offered more than 120 sojs worth of gear thats $60 us now tell me you want to spend that on a lld you coul get a whole char setup for that for another lld where as you could just use clegs and have both Laughing)
2: damage- a perfectly equiped clegs user does over 40-1.2k physical and a perfecly equiped damage charm based sceper user (thats a +3 zeal +3 conc 15% ed 3 ar scepter btw) hits 100-1.8k while clegs has more ar both have similar life. clegs 50% ds more or less hits every other time for 2x damage, over the course of a duel you can plan on around 4-6 hits to kill one or the other pally with that said if ds hits every other time you get the average of 60-1.8k physical which is more or less the same damage as the scepter user with more ar. now te fact is that there are no +3 zeal +3 conc war scepters floating around where as you can get clegs for free in most cases and the fact you save on 4 jewels over the scepter.
3: availability- you can get clegs for free in most cases where as a godly scepter is hard to get and cost a fortune.
4: style points: hey you are one of the few that use clegs

any questions that ARENT aswered here please feel free to pm me Rolling Eyes

ill post up later guides for a lvl 18 hybred zon, my lld hammerdins (both lvl 18 and 29/30), and a lvl 18 nec (ideas drawn from 2fats nec) ill make sepereate threads for these for easier reading.

whelp time to drink some more Crying or Very sad
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Atomicman's guide is the best. For a might zealer, there is no other option that twitch and clegs sword.

A defiance zealer is actually better than a might zealer, but people rarely make them. This is because when people acquire a godly eth/rep ancient armor, they usually make an 18 conc barb instead.


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If you don't mind people *****ing about your char, or actually enjoy watching people rant against you then build a level 18 Zealot to the general builds above but take two of the points out of sacrafice and add them into Holy Fire and Holy Freeze.

Level 18 LLD FrostZealot FTW.

Also - GCs with +max/+AR/+Life are awesome too, particulary if you're goign to fight people of higher levels.


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What's the point of making a BM zealot? You still lose to all non melee builds.

If you want to make a BM 18, make a charger.


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What's the point of making a BM zealot? You still lose to all non melee builds.

If you want to make a BM 18, make a charger.
What's so BM about a charger? And besides, at level 18, EVERYONE has to walk - sorcs don't have the mana to keep up teleport at that level. Slowing the walk speed can make a heck of a difference.



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What's the point of making a BM zealot? You still lose to all non melee builds.

If you want to make a BM 18, make a charger.
Forgot to mention - 1pt in Charge.

I also don't consider HF as BM - it's a legit skill, and it does not use/abuse server time issues like desynch.

I've never had a level 18 non-melee even come close to killing me...



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You would lose to an 18 clegs charger. They do much more damage than you - besides that you are the exact same.

Of course you will beat a bonesnap user even if he's 24.


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You would lose to an 18 clegs charger. They do much more damage than you - besides that you are the exact same.

Of course you will beat a bonesnap user even if he's 24.
Unless you are saying Charger>> Any Zealot then I am not sure what you are getting at.

The damage difference between Frost and Might is not really that much, and you do not seem to have an objection to Might Zealots...

I've never had trouble with level 18 chargers, gm or bm unless they get the 1/16 two hit in a row with a decent roll on each one when I miss in my attacks... Which I think aplies to many LLd chars...



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Of course charger >> any zealot.

A charger that knows how to duel will NEVER get hit by a zealot. Not one time EVER. Even if the zealot switches to range 5, the charger will NEVER get hit.

Second of all, a HF charger will obviously lose to a might charger. It won't lose every time but the might charger clearly has the advantage as both builds are the exact same in other aspects.


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Second of all, a HF charger will obviously lose to a might charger. It won't lose every time but the might charger clearly has the advantage as both builds are the exact same in other aspects.
If you can bring him down a breakpoint the advantige is MUCH less clear...