Magic find tips and tricks. Any help?


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Magic find tips and tricks. Any help?

I've been researching magic finding on the forums and found a couple really nice guides listing TCs and areas and all that. However, I have seen snippets mentioned here and there which have left me with what are probably some very basic questions. I have a Fishmancery Summoner that I have been using for MF and doing ok. However, over time, I have managed to somewhat screw myself in a few different ways: I managed to make the Pindleskin portal at Anya go away and I've also managed to accidently kill the cow king. But I am bringing up a dedicated MF Sorceress and want to make sure I don't do anything which would close off or make more difficult some of the prime MF areas. Below are things I think I think about MF and what not to do. If anyone could clarify, correct and otherwise enlighten, it would be greatly appreciated.

1. Keeping Andy in quest mode: I've seen people say to talk to Warriv the first time you complete the quest prior to leaving the game and that will set Andy to permanent quest drop status for you. Is this true?

2. The Old Have someone who did the quest start the game: I play solo or occasionally with a couple friends on bnet, so I haven't really tried this. But let's say my lev ** necro who has completed every quest known to man in the game starts a game, plays a bit and then I switch to the sorceress and do all the act bosses. The quest log would say "you can't complete this quest, start another game" but would she get the drops as if she was and would it flag her anyways as having completed it?

3. Cows: If my Sorceress, who hasn't done any cows yet, creates a game and opens the cow portal and then I switch to my necro in the same game and kill the cow king, does it count as completed for the sorceress? Will she be able to open the portal again?

4. Pindleskin: I think I had the portal until relatively recently when I grabbed the way point. Poof goes the portal. Is it ok to kill Nihlthak as long as you don't grab the waypoint or does it go away if you grab the way point OR kill Nihlthak?

5. Cubing skillers: I've read that NM flayer jungle and thereabouts are the best place to get the right Ilvl of grand charms to cube into skillers. Let's say NM Baal drops a grand charm. Am I wasting my time to attempt to cube it into a skiller, or is it just less efficient? I.e., is there any reason not to just cube whatever GCs fall, so long as they fall at or after NM flayer jungle?

6. Sockets: Every post about MF I read mentions this socketed with that, "merc has insight, socketed helm w/ perfect topaz, I'm wearing bramble and I have a socketed this...." Where are people getting all these socketable items? I was trying to make a decent weapon for my merc and after a lot of play time over the Turkey day weeked, finally came across a colussus voulge. It took me a long time to find that, let alone a socketed one, let alone a socketed one with 4 sockets so that I could do Insight. You get three socket rewards through questing per character. When people are discussing this, is the assumption that you are sharing quest rewards across characters to create so many socketed items? Or are you simply keeping an eye out way in advance for the types of socketed drops you will need? Also, extra credit for this question: Does the socket quest ensure you get the maximum number of sockets for the item you use or is it still random based on the possible ones?

I'm sure there were more questions I was hoping to pick someone's brains about, but if anyone could share their opinions on these, I'd appreciate it.


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1. Yes. Search for threads started by Hrus for more information. He tested this and posted the results.
2. If the quest log says you cannot complete the quest, there is no way you'll complete the quest in that game.
3. Your sorc will still be able to make the portal.
4. The portal to Pindleskin if you kill Nihlathak *and* get the Halls of Pain waypoint.
5. Most people cube GCs from Hell Baal/Nihlathak/Diablo since those charms can get the 41-45 life mod. But if you're just looking for a plain skiller, one from NM Baal will suffice.
6. People play and trade with each other. For sockets, try finding a place packed with monsters you can kill relatively easily.
Extra credit: The socket quest gives you the maximum number of sockets for that item, assuming the ilvl is high enough to support max sockets. If you want a lesser number of sockets, you'll have to use the cube recipe.


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Regharding 1., you have to talk to Warriv and go to act 2 in the game in which you solved the Andariel quest. If you leave before, there won't be continuous Andy drops for that character, permanently.


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Do you have to talk to him and go to act 2 and then immediately drop? Or just talk to him and go to act 2 the first time and then what you do after doesn't matter?

I really hope I didn't blow it with my new necro. It would suck levelling one all over again.


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You just have to enter act 2 which includes talking to Warriv, as he brings you to there. It's irrelevant what you do after you arrived there.


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Also regarding the Andy bug, apparently you must use the tp that is opened for you after killing her. I'm not sure aboout the validity of this, but hey, better safe than sorry.


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Hmm, I never knew that. Although I usually take the caravan to Act 2 right away anyway.


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1.Andy-bug works when you talk to warriv first.
2.If a char with baal quest done opens a game and a mf sorc without quest kills baal, she gets the first kill bonus, called superdrop...results are amazing.
3.Yes, but only if she is not in party in act1 with the necro.
4.The red allows you to reach nihlatakh,as soon as you take the waypoint, it vanishes(you dont need it anymore).Not taking waypoint=red stays.
5.Cubing skiller: there is a 1:23 chance to roll a skiller on nm Gcs,i prefer baal-nila-dia Gcs to get the +45 life mod(got+45barbmasteries and +45drusummon so far):banghead:
6.Run the pits for socketabels: best are eth armors~750def, if ethcube bugged the get 4000-5000def stone or gloom armors for merc and are very useful.
Eth polearms for the various nice Rws.Larzuk gives you max sockets and no chance for eth-bug(+50%def on armors + shields).Try to use the cube recipe for those(~1300-1500 def exile shields are possible).