making a blade assassin!


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making a blade assassin!

hi guys im new to HC....and yes for some reason i wanted to make a class that i've never played b4...a blade assassin...if anyone would help or anything im on west and my account is NinjaTurtleRock thanks if you read...and i hope to see u all on....and hope i dont DIE!!!


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NinjaTurtleRocky said:
hi guys im new to HC....and yes for some reason i wanted to make a class that i've never played b4...a blade assassin...if anyone would help or anything im on west and my account is NinjaTurtleRock thanks if you read...and i hope to see u all on....and hope i dont DIE!!!
Nvr played one... but check out the SIN forum, maybe there some type of build u can follow, or make it up as u go :thumbsup: Keep us informed.


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One word:

Crushing blow (now wait..that's two words) :lol:

Hm I understood the message in a way that he is looking for ppl to play with, not help for a build :scratch:


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yeah im lvl 16 and im not doing that much dmg....i have a 3 socketed crystal sword that im trying to socket some good things in it. im doing 9-32 dmg with the blade in act 3 so imma go lvl in act 1 or there a runeword that i can get a good crushing blow?


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Oh, one suggestion for a bladesin, before you waste any points; Only put one point in Blade Sentry and Blade Fury. I've actually heard this from earlier attempts at bladesins, seeing as people realized that anything more than one point just boosts mana cost for a puny damage return. The real way to get lots of damage on a blade skill is to equip the highest damage weapon you can find (I dunno if FCR helps or not, but that might also be worth it). You'll soon realize that by having so few points in blade skills that you'll wind up being a trap/MA assassin with Blade Fury as a backup.


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There was an awesome guide to this on the Assassin forum but unfortunately it got wiped. :(

A few things I remember:

-- Crescent Moon runeword ethereal berserker axe is about the best weapon for this build; pack your inventory with lightning damage charms

-- Gore Riders/Goblin Toe + Guillaumes Face for crushing blow

-- Tiamats for resists and extra ele damage

-- If you're playing HC I would max Fade instead of BoS, you don't really need attack speed

That's all I can think of... max Death Sentry of course... 1 point in blade fury... rest of the skills are pretty much optional. Venom can be good.


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Runeword with CB: STRENGTH (AMN TIR, I think..but better check again)

If you go BF, then yes, get an extremely damaging 1 h weapon and a shield. 3/4 of weap damage and many mods like OW, DS and CB translate to the damage (also leech, elemental damage).

Items with CB:

Rattlecage (also has flee)
Goblin Toe (higher CB than Gore Riders)
Gorer Riders (also has DS, OW and FRW)
Guillaumes face

...all works really nicely

At 1 BF you can spend lots of points in stuff like Venom, DS and LS (synergy to each other). Others than CE, CB items scale up with the amounts of ppl in game.


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Whatever you do don't use a 2-handed weapon. There seems to be some hidden damage penatly for 2-handed weapons. I have made a blade sin and I have seen it with my own eyes.


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thx guys....i died on west so i went back to east....and im lvl 16 im gonna max claw mastery and use a claw for some nice dmg and so i can attack while the blades spin going to max venom, fade, and shadow along with claw mastery...thx for all your help with the gear guys....i hope this build stays true...if i can get some eth claws it will be nice to have that extra dmg.


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just so you know my skills will look like this
Claw Mastery 20
Blade Sentinel 1
Blade Fury 1
Blade Shield 1
Shadow Master 20
Fade 20
Venom 20
Plus the prereq skills it should get me to an ok level.....i hope these help anyone who are thinkin about making one.....this is my own build and i doubt i will make it past normal but im going to screen name on EAST is Rockygc so if u can help or wanna say hi or sumthin i'm on a lot.


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How can you attack with claws while the blades fly? You are in "Throwing" animation, so either you use BF or you attack.

Don't max Claw Mastery.

Dragon Talon 18-20
Blade Sentinel 1
Blade Fury 1
Blade Shield 1
Shadow Master 20
Fade 10-20
BoS ~5
Venom 20

With +skill items you will get 5 extremely fast kicks, faster than you can ever dream of attacking with a claw. (can be 7/2/2/2/2). That cannot be blocked and all kicks can carry CB and OW etc. (I have 8ß%) CB...Amazing how even bosses with loads of HP go down.

Now for the part how real game life takes over. In the course of my playing I found a SoJ and tradedm a Shaft. That's 40% DR..and suddenly you won't need so many points in Fade (If you were aiming for the hidden 1% DR per skill point. A friend gave me Jade Talon...there is 45% res all taken care of...and Claw Block became very appealing. (as it also blocks normally unblockable elemental attacks and works when running - other than shield block which is down to 1/3.

Venom works for me with 8 points spend and SM with 10. My original plan to build an assassin very similar to yours changed suddenly in the 30-40's..and I was happy that I had not spend all my points. Suddenly even my BF came from a claw..and I had 3 pre-req saved :lol:

Build now:

20 DT
4 BoS
6 CB
20 LF
14 DS
8 Venom
8 SM

and pre-req..soloing act 1 Hell, lv 75 ATM. (I get between +4 - +6 to different skill, depending what Claws I use).


Guillaumes Face
Duriels Shell (or Shaft)
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Rare rings with resists
Gore Riders (upgraded Goblin Toe before that)
Strength/JadeTalon with bartucs and a magical claw (+2 all, +1 BF) on switch.

