Major bug in Diablo II

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Major bug in Diablo II

My game is giving me the wrong experience. If I am in Nightmare, I am only getting Normal mode experience and if I am in Hell I am getting Nightmare experience. The monsters maintain the difficulty, but the experience is not correct. I also noticed that when I move a character from Normal to Nightmare, the potions are the same as in Normal mode.

Does anyone know what is going on. I tried playing on different computers, and the results are the same.

To give you some examples:

I am playing with a level 23 Necromancer.

In Nightmare when I kill:

Fallen - 32 experience
Zombie - 52 experience

Does anyone know what is going on?


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its not a bug........

should b at least lvl 40 to do nm and should b about 65 to do hell. u will get good xp then.....


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To add to what Willuk has said, the reason you should be around those levels is that the experience you get per monster goes down dramatically if you are not within 5 levels of their level.

This Leveling Guide should help you determine where you should be in the game to maximize your experience.

For example as a lvl 23 character you should be in act 3 normal to get maximum experience.


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Out of interest sake, how do you know that Hell difficulty is giving NM experience points? Is your lvl 23 Necro up to Hell difficulty already?


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Once you reach level 25, the "within 5 levels" restriction effectively disappears; you'll still get less experience from monsters much lower level than you, but higher level monsters will give a reasonable amount instead of what you're seeing right now.