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K, i am experimenting with a new subclass, a mageknight, which would be a mainly melee sorc, that casts for supplement, and phys immunes. any ideas for stat dist, and skills? maybe suggestions for equipment?


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Re: Mageknight?

If you use Enchant (and you probably will want to for a melee sorc, since your Attack Rating will pretty much suck otherwise), physical immunes won't be your main problems... that would be Fire Immunes. Your phyiscal damage will likely be quite low, and a majority of your damage will be from Fire.

If you want a casting/non-fire-attack for an Enchantress, FrozenOrb is pretty much the best there is. Another option is to simply load up on charms and items with lightning damage and simply boost the Mastery... you can get some pretty respectable lightning damage this way, and it frees skillpoints if you have something else in mind (Telekinesis/EnergyShield?)

As for being viable, it's definitely that, but it's a little gear-dependent. The previous suggestions are great, but they may be FAR out of your price range (they were for me). Here's my experience with some other alternatives:

FYI, I play solo, and I've built a couple of melee sorcs, as well as a 3rd Enchantress that used a ranged attack & FrozenOrb. The main problems you'll have are with facing FireImmunes and with a sorc's general fragility (read: you really don't want to get swarmed).

You'll probably want to try to boost your +fireskills to "prebuff" your enchant relatively high (I'd want at least +10 fire skills before tackling an Enchantress - preferably more. However, you should be able to get at least that much without severe difficulty). On the positive side, Enchant lasts a long time, so although the best +fireskills equipment will suck for your meleesorc, you only need to keep it in your stash and equip it every ~10-15 minutes to recast Enchant. After that, you can switch back to some better fighting gear and go kill monsters for 10-15 minutes with your higher Enchant damage, then return, re-equip, and recast...

Some relatively cheap boosters for Enchant:
1. Leaf Runeword, in a +3 Enchant staff. To get one of these, take a character (must be at least level 13, but 65+ will work better for the next suggestions), return to normal difficulty, in Act2. Hopefully your map will have the town exit next to Drogan. Run in and out of town and shop Drogan's staffs. Eventually he'll have a "gray" one with +3 Enchant and two sockets for sale, buy it from him (which will take a fair bit of gold), and make 'Leaf' in it, and voila... for ~20 minutes effort and a couple of low runes, you have a +6 Enchant staff.
- After level65 (if I recall correctly) gamble amulets and circlets/coronets. Eventually you'll get a magic-quality one with a "Volcanic" prefix, which means another +3 Fire Skills (for each item).
- those are the big ones that can net you +12 Enchant, and only require a little patience and a lot of gold. But keep your eyes open for other items that boost Fire, Sorceress, or All skills.

As for the rest of your gear, you really need to try to help make your sorceress less fragile (and able to kill fire immunes). This typically means you want good resistances, some +life, and a reasonably large amount of Faster Hit Recovery. One item that will really make sense too, is Dracul's Grasp (unique Vampirebone Gloves)... the LifeTap on them can be huge for helping keep you alive.

I can go on, and on, and on... but, if you want some details of my experiences, you can find more details than you'll likely ever want here (if you want a summary of where to find pertinent info, the intro and most of the 2nd post provide a breakdown, and the 3rd post provides a lot of details about the builds).