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alright, so i seen a game called "I teach to dupe" of course i didnt belive it but i joined anyway, maybe to pick up soem drops, there was a high lvl amazon in there, and ppl crowed around, this was by akara, now this zon made tuns and tuns and tuns of pots everywhere makin 6-8-10 at a time more then the inven. can hold, she claimed she was duping, people thought it to be true cuz scrolls and pots were all over the town(akara area mainly but still ALOT) i know this is a trick and not dupe, does anyone know how this is done ?????? or is it a bug???? or what, shed soem light on this here please???!?!?!


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It's not a dupe , it's pretty simple how he did it.

You fill up your entire inventory with item's and make sure there is no space's.

Get a belt that can hold lot's of potion's and fill it up completely , when you pick up your belt all the potion's will have no where too go and will drop too the ground.

Re equip belt repeat.


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And keep in mind you can "quick-fill" your belt with potions by using shift+rightclick. Buying 12 potions takes less than a second.
Then do as mentioned, pick the belt away and it all will pop out on ground, then put back belt and repeat.