Mace's Humble Beginning


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Preface: This is log is based off of a sept challenge/tournament which I devised.

Once upon a time, there was a boy, a boy who didn't want to be told stories about the sad depressing tales of some poor smuck named Ruddi. One thing lead to another and soon the boy became a man, a man story tellers would later remember as Mace (due to his intense hatred of hammers and anything hammers related).

And so an Andarial walked into a club, well make that multiple clubs, and instead of clubs make that maces.

Thus, humble ol' Mace, Lv20 advances into Normal Act 2.
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Currently Lv27 at start of the Canyon of the Magi as of this posting.

Mace found himself meddling in the Jeryhn's, aka Butcher Pete, Harem, Case.

But Mace as well as the populace doesn't buy it.. I mean, who would trust somebody for monopolizing the local harem guilds to himself?

With the local brothels left bare, Mace thinks of drumming up the buisness of ferrying the Rogues into Lut Gohlein..

Mace finds some startling evidence! A pair of blood stained leather gloves with the city lord's insignia in the some deserted tombs--

-- alas the Jerhyn is too sly, as the pair of gloves was found to have not fit.

Will our Mace ever get down to the end of this case?!

Find out next time (or not) on DBZ!

Spoiler alert: Luckily he's not Black but rather Arabian, so it's all good!
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Mace gives Duriel a tenderizing skeleton club massage.

He didn't tip well since only crap loots dropt :( . And so Mace belatedly wraps up his escapadees in the desert.
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Mace tarns a helm in the swampy pit..

unfortunately it wasn't a good roll, but better than nothing.

many repetitive things happen, and in time I made mephisto die the kind fella dropt me a sig belt

and with that Mace mosey on along into the panda fort (because writing the entire thing is too frustrating :rolleyes: )


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Mace had a somewhat of a close call with Diablo (by means of him wiping out half of Mace's army), but half way into the fight, I figured out the correct rhythm in hunting Diablo.. and that is make him play with Play Doh.

Yes, the key to success is to repeatedly cast Clay Golem on the opposite side of the bone army while spamming decripify every few seconds. Diablo wasn't a happy camper as he didn't drop me anything worth mentioning :(

While we're on the subject, if you think about this Chaos Sanctuary is nothing more than child's play pen, a child named Diablo.:eek:

And so, after playing with Diablo, Mace, lv35, advances into A5.


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After battling the forces of evil, as well as the forgotten pastures of mad cows, Mace imparts a part of his soul into a worthy object of manifestation.

And so with Mace's Bloodfist, the first of many relics will Mace enter the stream of fate.


Mace's Normal Summary:
Lv 48 , HP: 631 , MP: 144
STR: 60 , VIT: 210
RS: 20 , SM: 20 , SR: 1 , CE: 1, Decripify: 1, DV: 1
MF: 141
SkeleDMG: x11 , 209-211


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And so, Mace's regalia found itself with one of him, or rather herself (Nissa); tl;dr, Andy died.

PS: Early Bloodfist is such a great boon, +40 hp, 30 fhr, 10 ias, it's pretty much everything a trapper can ask for. :D


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a big update :cool:


Nissa reached A5.

jking aside, nothing really worth mentioning dropt for Nissa aside from A4's Amn and Sol runes. but I made a discovery (well atleast for me) while fighting w/ Diablo. He only uses Bone Prison if you use TP within 2 screens of him and he always targets the TP. eg: case 1, case 2.

@Noodle Yup, the true Chaos Sanctuary :eek: -- but hey, least it's better than Palin, amirite?


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Baal getting a bit of indigestion.. :oops:

so I didn't really find anything worth while, but aside from all that I did end up with a surplus of runes (enough to make 2 spirits and 1 insight). with that in mind, I was really hoping Nissa would be able to find a 4os sword in cows, but alas no luck there. then came the moment of truth, the socketing... and alas.. I'll let the picture explain the rest lol..

