Mafia Signup - WIFoA #3 - Invasion.

Caluin Graye

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This is a sign up thread for a Mafia game. I will leave sign ups open until July 5th, 11:59pm EST, which is a little over seven days. I'll start role selection process the following Saturday, and assuming all players have made their choices, we'll start the game on Monday the 8th of July.

This will be a Wine In Front of All (WIFoA) game. WIFoA games are different than standard Mafia games only in the role selection process. Instead of having a role assigned to you by the moderator, there is a list of available roles posted that you can chose from. The moderator assigns you a "picking number", and you use that to decide what role you wish to bid for. If someone with a better picking number than you has already chosen that role, you are instead assigned as a "vanilla" role, otherwise known as a role without any special powers. Players will know where they are in the picking order, but they will not know what roles have been chosen ahead of them. Players will need to out guess the players ahead of them in picking order.

Joe has pick #1 and Petra has pick #2.

Joe picks Vigilante as his role. Since nobody has picked before him, he knows he will obtain that role. He becomes the vigilante.

Petra knows only one person has a pick before her, so has a good chance of getting what she wants. If she chose the vigilante though, she would be assigned a vanilla role and be powerless. However, she does now know what Joe picked for his role and can play accordingly...

All players will know what faction they belong to at the start of the game, before they pick their roles. However, there will be alignment change mechanics in this game, occurring on Night One only.

I think I need a minimum of 12 people signed up to play to make this game work. Once I know roughly how many people are playing I can generate the list of roles for people to choose from.

Think that's it. If there are questions I'll be happy to answer them.

The Silver Shroud

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You might want to notify everyone via @ name.

Most aren't actively watching.

Maybe cross advertise in SPF or what not.

The Silver Shroud

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I'm going to have to sit this one out unless it fills quickly. I have a bit too much to do IRL at the moment, less time for mafia.


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Crap, I didn't come back for a few weeks after it seemed nothing would happen.

I totally would have played.


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Wow. I can't believe mafia games like half restarted again on these forums. I miss these games and I can't believe it's been since like 2014 since I've played. P.S. still SALTY about not winning as one shot serial killer in that mystery box game.

@Caluin Graye and all you other wonderful mafia people. I hope you are doing well. If I can ever catch one of these sign ups on the off days I actually get the urge to check the forum I'd be in. But it's been few and far between lately.

The Silver Shroud

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Noodle is never Vanilla. Even when he is.

As to the games themselves, I'm always willing to play...and occasionally host, as long as other people host, but TBH it seems to have dried up, not enough people seem to be around/paying attention or whatever.