Made it to hell, now I'm stuck


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Made it to hell, now I'm stuck

Im a skelliemancer, just starting out. My gear is all magical items, and my merc is even worse off. Im 72 and he is 52. So my question is, I need my merc to make the first kill so I can summon a skeleton to generate my army, so what kind of gear should I trade for (I have 5 pgems =X) to get my merc up to speed. Also, what should I do about his level, NM Baal runs, or maybe just some walk to Mephisto solo runs. I cant really do anything with this character so I'm a little frustrated. Thanks in advance.


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buy a new merc!!! it will be closer to your level. make sure you take gear off him 1st or you will lose it (if its even worth keeping)


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What gear are you using? How many plus skills? What skills do you have?

And yes, strip the merc and rehire. I presume it is a might merc?

Das Adin

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What I did was I made Obediance in a Cryptic Axe. The runeword is great for mercs. It lasted me until I got Arioc's Needle which helps out with the might aura.


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Im using Ume's lament and thats the only thing worth noting, so +2 to skills. I've got 20 Raise Skellies, 20 Skeletal Mastery, 20 in Corpse Explosion ... Im working on Bone Wall with Bone Armor.

Im not worried about my gear though, Im really wondering what cheap merc gear I should pick up. Tal's mask is cheap right? And I dont see the obedience runeword on the weapons page... maybe I need to look harder.

EDIT: Ok, I rehired and its much better. Although my merc's weapon is a lvl6 throwing spear with life leech... he can actually kill the stuff in the blood moor to make my skellie army. Still need some upgrades, but as long as I can run the pits I should be able to get some better stuff.


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im having bit of problem too, skele not strong enuff in hell

well i havent really got my gear on but a fishymancer can run cows and wsk fine right?
without summon gcs and godly gear?

Klæmint Vágadal

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You guys are using Amp dmg right?

Buy a merc with Might aura. Obidience (Hel Ko Thul Eth Fal) in a Etheral Thresher is a nice and cheap rune word, and get a shaft stop for DR% and a Tal mask for LL%.

I hade problems starting in hell too, so I lvl'ed him some more (clvl 86 now) to get more revives. Get a 3+ summon skill amu, they're cheap. And pump Amp dmg until you like the radius, rest curses are one hit wonders.

And ya, summoners are supposed to rune those places with out any good gear, I have yet to try it, as soon I can equipt my skullders, I am gonna give it a shot.


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Have you considered adding a golem to boost your party? A clay golem really helps with bosses & tough monsters.


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bonehew is cheap and strong. tals mask awesome merc helm. shaft pretty easy to trade for most of the time. what realm are you on. cost me about pul for all 3 of the above when i started out on ladder (for the third time ^^)


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wel lthere are verry verry helpful threads @

most questions that have come to my mind has been solved by looking through that sticky :rolleyes:

as for a one helpful tip.. merc is kinda vital for a summoner. so basicly only thing you need to rember when you start to build a merc is:

1. mostly he doees the 1st kill
2. he basicly provides aura for you (might!)
3. he needs to survive to do that

so keeping this in mind we need

1. some dmg (cold dmg not prefered but isnt that harmful eighter)
2. well + skills help with that aura (not a mandatory but helps)
3. cant really stretch this enugh get some life leech for your merc!

so.. heres few tips

1. even @ hell cold plains & blood moor mobs are so easy to get an army
2. pindle skins portal aslo provdes huge army of alredy dead monsters (for a while ofc)
3. amplyfy dmg & clay golem helps with the 1st few kills (and further on ofc)
4. always make sure you keep your merc same lvl as you are! if you have troubles with lvling your merc just get a new one from nightmare :rolleyes:

i truly hope that i helped atleast somehow and you will keep going on with your summoner :hanky:


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Yes, thanks a lot. You've all been a big help, although I'm getting burn out trying to get to the pit wp. The carver shamans are annoying in hell! But, I'm doing much better since I got a merc that's my level, and Im working on getting bonehew + shaftstop.

Eilo Rytyj

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Here's a tip: cast Dim Vision on the Shamans, and they'll stop reviving Carvers. It basically turns them "off" for a short while.

When you do get a Bonehew, cram it full of Amn runes in the sockets. IIRC Bonehew has 2 sockets, so that's 7*2= 14% life leech.

A couple (read: lots) of Countess Tower runs should get you a couple of Amns, or at least some runes to cube up to Amn.