Mah Boy, Druid


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Mah Boy, Druid

Hey, I made a shifter, its pretty good. hes a bear tho, a mauler, people say hes not as good as a wolf, but i killed quite a bit of wolves. heres what he uses.
Grief pb and switch cta for extra life
Storm shiled-IAS and res jewel
Cerebus-Perfect with 40% enhanced dmg and 10 strgh
Soj and raven frost ring and 3 druid skills ammy.
Gore rider boots
Soul Drainer gloves.
and String of ears or dungoes for belt.
Maxed Lycon
Maxed Bear
Maxed Maul
Maxed Heart of Wolverine
Extra skills anywhere mostly oak sage
The Stats were pretty much life no energy at all a little dex not much and little strgh also not much. i find the combo pretty sweet, and no1 else thinks so until there pickin up there body :p.... people post you oppinions on anything, maybe about your druid or anything to improve maybe mine :p


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could you make a screenie from that cerebus and post it here, including the 40ed/10str jewel :grin:


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Hey, to the questions, The AR is about 9k almost 10, and about the screen shot i dont know where to go to set up a link to the picture :( also thanks for sayin the bear is nice :). anyway, hope to see more posts on oppions or yur char.


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use highlords for amu and dump the ias jewel in storm for a shael rune.

to boost ar use max/ar/life charms. shapeskillers are not good for mauler.

change your gloves to bloodfists to. and use 2 ravens for more ar