magic find for the realist


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magic find for the realist

hey all, i been makin a litghning sorc, and now i am trying to gather some MF gear, but, i must point out, i dont have access to everythin u woud want, as i have only played b-net for about a month. My sorc is lvl 75 and just entered hell, the MF gear i have now is...

3 P topaz Grreat Helm (72%)
4 p topaz Dusk Shroud (94%)
Gloves of Chance (26%)
Boots of Chance (27%)
Ring X 2 --- about (40%)
Amulet (15%)
Occulus (50%)

I just wondering if i am doin ok in that aspect, and if anyone has some suggestions on where i with limited amounts of resources could get other good MF gear.

Thanks in advance


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If you can manage solo NM Baal Runs, the gems you pick up and upgrade along the way will help you trade for the items you need and you may even get lucky and pick up some nice stuff. Don't be shy in downgrading to 200% MF if it makes your life easier. Completing runs quickly factors in to the equation too. One thing you will find makes life a lot easier is getting your FCR up to 105% for the 8 frame breakpoint. Monsters are much less likely to get those licks in if you teleport fast.

Are you using a triple P-Diamond shield? With that and some good charms your resists might be decent in Hell.
you could get a low gheed's for a few pgems. you could also get an ali baba for pgems to use on switch. tal's belt is cheap and will give you up to 15 mf.

later when you can afford it, you might consider full tals, or a combination of tals and uniques (armor, ammy and belt are popular to use with a shako and occulus).


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you need some more fcr if you want to survive meph or andy runs. Occy by itself is not enough. Try getting magefists and lidless. You should not sacrifice viability for mf.

Also, light sorcs don't aren't the best for andy and meph runs but they are excellent for countess and pit runs.


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mhl12 said:
Also, light sorcs don't aren't the best for andy and meph runs but they are excellent for countess and pit runs.
If you put a lower resist wand on switch, you'll be fine for Meph. Just curse him and you'll do much much more damage. If you're lacking resists, use something like a ptopaz Vipermagi and "Rhyme" (ShaelEth) shield.


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nice avatar freezer burn :D

back on topic, you can probably mf andarial and mephy nm (get merc for mephy, and teleport around). if u got a buddy w/ a high lvl char, hellforge run for eachother. good way to get rich : :)


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i say run NM pindle countess and andy you can run pit too if you want run it all day long thats what i have been doing and i have about 150 mf and i found 2 sojs and a bunches of p gems and just trade p gems till you get what you need its easier than you think


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make your primary wepons with fast cast & resist so you'll easily stay alive while teleport & battle. Your switch gear you put in gull/ali baba & rhyme to do the finishing blow with.
- your character lvl matters in mf.
If you are having trouble doing mephi do the river trick:
lure mephi a bit towards the red portal, then tele over the river & stand far enough so he can't hit you but you can hit him.
althou I heard it can cut your mf if you do the finishing blow this way


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i had a similar setup as you, but i got a ton of starter gear in a week with my blizz sorc. the main thing is NOT to max out mf, and DO NOT use your mf eq to quest. i carried two sets of eq:

set 1:
3 ptopz helm (mask i believe)
4 ptopz armor (ancient armor)
rare rings, ammy, whatever i could find, usually 10 fcr on the rings.
rare boots with mf
chance guards (found those early, like 27% or something.)
ali baba
ancients pledge shield

set 2:
smoke armor
2X tir helm
same rings/ammy/boots/gloves/shield
rare +2 sorc/20 fcr orb from rescuing anya

when i needed to quest, i made sure i protected myself. when i mf'd, i switched out for the mf stuff. right now, i have around 2 chars full of "good" stuff, say exceptional and better, 2 chars full of my regular self-rushing eq, and i gave away 5 chars worth of useful set/rare/unique stuff to my student, such as angel's set, wiz spikes, lidless walls, jade talons, etc.

with this setup, i didn't need to do nm meph runs (which, imho, are a complete waste of time as hell meph runs are just as easy thanks to the moat trick, and assuming you are using/have meteor or blizzard.) as long as you have 65% fcr, you can get a 95-99% success rate on tp'ing to meph from the wp buck naked.


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Did I hear Bnetter having problems with Mfing? Oh my... :lol: Joking.

Anyway if it was West L...

Weapon: Wizard Spike (1-2 Pgems)
Shield: 2xPDiamond Moser's Blessed Circle (2-3 Pgems)
Helm: PTopaz Harlequin Crest (15 Pgems) or 3 PTopaz Whatever
Amulet: Amulet of Luck (1 Pgem)
Armor: 4 PTopaz Whatever
Rings: 25-30 Nagelrings (3-10 Pgems each)
Belt: Goldwrap (1-2 Pgems)
Gloves: Magefist (1-2 Pgems)
Boots: Rare MF Boots (1-2 Pgems)

Switch: Blade of Alibaba (2-6 Pgems)
Switch: Rhyme 'Whatever' Shield (Shael-Eth [From NM Countess])


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Well thanx all, i just found a 35% Ammy, so thats pretty cool, imn on East realm juss so u no.


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Just so everyone knows

buttaz said:
Well thanx all, i just found a 35% Ammy, so thats pretty cool, imn on East realm juss so u no.
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