Not rying to disuade you from anything, just pointing out how things can change in the long course of playing


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scratch that imma put 10 into claw and 10 into talon...cuz u said u use talon it'll add more dmg to the blades....talon is a side skill.


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I am not sure what you mean here :scratch: Dragon Talon is a finishing move, a kick..that also works without a charge up skill. It has an inherent AR bonus, that is quite big and is not improved by claw Mastery

Dragon Talon adds kicks every 6 levels, so it makes sense to watch your +skill items (2 kicks at lv 6, 3 at 12, 4 at 18, 5 at 24).


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I don't know that it makes sense to use both DT and Blade Fury, because they need 2 different types of weapons (BF needs damaging weapons and doesn't care about speed, while DT needs fast weapons and doesn't care about damage). I can see making a DT 'sin with a "minor" in BF, but you wouldn't be using both equally.

If you're going primarily with DT, your best bet weapon-wise is probably going to be a Phase Blade. "Strength" and "Crescent Moon" are good runewords to socket. If you're going with BF, ethereal Berserker Axe all the way ("Crescent Moon" runeword). If you're too poor for a 3-socket eth zerker axe (they don't grow on trees), a runeword "Black" tyrant club would be an OK substitute.

My wife has a DT assassin in SC and she kicks butt (no pun intended). She does die every so often, though, because assassins are a little weak HP-wise to be meleeing in Hell. I haven't seen a good BF 'sin in action but I've heard they are quite viable; I doubt they would do the same damage as a well-equipped kicker, though.


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ok, i play a bladeasin, and i have seen a LOT of wrong info being flown around. not saying im the best at them, but im just saying what i know.

BF, a nice one point wonder, has no AR boost as we all know. i HIGHLY reccomend a MAX dragon tail or talon (whichever the kick one is lol) because you will be sporting nearely 100% crushing blow for your blade fury, and that CB will work even better with the kicks.

as far as the kicks being a "finishing move" forget all that stuff, its easily one of the best mele attacks there is. i know many a kickasin who do 18k dmg PER KICK with 5 kicks in maby 3 secconds.

but if your using a claw class weapon, and your primary attack is fury, then maxing CM will help you, but i would reccomend getting ignore targets defence on the weapon instead. that makes you not nead AR for all but super uniques/bosses. as far as your weapon goes, yeah, whoever told you to not take a 2 hander is completely right. i think its 50% dmg on a 2 hander Vs 3/4th on a 1 hander.

so why take both fury and kicks? well, heres why. my kickasin used kicks as main killing skill until she went into the CS, IM HURTS when your doing over 10k per attack (5 hits per attack) so the blades work wonders there. also, i really cant describe the value of a ranged attack enough. having just that one lil darn point into BF has saved me soo many times. IE im amped and listed is storming through my shadow/merc...

my setup is this.
2 jade talons.
rattle cage
guillaumes face
goblin toes (eventually elite them for more dmg per kick if you take kicks)
crafted CB gloves

on a side note. when i first started that assasin she was a pure BF sin. onle when she started NM did i start to sink points into her kicks. the CB alone on the blades, and the ITD on my claw, made her one of the fastest killing machines everyware. when she would lvl in public games i had many a person say things to the effect of "wow, that assasin kicks ***" and that she does, with only her little blades.


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ok so im going to restart my frickin assassin one more time.....skills are
20 Dragon Talon
20 Venom
20 Fade? i dunno yet. last thing im maxing
20 Shadow Master
1 into blades and prereqs


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NinjaTurtleRocky said:
ok so im going to restart my frickin assassin one more time.....
Really, anyone wanting to make a Bladesin should visit the 'sin forum first - at least two guides with good information. There's an awful lot of variation possible and no real "wrong way". Lots of good alternatives and tailoring choices - mainly because you only need two points for the skill.

Angel_Veil is almost 87 and untwinked. Not even using lots of CB lately, using C/C with a (found!) Bartuc on second hand and a Strength runeword on primary hand. LS traps and Fade; no CB boots or Crescent Moon weapon yet. She may not do well against LI, but I rarely even have to pop rejuv potions.

Hints I've found useful are:
Full Cleg's set rocks for low levels
Death Sentry is your friend
Don't waste points on more than one point in your blade skills
The old "blender" build is non-functional
The Blessed Aim merc is a great addition
Save your damage charms

and lastly, my 20 points in Venom could have been used in a kick attack and I might have been just as happy.


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Investing 20 in claw-mastery maybe too much. But, there is no need to start over. The biggest chanllege for a blade sin is attack rating. The maxed mastery can at least help you with that.

I am personally building my MA sin, she is level 26 now with Blessed Aim Merc. She will have such skill placement as end-game:
20 DTalon
20 Venom
20 Fade
10 Weapon Block
10 Shadow Master
10 Claw Mastery
1 Mind Blast
1 Blade Fury
1 Deadth Sentry

I was hoping to get a Chaos claw at some point, but not much luck getting an Ohm. Before that, I will just use dual-Bartus.


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Thul+Io+Nef 3 Socket Clubs/Hammers/Maces
+120% Enhanced Damage
40% Chance Of Crushing Blow
+200 To Attack Rating
Adds 3-14 Cold Damage - Cold Duration 3 Seconds
+10 To Vitality
15% Increased Attack Speed
Magic Damage Reduced By 2
Level 4 Corpse Explosion (12 Charges)

Worth consideration IMHO.