Making a Foher (possible foh dreamer?)


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Making a Foher (possible foh dreamer?)

Hi, d2 is getting boring and ive sold all my stuff, and im planning on making one last character, a foher.

I need to know some stuff about gear.

First of all, I know 25-25 foh scepters are the best weapon. How about armor? 20-20? Enigma? Is hoz good for a shield?

Im also thinking about making a dreamer foher. With dream helm and dream shield. How good do you think that would work? Should I just stick with foh?

thanks, any answers are appricijated.


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dreamer/Templar is a good idea, tho pure foh would be probably stronger, and using zaka+griffon will give a very nice damage boost, but still I think it would be fun and worth a try, enigma would be the best armor I think, or coh if u dont need tele.... and tons of strength..