Maggot Lair, Ancients, Duriel, Flayers, Baal


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Maggot Lair, Ancients, Duriel, Flayers, Baal

An entertaining aspect of Diablo is how different monsters and bosses typify the different dilemmas that a character must overcome. A character who is great against Hephasto might struggle with Blood Raven or Coldcrow.

So, here's a question for you: for each of these five areas, which characters that you've played were the hardest? and the easiest?

* Maggot Lair?
* Ancients?
* Duriel?
* Flayers?
* Baal?

Any other bad matches of character with a monster (Lister?) that you remember?


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Answer are hardest/easiest.

* Maggot Lair : Hammerdin/ Light sorc
* Ancients : Bowazon/ Smiter
* Duriel : None, duriel is a piece of cake :D / Smiter
* Flayers : Smiter/ Light sorc
* Baal : Fire trapper/ Hammerdin


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now since i have only mat'd one single player char im just gonna use what i have learned from normal and nightmare with the others. Easiest first

maggot lair - strafazon

ancients - werewolf(the fast attack + crushing blow is amazing)

Duriel - pure lightning javazon, charged strike is the man (yes i know its not actually a person, but still)

Flayers - strafer easily, the ability to just stand there and shoot in a million directions owns things that like to run away

baal - fishymancer cause the minions surround him and once he is decreped he just sits there and dies.

Hardest -

maggot lair - hammerdin, everyone knows why

ancients - strafer, she just didnt do any damage without a crapload of cb gear on, and then she didnt have any life

duriel - normal with strafer, there was lots of running and shooting guided arrows and then going back to town after my pots were depleted

flayers - normal mode for my lightning zon was horrible

baal - i honestly have never had a hard time with baal, once you get past his crappy minions he is actually very easy imo

the only other thing i remember having a serious problem with was ancient tunnels i think they are called (the ones that lead to areat summit) on Hell with my strafer. the stupid ugly flail weilding bull guys kept spawning PI and they would just own me, they were even hard when they weren't PI. the WSK was also annoying with strafer because of the gloams.
* Maggot Lair : Well hammerdin/andwirlybaba
* Ancients : hmmm in havent gottent to hell ancients so i think that a hammerdin/dont know ive never had trouble on n/nm
* Duriel : agree with sleepless/lit trapper(imo)
* Flayers : hmmmm... wherewolf drood/hammerdin
* Baal : well if you can beat his minions you can beat him/ metorbsorc(n, nm)

sleepless i used your format for hardest/easy


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Maggot Lair: Immozon. Pierce+immolation arrow rocks!
Ancients: Titan zealot. Maxed block, 4.5K max per zeal, CB/DS :)
Duriel: Lightning spearazon.
Flayers: TS/DT assy. Huge AoE + CE
Baal: Its slow but certainly the easiest. No decry, no teleport for Baal.


Maggot Lair: Wirtazon
Ancients: Wirtazon
Duriel: Wirtazon
Flayers: make a guess?
Baa: obvious

Special mention would be my hammerdin vs normal Lister. He basically regened too much life for me to kill and was one of the few monsters I actually had to park.


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Quickdeath said:
So, here's a question for you: for each of these five areas, which characters that you've played were the hardest? and the easiest?

* Maggot Lair? Easiest: Blaze sorc. Hardest: I´ve never had any trouble in here.
* Ancients? Easiest: Concentrate barb. Hardest: Staff-amazon (in NM)
* Duriel? Easiest: Blaze sorc. Hardest: Staff-amazon (in NM)
* Flayers? Easiest: Valkazon (merc & valk just pwned them). Hardest: Blaze Sorc (the fire immune ones that spawn in huge packs in Nihlathak´s temple and the WSK)
* Baal? Easiest: Concentrate barb. Hardest: 1.09 Bonemancer (because he had bad resists, low life and I was a newbie and not familiar with how Baal fights)


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Maggot Lair: Lightning zon/skellymancer (how predictable)
The Ancients: Skellymancer (no contest)/All my other characters:(
Duriel: Skellymancer/not really any problems, since Kelpie Snare is so godly.
Flayers: Wind Druid/Lightning Zon
Baal: Skellymancer/Wind Druid

I don't really have a lot of characters yet. The only areas that have really caused me trouble was The Ancients, the other places you can string out monster packs and use sneaky tactics...The Ancients just suck.


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Maggot Lair: Lightning javazon, some of the bugs are LI, Concentrate barb has a hard time there too.
Ancients: Pure Blizz MF sorc (MP solved this), my first 1.10 char (Frenzier) died 3 times at Hell Ancients before I learned about FE bug.
Duriel: This bug is easy.
Flayers: Lightning javazon (they are LI), Avenger
Baal: My lvl 22 HC Meleesin (from Survivor tourney) against normal Baal. The battle was something like 30 mins long.

Maggot Lair: FA zon
Ancients: Lightning javazon
Duriel: Lightning javazon
Flayers: Furysin
Baal: Lightning javazon

(Note: I didn't try some of the cheesy builds as Fishy, Hammerdin and meteorb...)


