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Making a cheap uber smiter

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by zooply, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. zooply

    zooply IncGamers Member

    Aug 18, 2006
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    Making a cheap uber smiter

    alright. nooooooooooooooooo clue about paladins. never made one. but i think besides necros these would have to be my favorite class. so anyways, was thinking of making a new char: either a pvp bonemancer, pvp foh'er, or smiter for ubers. the first 2 can get pretty expensive, but ppl say a smiter can kill ubers with some relatively cheap gear, so i decided to follow along somewhat with kingdryland's guide.

    max zeal
    max sacrifice
    max fanat.
    max holy shield
    prereq points, rest of points in defiance or b. aim. and a pt in salvation
    stats would be maxing block, enough str for gear, and rest into vita.

    gear would be some of the stuff mentioned for middle class:
    gore riders
    astreon's (or possibly griefs, but this is more costly)
    dracul's grasp
    nosferatu belt
    prudence runeword (is this truely a good armor for this build?)
    metalgrid, raven, and some other ring for jewelry
    about 5-6 hr in cost i'd assume

    now on to the fun part. questions lol
    quote "From now on tristram becomes rather a walk in the park."
    just how true is this with this gear?
    any other suggestions for gear or skill points?
    and these 2 are a bit off topic:
    why do ppl make grief into eth zerkers if there's no repairing & it's not indestructible?
    will doing ubers turn a profit? i know it might not in the short run. but in the long run? i don't want to buy/find all these keys & organs only to come out behind instead of ahead:undecided:

    sorry for the long post lol. but i think it will be fun to try this build out:grin:

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