*** Making another avenger... ***


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*** Making another avenger... ***

PvM Only...

Headgear: Crrown of Ages Corona 'Ber'
Armor: Enigma Mage Plate
Weapon: Ethereal Breath of the Dying Beserker Axe
Shield: Herald of Zakarum Gilded Shield 'Um'
Belt: Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Boots: Gore Rider War Boots
Gloves: Bloodfist Heavy Gloves
Ring1: Dual Leech Rare Ring
Ring2: Raven Frost Ring
Amulet: Highlord's Wrath Amulet

20 - Resist Cold
20 - Resist Fire
20 - Resist Lightning
1 - Sacrifice
1 - Zeal
1 - Vengeance
1 - Holy Bolt*
1 - Blessed Hammer
1 - Smite
1 - Charge
1 - Holy Shield
20 - Fanaticism

*Remaining points here.

Strength: Base
Dexterity: Max Block
Vitality: Rest
Energy: Base

Any advice would help.



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When using fana as main aura, you need 44ias to reach the final breakpoint for avenge.You dont need the highords amulet,no +ias needed, deadly strike doesn't apply with avenge.I recommend metalgrid here.Why you just put one point in holy shield?The more +%blocking the better imho.Why putting points into holy bolt?I dont know your charms but you definately lack attack rating, you won't hit anything in hell.An avenger not maxing avenge sounds strange to me but i guess you prefer the elemental resists over damage.Just a single point in salvation can't be bad.A avenger should use wartravellers,the +15-25 damage is converted into ele damage, which means 300-400 more ele damage each hit.


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Didn't even check the frames, thanks. With +skills I'll hit a high enough % to block, and it's PvM so it isn't a big deal to lose some points for block. 1 point into holy bolt as a prereq, oops didn't noticve I put the * on bolt and not shield my mistake. I'm using 6 x 100+AR/25+Life GCs. Travs could work but I like having a bit of CB against bosses.




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Avenger is a pally with vengeance as is main skill, right?

If not then ignore the rest of my post.

If so,

Why not use conviction as your main aura? The minus res will really help your damage. I'd put the rest of my points in vengeance, you shouldn't run out of mana since ebotd will leech like crazy.
Redemption/Meditation are always nice in pvm too.
I've never been to fussed about dr in pvm, so i'd consider using nos coil instead of dungo. Extra speed and life leech are cool, and the 15str is just gravy.

The ias bp's for a zerk are 54ias=10fpa 86ias=9fpa 152=8fpa

86 is easy to get with botdz, nos coil, highlord/cats eye.
Or you could use Laying of Hands glove/nos coil and use a mara/metalgrid ammy for res. there's heaps of options to choose from.

My first pally was a vengeance pally. he was a lot of fun, but handling large groups can be a pain since vengeance doesn't attack multiple targets and can be quite slow


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Fanaticism makes my attack faster and since the damage from vengeance is based off of the physical damage I do, the damage bonus from fana should add me damage iirc.

I'd rather be able to tank elemental attacks then do a bit more damage since this is PvM I have all the time in the world to take care of the monsters.


Eilo Rytyj

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LesClaypool said:
Fanaticism makes my attack faster and since the damage from vengeance is based off of the physical damage I do, the damage bonus from fana should add me damage iirc.

I'd rather be able to tank elemental attacks then do a bit more damage since this is PvM I have all the time in the world to take care of the monsters.

+damage auras (Might, Conc., Fanat.) will only boost the physical part of your damage. It wont increase the elemental part of your damage at all. Conviction not only lowers enemy resists it lowers defence essentially meaning almost 95% chance to hit on all monsters. A Fanatic Avenger would technically be viable, but overall your damage would be kinda averaged out over 4 different types of damage.

Also, you'd get a bigger damage boost from points into Vengeance itself:

1 point in each Res. Lit, Cold, Fire = 10% Fire, 10% Cold, 10% Light
3 points in Vengeance = 18% Fire, 18% Cold, 18% Light, +30% AR.

Unsynergised, Holy Bolt is, well, pathetic. Next to no damage to undead, and poor healing without the Prayer synergy.

If I were to make a Fanatic Avenger, i'd go something like:

20 Vengeance
20 Fanaticism
20 Res Light/Fire/Cold
20 Res Fire/Cold/Light
rest Res Cold/Light/Fire (your personal preference on the 3 resist auras)
1 Holy Shield
1 Salvation (1-pt wonder)
1 Redemption (1-pt wonder), or skip the Defensive auras altogether.
1 point each prerequisites

There aren't enough skill points to max out all synergies, so I'd probably invest in all equally.

Fanaticism as main would mean I'd need to use an Infinity on a merc to get the most from the elemental damage. You'd be at the mercy of monster resists/immunities in Hell difficulty without Conviction to lower or break immunities.

my $0.02

By all means, give yours a shot, and let us know how it goes. Whether it pwned up Hell difficulty easy, whether there were any weaknesses etc. etc.


I've made a 2 hander fanatic avenger once, and it worked pretty well.
It was doing way less damage than a conv avenger, but I was swinging a lot faster too (I went with an "obedience" GP) I'm pretty sure it'll be much better with a shield (since a BotD does almost the same damage as my GP)
You'll definately need some sort of crowd control, less than aconv avenger, but you will still be attaching one target at the time. HF merc will work pretty well.

Look forward to ally with a templar/conv avenger, you'll be unstoppable.
Or, you can put that green stick in the merc and cruise through the game


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Holy bolt thing was a mistake... :laugh: I'm glad almost everyone pointed it out to make me feel stupid ROFL.

Thanks for all the input guys, I realize Conv. will make my damage shine, but survivability is my biggest concern.

Thanks for clearing up the Aura/Damage thing...

I'm planning on testing this build out whether it be good or bad.

Swinging fast is how I roll, I hate a slow attack.



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Don't be too worry about swinging the frame rates with an Ebotdz. A Highlords plus Nos Coil will let you hit 9 frames too easily. With Conviction as main aura, it will send your damage to nearly insane levels and you will have no attack rating problems to speak off.

For gloves, i will stick to draculs. :laugh: Some open wounds, more life leech is still nice anyway plus LT is always there. :D As for helm i will still stick to Guil face instead of Ber CoA since 35% extra CB gives you alot more firepower.