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I'm just going to talk about one, because I absolutely loved it. Maggot Lair, easiest:

Bonemancer. Bonespear + CE = the cheeze, they just melt away. I don't think I even saw most of the baddies I killed in there.


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a lot depends on difficulty. for eg the maggot lair in normal was hard going with my wind druid because he had only a very low level hurricane and his tornados hit the walls. however, by hell his hurricane was a show stopper and it was a breeze.
the ancients were hardest with my bowazon as i recall. noone else has had much trouble.
duriel has never been hard except the first time my tri ele sorc got to him in hell. she was my very first character and i made so many skill point mistakes that she wasnt hell viable really. i had about 1000 mana and 300 life. i maxed warmth so her mana ball never moved but she was killed in 1 hit by almost every one!
flayers again depend on difficulty. in norm my lf zon slaughtered them, in hell they got their own back.
baal, well all my characters can take him now. i have the hardest time of it with my wind druid. he moves around too much and that damn knockback and mana burn makes it a frustrating battle. i get revenge with my blizz sorc who can kill him in seconds.


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Tolano said:
ancients - strafer, she just didnt do any damage without a crapload of cb gear on, and then she didnt have any life
My strafer just fly throgh the game, she doesn't even do godly damage (900ish max after might merc). Strafer is one of the easiest build, just shoot, the arrows know where to go, you don't even have to aim!

The way you play strafer may even get boring, since all you need to do is: shoot, untill there is no more strafe animation, move forward, starting shoot again. Case decoy in front of you as a shield, cast valky in the middle of whatever.

Vs ancient, you just need to run around, once you have chance, shoot then run again, ancients won't touch you if you play it right. The only thing could damage your build is your play style, if you go max damage, your life will surely be low, and very unlikely you will have max resist. If you go the safety way - min Dex, full Vit, max resist, yet meet the min x/2 strafe break point, there is nothing can stand on your way. Min Dex for a bow zon, crazy, I know, but it works very well.

Sint Nikolaas

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Going with Hard / Easy
* Maggot Lair? Fishy / Firesorc
The fishy or any summon based necro are just plain irritating.. the firesorc just blasted trough there.
* Ancients? Bowbarb / Blizzardsorc
Well yeah.. the bowbarb was a challange, and the ancients just sucked.. blizzard sorc was just too powerfull.
* Duriel? Any sorc on normal / Any meleechar
Duriel just seems easier with a meleechar, you know you're getting frozen but besides that he won't charge at you and just stands there getting beaten.
* Flayers? Bowazon / anything really
Normally I don't have any problems with them.. untill I started a bowazon a while back, in normal and untwinked she was pretty underpowered and I had to run not to get surrounded.
* Baal? Zerker / anything really
Well, the only times I got in trouble was when I used my zerker.. In hell baal just drains your mana very fast and zerk means no leech or defence so your life isn't going to last that long too.. even that 4k that I had. Besides him baal normally is quite easy, either I stay a bit away from him with casters or I load up on CB with melee..
* Maggot Lair?
easy: frostmaiden with auto pierce.
hard: Fishy
* Ancients?
easy: none, but the least hard was my fishy.
hard: Fartarian
* Duriel?
easy: blizz sorc
hard: fartarian
* Flayers?
easy: singer
hard: fartarian
* Baal?
easy: blizz sorc
hard: fartarian (duh)


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The hardest thing for me is a Sorc against those ultrafast freeze-immune manaburn frezy-lords bosses in the icecaves.
A true challange.

Actbosses are a breeze compared to that.


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Sint Nikolaas said:
Going with Hard / Easy
* Duriel? Any sorc on normal / Any meleechar
Duriel just seems easier with a meleechar, you know you're getting frozen but besides that he won't charge at you and just stands there getting beaten.
My young sorcies have no problem against Duriel.

With Static Field and an act 2 mercenary to help soak up the damage, Duriel falls in no time. You can Static him down to a sliver in a few seconds. Of course, drinking Thawing potion before the fight (to get the resist up for both sorc and mercenary) and rejuves during the fight helps, as well as buying a Bone Shield of Deflecting. Even with a no-DEX sorc, you will still have about 15% blocking.


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Maggot Lair:
hard: fishy
easy: FA ama (was during my bnet-time)

hard: to be quick enough to see the mods ;) - bow amas had always a hard time there
easy: Barb with maxed BO/Shout (read most of them) - the merc has never been killed by them

Duriel: no problem

Flayers: no problem so far

hard: is he? I had no problems with baal so far. the fight could have lasted some time but there has never been any doubt about who will be the winner ;) I found getting to him much harder. My whirler taunted all the way and that was a pain...
easy: Blizz sorc (was during bnet time)

I want to add the CS, as it is a level that is feared by some builds:
Chaos Sanctuary:
hard: any build that relies 100% on melee and has no backupskill (like zerk)
easy: bow ama (for me this is the best level for a bow ama to play besides cow level. I never had any problems with any ama-build during my bnet time (mainly multishot and FA))