magefists and necros and the "one" fire skill if


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magefists and necros and the "one" fire skill

Well, just when you think you know a lot or at least enough, guess what? You learn something new. I was looking at my friends gear today and i wondered out loud why in the world he was wearing magefists on his necro. He said, :For the synergy you NOOB !!!" and I said, hah look who is the NOOB.
He went on to tell me that magefists do in fact synergize a necro skill---Corpse explosion is a fire skill he says. Really sez I and then he allowed me to put his on my own and, well I went from a lvl 33 ce to a lvl 34 ce. Learn something new every day and I'll be in buisiness. Just posted this in case I wasn't the only one who didn't know ce was the lone necro fire skill.


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Thanks a lot...I didn't know that. I knew that CE did half physical/fire damage but not that it was considered a fire weird.


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In 1.09 the AS had something about + fire skills, that for the necro, only fire golem gets a boost, but not CE.

Apparently now in 1.10 they included CE in the "fire skills".

But if your friend says "for the synergy" he is wrong of course, because CE just gets a skill bonus from it.


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Haha yes Magefist boosts your CE just like Rising Sun amulet but in that slot no necro would wear that when u can slap on a magical +2 necro that boots everything hehe. Unless if you magicfind Hell Diablo,etc and want fire absorb which from my experience its way better to go with a dwaftstar as the only downside to it is a maximum loss of 30%mf for a lot of safety hehe


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PyroStock said:
You mean besides FireGolem. ;)
No, I meant "one useful fireskill" as I'm not convinced that the fire golem wasn't just put there so the summoning tree would have 10 skills.


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Boneposse said:
No, I meant "one useful fireskill"
Then your title is misleading... you're not allowed to cast confuse here. :)

I never used the FireGolem often, but FireGolem was more popular when there were fewer items (no aura runewords, no 1.10items, etc for IGs), when Clay had no slow, and skeletons weren't invincible. There used to be FireGolem vs. IronGolem debates.


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Pherdnut said:
Does that mean fire mastery from full trangs effects CE too? That could get deadly.
No, the damage is fixed.

Magefists should affect the fireskills, though --- but why would I want to use Magefists if I can have Trangs?


well u must admit, asking a necro why he is using magefist is a lil 'noob' :(

alot of casters use magefists for the fcr, and mana regen


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+Fire skills does nothing to the dmg to CE - in fact no +skills does! Only the radius of the CE is increased.
Yeah but they are not talking about +skills, but add damage... so if CE gives 100% damage of the creatures life then with +15% fire damage it should be 115% I guess or it would just stay at 100% and have no effect.