Magic Find Guide?


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Magic Find Guide?

Have any of the D2 websites posted a magic find guide for 1.10?

I know better items drop on the ladder, but what about non-ladder expansion? Where should I go?

Is it true that the pit in act 1 is calculated to drop anything? I've done pit runs and find few useful things. Where can I find higher level runes? Are the unique monsters in act 5 still my best chance to find a stormshield.

Can someone drop some knowledge on this or direct me to a website please?




If we have one in the strat compendium it will be here :

As far as I remember, the only one in there is Flux's MF Guide, which is outdated to pre 1.10

There may be others around the forums....

And while we are on this subject, please do not post the same thread for the same purpose in multiple forums. I have removed the one in the other forum.

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magic finding

yea sorry about that there's nothing for 1.10?

well i guess i just need some advice about which areas to clear out. i've done the pits in act 5 (pit of acheron, abaddon, infernal pit), and i regularly clear pindleskin and eldritch. pindleskin's drops seem to have been nerfed.

i hate doing repetitive meph runs. sucks the life right outta the game.



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you should hit every lvl 85 and boss area of the game that you can kill without great risk of your own death.

i MF andy, mephisto, pindleskin, countess, pits. when i get out my pally, i clear choas sanc, and worldstone keep. there are also other lvl 85 areas as well, the ones you mentioned included. there are a ton of great places to MF.. and dont forget cows.