MAjor Help with 2-handed weapon wield druid.


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MAjor Help with 2-handed weapon wield druid.

Hi druids, ever since i traded for an earthshifter thunder maul, i was pretty interested in making a hybrid druid using shapeshifting as his primary attack and fire spells as his secondary attack. I thought of the following and hes currently standing at lvl 77 :

WW - 20
Fury - 20
Armageddon - 20
Volcano - 20 (For synergies, still maxing..)
everything else to prerequistes and lycan.

My item setup is
Aldurs armour
Jalals Mane / Cerebus bite / RavenLore?
Earth Shifter
Draculs gloves / lava gout / Laying of hands?
Aldur boots
+2 ele rare ammy with resists
Raven Frost ring
Carrion Wind ring
7 +1 elemental GCs
Total +ele skills (19)

Firstly, regarding items. Which of the 3 helms should I use as the ultimate helm? Jalals is an all-rounder, Cerebus adds me in shapeshift/open wound and high leech, but on the contrary, ravenlore boosts resists and my elemental skill tree..... And which glove is the best for such kind of druid?

So as you can see i wanted to make a dual-handed melee elementalist doing 2 different types of attacks and the fact that although thunder maul is slow, -_- but it has very high dmg, 33% crushing blow, 10ias, chance to cast lvl 14 fissure...all very good encouraging mods for melee combat.

I integrated elemental spells into the ww fury druid but now i face some problems. Although I can do 6k fury and 2.8k(lvl40) Armageddeon at lvl 77 but i am having survival problems in hell. My life combined with oak sage is around 1.4k life and Attack rating is around 8k.

I need help or guides in surviving as a dual-handed druid. My concerns are :

How can i do crowd control mainly?? My druid get pwned and ***** by mobs in an instant..mana burn owns me, arrows own me, awww

And monsters hit me too frequently due to lack of block rate and low defense rating...I can always wear an SS but that defeats the whole purpose....

I have no resist problems.

Should I get 3 frame FHR? or is IAS really the problem? (I got like 67FHR)

Do i need %DR gear? -_-

I dont want to change weapons..because i want to see if this setup is feasible.

Pls advice..


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FIRST: (All who read this and post take note when starting a thread always state pvp or pvm in it)
I'll give this a shot .... (assuming pvm)

needs for a good 2 hander pvm:
good dr
great resist to tank ... decent resist to do well
good ll

Jalals helm ... you will get resist/str/+2 ALL skills and +2 shapeshifting
Go for a min. # of skill points into lycan and pump more synergies
dracs ... lt will keep you alive
gore rider boots
highlords ammy
fhr is nice on a 2 hander druid so i would suggest hitting 56 fhr bp.

also keep feral rage charged for more ll
also put 1 point into ravens if you havent already ... use ravens in really tuff areas like world stone (it blinds enemys and they wont attack you) this is invaluable when 2 handers since you dont have block.

If you are only going to be running worldstone get max lighting resist and wear a t-gods belt.


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how do you plan on using elements as your second since i read you cannot cast them while shapeshifted?


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cyid said:
how do you plan on using elements as your second since i read you cannot cast them while shapeshifted?
Not certain, but I thought you could use fire skills when your shapeshifted?