making a MF sorc.


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making a MF sorc.

which should i focus on? fire, lightning, cold? which sorceress should i make? and should i put more points into vitality than dex? and enough str. to carry items? what equipment should i use that arent that expensive? thanks!


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Make a meteor/blizzard sorc. max meteor, blizz, FM, ~10 cold mastery (17 w/ +skills), max fireball and rest in fire bolt.

Now someone will suggest meteorb (vegasorc), but I don't like orb. You need to aim that well to do any real damage in hell.

My MFsorcs equipment looks like this..

Helm: Harlequins crest socketed with PTopaz
Armour: Skins of the Vipermagi socketed with PTopaz
Weapon: Oculus (might socket with Ist, if I find one)
Shield: Lidless wall socketed with PDiamond
Belt: Snowclash
Gloves: Frostburn
Boots: Mf/res./frw. boots
Rings: Mf/fcr/life/mana (Rares, don't remember)
Amulet: Maras Kaleidoscope

Stil waiting for that Skullders..

For charms I have a couple skillers, one fire and one cold maybe, and besides them small charms with life, mana and resistances.


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hmph. but which is better though? meteor or blizzard? im majorily want this to be killing HELL meph and pindy since theyre fairly easy to do and drops well.


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If your just looking to fight mephi go for a pure blizzard sorc and just tele there

how can orb be hard to aim? surely blizzard is much more difficultas sometimes monsters can walk straight through it. you just fire orb in their general direction it covers the enitre screen in ice bolts.

- Toxis


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pindy can sometimes be 'cold resist' but ive noticed awhile hes more fire/poison resist. thanks dudes!
Pindle's natural resistances are 50 for physical, magic and cold, 0 for fire, 33 for lightning and is always poison immune. He can also spawn immune toa second damage type, so to run him effectively you need some way of breaking his resistances, or have multiple sources. I have a blizz/Fball sorc who can run him very effectively. If he is FICI then i let my emrc take care of him while i clear his minions with blizz.

Overall for MFing, a blizz sorc is ahrd to beat. She can bring down meph very fast and safely using the moat trick if needed, and is a good pindle and ancient tunnel runner.

Shaven Monkee

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Go here for a complete guide on a Meteorb sorc. (My personal preference)

For Blizz to be really effective you need to max its synergies, too many points frankly.
Orb on the other hand only relies on Cold mastery to make it lethal.
It may not kill monsters but that is irrelevant, it just needs to slow them down and give your Meteor time to arrive and deal its payload.

With this build you can switch to FB and with enuff FCR you can pump'em out like a freaking machine-gun!

I suggest getting an ActII Holy Freeze merc using a Insight pole-arm. It is extremely cheap to make and will give you nearly unlimited mana.
Mine has Lvl 17 Meditation on it and I never run outta mana. Makes Tele a dream.

Also don't worry about overloading your Char w/too much MF gear.
About 300-400 MF is good.

MF has diminishing returns.

You wanna be able to kill fast and by doing so you will kill more monsters and up your chances of actually finding good stuff by doin so.

So focusing on only one or two Act Bosses ie, Uncle Mephy and Pindy is outdated and frankly it's a mistake. WIth the new patch, the drop rate of all other monsters has been tweaked, thusly Pit runs have become popular.

For better results you wanna take a much longer run.

Think of MF'n like buyin gear/parts to make a hotrod or uber gaming machine.

You wouldn't go to the autoparts store/comp gear site over and over and over again the same day would'ja. NO! You would stay and shop for as long as it took and place ONE big order.

Here is what I do:

First: Pindy, then the lil boss at the WP for the Frigid Highlands and Shrenk. Second:The Council and Meph
Third: The Countess (runes=good), visit Andy then wrap it up with a Pit Run.

This may take longer but stop and think for a second.
Why are you running in an out of games just to kill two monsters?

You may also wanna add a NM Andy night to your list, just for SoJ's.

One final don't need "godly gear" to be effective.

Hope this help and of course good luck!


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two tree is the least painless to make, but for serious mf'ing, you have to go single tree. on the plus side, if you go pure cold or fire, the catacombs are a guaranteed place to go as they only always spawn lightning immune.

the general idea for dual tree:
2 masteries
2 main attack spells
1 synergy in either attack spell.

single tree:
80+ points in a single tree.


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oh geez. now im in a twist.

meteor. or blizz?
blizz.? or meteor?

3 synergies for blizz.

okay guys, thanks for the ideas. now, next question.

JUST MEPH? blizz okay just for meph?


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i have a pure blizzard sorc with 591mf, i was able to get to meph at char lvl 59 (through solo teleporting) at that lvl i repeated killing meph at p8 using the moat trick

at lvl59 you can get almost an inch worth of xp from him, i am currently at lvl81 90% of the xp came from meph.

i currently play him at /players 1 now. becasuse he's stopped giving worthwhile xp. but the drops are great.


here's something you should consider too.

i eventually got tired of getting the lower gold an green items so i tried to go out a kill in the lvl 85 areas, and found that it's a bit difficult with all the immunes running around.

so now i'm lvl'ing my barb merc (just wanted to try a barb for fun, always had an act 2 merc on most of my chars) and getting ready to kill diablo.

and am going to try some pindle runs. currently difficult due to the immunes.


but if you're stickin to meph, the blizzard sorc can kill him in less than a minute (estimate) with the moat trick and no merc and not even drinkin a potion ever at around the high 70's.


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megazero said:
can you kill meth with thunder strike or do u NEED thunder storm?? if your a light sorc
thunder strike?

usually, the most success i've heard about from lightning sorcs on bosses is through charged bolt. i used lightning + the moat trick, as it is a synergy for my main attack (chain lightning) and does more damage to single monsters.


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Superhal said:
thunder strike?

usually, the most success i've heard about from lightning sorcs on bosses is through charged bolt. i used lightning + the moat trick, as it is a synergy for my main attack (chain lightning) and does more damage to single monsters.
i used lightning too, and with a merc using infinity, i can kill p8 meph and baal in < 1 min with occasional potting during baal due to his mana burn attack...
but im usually juz killing for fun after baal runs and so have<100 mf...

edit: now that you have said it, i was thinking when all skills synergised, does CB work as well as lightning for say a single large boss like meph?


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can someone explain to me what the moat trick is, also which is more important for mf, vita or mana?


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Raith said:
can someone explain to me what the moat trick is, also which is more important for mf, vita or mana?
it's one of the guides listed above, i believe the title is "the moat trick explained (with screenshots)" or something.

imho, nrg is the least important (mana, conversely, is very very important) unless you are using ES, which, for most pvm, does not need to be maximized. (see the ES sorc guide and the ES faq also listed above.)

also, i like to make base vit builds, so maybe i'm not the one you should be asking about vit. if you have 600-800, that's fine, imho. i've run chars with 400 but good-great defense without a hitch.

mf is very important for an mf'er. however, imho, FCR is by far the most important. you can have crappy defenses and high fcr and be very very successful. or, you can have great defense and great offense with low fcr and be waiting in town for the tp before you instantly die when you enter.