Making a necro dueler. Need advice.


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Making a necro dueler. Need advice.

Hey necro pros. The only necromancer i have made untill now was a fishymancer. But now, i want to make dueler, a bone necromancer. First i want you to comment my equipment:

Helm: Rare circlet
Armor: Enigma.
Weapon:Hoto? (help! :undecided: )
Shield: Spirit and Stormshield in stash.
Rings: 2* Soj or 2*Bk? (help! :undecided: )
Amu: Mara's
Gloves: Trangs
Belt: Arach
Boots: Sandstorm trek

Charms: 15/15/5 anni, 20/xx torch. 9*skillers.

I should hit 125% fcr with this setup, 86% fhr
My main question is, do i go max block with Stormshield, or do i just use it for the dr?

Thanks in advance.


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hmm. For skills... this is what I currently have for my boner necro.

1.) one point in all summoning skills
2.) 1 point for decrepify skilltree, and one decrep
3.) 20 teeth, spirit, spear, planning to max bone prison next then probably the last synergy for a bit.

I don't really know about bul kathos, as far as I'm concerned, with lvl 40~50 bonespear, two skill points dont do much difference as opposed to putting in two ravenfrosts for maxblock.

and don't forget the minions :) they really help when you're trying to do hell.


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Yeah, 1 pt into summons with +skills will give you at the very least a little extra advantage, especially if you're fighting melee and they hit Gumby. Your skellies will be able to distract them enough for you to get some good shots in, anyhow, and keep them from you for a little longer.


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Hitting 125 fcr is mandatory if you want to duel well against teleing classes, but you can skip the need for 125 fcr against melee classes, where you will need you Stormshield, so you in luck. This you can achieve through.....
1) 40 fcr from spirit
2) 20 fcr rom arach
3) 20 fcr from magefists
4) 20 fcr from rare circlet
5) 25-35 fcr from Spirit

That will give you plenty, against melee chars, switch out spirit for stormshield and you will be fine. For skills, they should look like this...
20 Teeth
1 CE
20 Bone Spear
20 Bone Spirit
1 Bone Armor
20 Bone Wall
4 Curses (up to decriptify to slow those meleers)
9 Summon Skills (1 into everything except fire golem, which you dont need)

Use minion stacking while dueling.. with the right revives/skeles/mages no amount of elemental or physical damage is going to get through unless they namelock/tornado you. Fireballs and the such will also be able to pierce through your defenses and kill you.

Note...using too many revives, mages and skeles can sometimes slow down your cast rate speed. Ive noticed this while dueling with my summoner a few times, i tele very slowly with all my minions up, so try to find the right balance.

Max Block will save you alot against meleers if they happen to namelock/telesmite you. So id advise going for maxblock with SS. 86% fhr is always a good numbe to reach, but since your minions will be protecting you, its not the end of the world if you dont meet it.


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Look in the stickied thread called THE MOLDY has a PvP bone necro guide which would help with your equipment questions...

soul killer

Yes, soulesschilds necro guide is unsurpassed.
Just use Golem (wtf is it with Gumby?) and dont put any in skellies, you want a pure boner and not some lame nec who uses skellies.
20 Bone Prison
20 Spirit
20 Spear
20 Teeth
1 Decrep.
1 in to Gm and Clay Golem
Rest into Bone Wall.