Magic finding spreadsheet


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I think that searching items in many different locations is more enjoyable than farming one location over and over again so I created this spreadsheet for magic finding including all locations worth to magic finding. It takes me about 2 hours to complete all locations per day. My the best drop is Jah rune from the Pit so far. Tell what do you think, maybe I missed something?



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I'm not going to download it, but check out ATMA drop calculator. Maybe it's similar to what you're looking for.
Basically, you choose an item, and it lists what monsters can drop it, and the probability of it dropping, taking into account your /players settings and MF.

In general, we have already found the key targets for specific parts of the game (NM vs H bosses, to Alvl85 areas. It depends on what you're looking for.

The Grail, including Tyrael's Might, any Alvl85 area is best, depending on your character. Ancient Tunnels or the Pits are the most run.
All items minus Cow Kings set, Arachnids, Tyraels, and one other: Pindleskin can be a good target.
SoJ Only: NM Andy, but H Andy is usually better, as she can drop other rings and items, and isn't too much more difficult for the right build.
Questing/Twinking gear: NM Meph is a good initial target to set up your first few characters.
The Grail + 99: WSK (Alvl85 area,) or possibly Chaos Sanctuary (not sure.)

Yes, grinding one area/target is... a grind, but it's only part of the game for those who want to get every item for the grail, and if you want a whole horde of chars, you can ignore the grail and create as many chars as you'd like. Whatever's the most enjoyable. :)


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ATMA provides all the numbers you need to make meaningful statistics calculations.

I don't think you'd get statistically meaningful results without thousands of hours of play, and this will still be lopsided for the most rare items (HRs, Tyrael's), especially if you're running such a large number of areas.


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If you open my spreadsheet you would know what I am taking about. I don't care about drop statistics, just collecting results of magic finding. The same as there are lk results, the pit, ancient tunnelts results etc. topics everywhere here.