Making a LLD


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Making a LLD

I'm currently developing a lld, I wanna try a werebear mauler lld.

This is the setup I'm going for.

Weapon/Shield:"Honor" Runeword 5 sock naga/upped swordback
Chestplate:"Peace" Runeword (that crit strike :crazyeyes:)
Boots: Cow King's
Gloves: Bloodfist
Helmet: For now a Peasant crown until I can find a decent druid helm (will be a hard road for that)
Charms: Worry about when Im near completion

My problem is I don't know what to do for my build..

If I'm going to be a lvl 30 dueler and will require a full rushing of normal to hell,

I should have... 43 points? Correct if am wrong. (30 + 13 for all act + pointers and purposely excluded the +level for obvious reasons)

I think Im going with.

10 lycan
10 werebear
10 maul
1 bear
1 prereqs for above

If someone has a cookie cutter build or so perhaps I could use filling in Thank you :)

Edit: I also have been thinking about using a strong weapon back when I played normal diablo some. Stats are as follows

Raven Song Battle Hammer:
One Handed Damage -
86-130 damage
Required Strength: 100
Durability: 55
125 Enhanced Damage to weapon
8 to Minimum Damage
5 to Life

Idea: Might put Shaels in for attack speed to make it super strong for my bear. Yes no?
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Re: Making a LLD

I hadn't and big thank you.


Currently this is my guys setup

Helmet:Non Socketed (Soon to be) Peasant Crown - Could use a recommendation towards what to socket with. Guide said pruby but i wanna make sure i know all of my choices.
Weapon:Savage Dimensional Blade with 2 shaels (Just for testing until I find another to attempt at making a 6 socket)
Shield: Swordback Spiked Shield(Upgrading and socketing soon)
Chestplate:"Peace" Runeword
Boots: Sander's for Frw/stats (Need to get cow kings)
Gloves:Bloodfists (need to upgrade)
Belt:String of Ears (14% DR)

Vit:55(Something tells me because of this I will need to respec to lower my str into my vit)
Build: From crawlingdeadman's guide he provided (Thanks to that I actually beat a lld kicker)

If I can get any suggestions that would be perfect such as what kind of charms I should be searching for, I am clueless unfortunately but I know i need max dmg, AR and mana, If theres anymore suggestions Please leave them.
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