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{Intro music begins to play. Probably something by Cage the Elephant. It is very catchy.}

This is the game thread for our latest mafia game. It is themed with Borderlands, a first person shooter series that takes loot elements from Diablo. It is known for its crude humour, addictive play, and quirky characters.

This game starts promptly on September 4th at 5:00pm EST, and will start with a 48 hour 'twilight' phase where votes will not be counted and no lynch will occur. After that the game will proceed as normal, alternating between night and day phases.

Game Rules:
1) You do not talk about your role or any other relevant information concerning the game outside this thread.

2) If you post at night I will kill you, no matter what.

3) If you edit your post I will kill you. This includes editing for spelling mistakes.

4) If your role allows you to communicate with others during the night, feel free to do so via PM, instant messaging or any other form you choose. Only those roles expressly allowed to communicate privately with each other at night are allowed to. If you have any questions, contact me privately.

5) Once you're dead, stay that way. Dead people tell no tales, or in this case, dead people make no posts. Suck up your death and keep watching and rooting for your team. There's always the next round.

6) Every player gets to shoot one other player during the day phase. This is the same as voting in other games, but is used by "Shoot:" command instead of "Vote:". The Shoot:[name] must be in bold.

7) This game utilizes majority lynch rules. The formula is total current players divided by 2, rounded down, plus one. One additional Shot beyond that will 'lock' the lynch in place for the day phase.

8) Any posts that come AFTER the end day post or the intended end day time will not be counted, unless specified by the host. This includes votes.

9) Never post anything in the thread that shouldn't be known to the town. Don't flame in the thread. If you have a problem with anything in the thread, please PM me and I'll do my best to handle it.

10) Any player may claim any role. I.E. Any player may claim to be something that they are not.

11) Do not post any information sent to you in a pm, including your original role PM.

12) I won't be telling you the starting roles.

13) Day lasts 48 hours and night lasts 24 hours.

14) Do not post at night or edit or I will kill you.

15) You will get mod killed if you are inactive (at least 2 contributive posts a day phase) or you get a forum temp ban.

16) Read the rules once more. Have Fun! Good luck! May the best team win.

Win Conditions:
Fairly standard stuff for my games: The legalese is just for show. Try not to read too much into it.

Town (AKA, the Vault Hunters):
Regardless if they are alive or dead, all Town players win when all anti-town threats are removed from the game. This includes neutrals that cannot win along side the town.

Mafia (AKA, Hyperion):
Regardless if they are alive or dead, Mafia players win when their team controls the lynch and no other roles outside their team can prevent them from retaining control of it.

Neutrals have a special win condition that may or may not be compatible with Town/Mafia. Check your Role PM for details.

Please note again that your win condition may change at any point in this game, so check often for PMs from me.

A sample Town role PM:
Name: Vault-Hunter Cal.
ROLE: Vault-Hunter
ABILITY: None! You live and die by your gun(s)!
And a sample Mafia role PM:
Name: Vault-Hunter Graye.
ROLE: Hyperion
ABILITY: None! You live and die by your gun(s)!
To help combat speculation: The Town is a band of Vault-Hunters who have come together to engage in a coliseum event. The Mafia, Hyperion, have infiltrated the event and are attempting to disrupt the festivities.

Moderator Involvement:
A special section just for the things that I will or will not do for this game.

I will:
  1. Try to provide at least three vote counts a day phase: I will try to post one at the half-way mark (24 hours to deadline), one at the 75% mark (12 hours before deadline) (Or whenever my lazy butt wakes up in the morning) and one more two hours before deadline. I may or may not do more than that, depending upon my schedule, mood, and speed of the game.
  2. Answer any and all questions relating specifically to the lore of the Borderlands universe, A.K.A. the 'fluff'. You may post in the thread such questions, or PM me directly. I will answer in the same method.
  3. Answer mechanics questions relating to your specific role, but via Private Message or QuikTopic chat only. If you're unclear how your role works, ask for clarification and I'll happily give as much clarity as I can.

I will not:
  1. Answer questions about other people's roles or mechanics.
  2. Give any game spoilers away in the stories.

Players signed up to play this game:

01. DiabloTwoinDC
02. Silver Shroud
03. Noodle
04. Scott Berland
05. Zemaj
06. Bad Ash
07. mrewak
08. thefranklin
09. Coju
10. IronArrow
11. Noammr
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Caluin Graye

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So, with the legalese out of the way, here's the TLDR version.

All players take on the role of a Vault Hunter called to participate in Games of Strength, Skill, and Badassery.

There is no Democracy in Borderlands universe, so voting is not a thing. We shoot people here! Therefore, all votes must be in the form of 'Shoot:{name}'. Enough shots at a person will cause their shields to fail and remove them from the games. Too few shots and their shields recharge over the course of the night phase. (This is just flavour - mechanics are the same as voting).

To facilitate some of the lore, I will be calling upon my trusted assistant, CL4P-TP, to supply some information, answer questions, dole out ammo to players, that kind of thing. If you see any posts by him, please treat them as being posted by me.

With that, have fun and let the best Vault Hunter win!

{Day One fluff to be inserted here.}
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My name is CL4P-TP, but you can call me Claptrap. My job is to make sure this event goes smoothly and that everyone has a great time right up until they're horribly murdered by bullets from the other players!

Speaking of bullets... I think I forgot to load everyone's guns today. Whoops!

Whelp, my wish is your command, so whatever help you need, let me know!


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Haha. I know I shot you, but I didn't really mean it.. Could I please get that bullet back, so I can shoot someone else? :eek:


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In that case: For the BTILC I didn't really understand how Mafia games worked, with all the NKs and abilities. So, I agree with @The Silver Shroud, that basically waiting around and not lynching is not a good idea. But, for N1, is it really still a good idea to Lynch with no info to go off of? From what I've read, you typically end up lynching town on N1.

I dunno since I've only played once, but is the no kills on night 1 a typical rule? Would that apply to lynches as well?