Make your own unique charm...


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Make your own unique charm...

Since characters cannot hold more than one of any of the unique charms, I was wondering what kind of charms you forumites would put in D2 that would be semi-realistic. Also, more than 1 'copy' of the charm could be held.


unique large charm
2% life/mana leech
5-10 all res
5-10 stats
-10 drain life
*random skill

unique grand charm
10% fcr
10% ias
15% frw
13% block rate

unique small charm
5-7% magic damage reduce
20 damage reduce
*gives lvl 60 lag skill*

These charms sound overpowered, but you get the idea...

Evrae Altana

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Well, IMO, the unique charms benefit casters a bit more than melee since casters love the +skills and melees just see it as icing on the cake. I'd like to see a unique charm designed for melee chars, maybe something like this:

Something small charm
+3%-5% chance of crushing blow(varies)
+3%-5% chance of deadly strike(varies)
+3%-5% chance of open wounds(varies)
+3% life leech
+3% mana leech

You get the idea. Small amounts of melee-friendly mods.


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I'd like to see... a useless small charm!

-60 Fire resist
-60 Cold resist
-60 Lightning resist
-60 Poison resist
+60 to All resists
Drain life -100
Replenish life +100
-40 faster run/walk
Level 50 vigor when equipped
Level 25 conviction when equipped
+150 to All ENEMY's resists
+100% to ENEMY's defense

A bit like SoH

... all right now a serious one.

??? Small charm

+7-10 to All resists
+10-15 to All attributes
+3 mana leech
+4 life leech
10% crushing blow
+1 life each level

Like Evrae Altana said, we need a melee charm!!


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Most useful charm ever
Unique small charm

May be activated once a month by clicking on the chat gem in the lobby to remove all dupes on the server.




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Unique small charm:
+1% OW, +2% chance to pierce with missile weapons, +15 defense vs. ranged attacks.

soul killer

Soul Killers Small Charm :evil:
3% Enhanced Dmg, 5% Enhanced Def, 5% Increased Atk Speed, 3% Mana Leech, 3% Life Leech.


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I like evrae's and sk's charms, much more realistic than mine.

although, the cb, ow, ds charm is nice.


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Man, I'm glad you guys aren't in charge of this stuff, it'd be one hit kills for everyone.


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Eht Sulihinna

11 all skills
-10 to 20 all attributes (varies)
All resistances -10 to 20 (varies)
Experience gained reduced 5 to 10%
Never spawns in patch 1.10 or later
Idiots Grand Charm Of Stupidity

-5 to light radius
+1 to magic find
-10% to run/walk speed
-1 to magic find
+10% to run/walk speed
+5 to light radius

Small Charm of disgust

15% chance to cast level 22 Bloodfart
10% chance of open wounds
5% chance that I care


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Bnet's small charm

100% Chance to cast level 1 disconnect when connecting to bnet
100% chance (if you survive the 1st mod) to cast level 666 nuke on noobs when you breath

Serious one :

No name sc

Required level : 85

5% life or mana leech (varies)
20% chance to zeal lvl 1-5 (varies)
+50 life
+1-99 (based on character level, +1 per level) to all resistances


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Gladiator's Glory
Unique Grand Charm
Level 10 Might Aura When In Inventury
10% Deadly Strike
+5 Critical Strike
-25% All Resists


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I wish there's a unique small charm that drops when you get to lvl99. The charm only does one thing: gives you a special aura (different from the one from class specific set), and it has level requirement of 99. Honestly, I think that's what SoH should be.


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This verges on an idea ive been tinkering with for next patch / D3. A "runeword recipe" charm. Heres how it goes, each charm has a recipe for a random runeword that can only be made by the character holding the charm in their inventory. Still debating on if the rw should be voided if the charm left the stash or not. Although the charm itself would be useless, the knowledge gained could be priceless. Remember: Knowing is half the battle !! GO JOE !!!


-20 to enemy resist, random of [lite/fire/cold]
+1 to all skills
+65 mana
Resist all 10
-30 light radius
Regenerate mana +35%