And so the next fated relic will be Nissa's Spirit Sword.. Tune in next time! o_O


Nissa's Normal Summary:
Lv 48 , HP: 926 , MP: 181
STR: 60 , VIT: 210
FB: 12, SW: 3, CBS: 5, LS: 20, DS: 6, MB: 1, BoS: 1
MF: 25
LSDmg: 1-901
DSRadius: 5.6
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And now moving onto Ian, the dreaded hammer (gasp) din. After not playing hammerdin for... like forever, surprisingly it took a while to adapt to, ie. it felt similar to learning to driving stick (ie getting the rhythm of switching between vigor and concentration as well as walk and run without jumboing the two). It was an awkward experience, further complicated by the fact that it's pretty damn hard to aim with hammers below the player character.. Now aside from that, while going through A1, only thing worth mentioning that dropt was a +3 RS head (shame it wasn't a 3/3 RS/SM) and a biggins bonet.

Now can someone tell me why the hell all Andarial always seem to spontaneously combust ?? Poor lass. :(


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Things happened, lv31 currently midway through A3.

Things of note: Ian wields Nissa's Spirit (ps: i cry everytime when i see that shittacular fcr roll).

it's a bit mind boggling how quickly damage ramps up after a few levels, the Spirit helps with that no doubt. aside from that notice that max block rate? that's thanks due to stormguild that dropt in claw viper temple in a2.

thoughts so far about the hammerdin: looking back when I first made the din, I thought it would be easy, but my god it has been such a challenge in order to get accustomed to it. that is to say, without the whole engima shabang, I've gotta say, hammerdin is perhaps the most interactive class to play. why do i say this?-- it's pretty much like driving stickshift; in order to kill and go from point a to b on the Hummerdin (lol like this pun? yeah corny I know) without taking too long you gotta switch auras and charge, and toggle walk, then swap back to concentration and hammer, fire off some hammers while duckwalking away from the enemies, ocassionally refill the gas on the mana guzzler, resume hammering, after the killing is done switch back to vigor and charge-- and you gotta do most of this with the shift key.. yes it may sounds simple, but the amount of switching keys is both tedious as it is confusing. but on the brightside, the hummerdin gets great dmg for all that trouble.
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I think Hammerdins are way much more fun to play without Enigma :)

you wrote "conviction and hammer", do you mean concentration?

Edit: sorry about the strange double post, I have no idea what happened :(


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yup editted thanks lol, typing on the fly without any forethought.. mistakes were bound to occur :oops:


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Update :cool:

tl;dr: Ian, lv 48 is now a Destroyer.


So when we last left off, Ian vanquished Mephy, A3 didn't drop much of anything, but did surprisingly drop 2 hawkmails. Things happened and Ian found himself burning in hell.. literally. Ian had nearly any fire res worth speaking of.. that is until I remembered Ian had a rare ring mail that had a whopping 28 res and 2os dropt stashed, which I then took and stuck random fire res jewels in it which helped solve Ian's burning in hell issues.

chucked about a dozen or so tool sets worth of hammers at Diablo til he died; one thing to note, lightning hose is a real killer ( being in the hose for merely a half a second brought health down by 100 hp ). sadly like mephy, he didn't drop any thing worth noting.

many montages later, ian finds this diamond in the rough..

but it doesn't end there!-- fastforward some--

luckily it isn't socketed (otherwise it'll only have a max of 3), still feeling the presence of RNGesus I/Ian does something i/he may regret quite dearly.. or not because :eek: gasp*


sadly I used up my only remaining Amn to socket that so I had to leave it for next difficulty :(

many scenes later, the time has finally come..

Thoughts for Hdin:
Now that I've completed Normal, I've got to say, Hdin is pretty fun and that's without the need for Enigma. Once you get the handle on how to quickly shift gears from locomotion to battle to and back it goes pretty fast and quite thrilling experience.
For reference sake these are my hotkeys and explanation, here's to hoping this helps confused and frustrated engimaless hdins.:
- Q W E
- A S D
s - - -
- - - a space

Q: holy shield
W: charge
E: vigor
A: blessed hammer
S: redemption
D: concentration
s(shift): stand still
a(alt): toggle run/walk
space: show items

basically I'll have my hand positioned with my thumb resting on my alt, pinky on shift, middle on W, ring on A, index on D. When I enter a new map I'll always have my pinky pressed, toggle set on walk. From there I press W and E together with middle and index respectively and click where I want to zoom zoom to. After arriving to my destination I press A and D together with ring and index respectively and hold hammer lift up shift to duckwalk around and hold shift some and hammer while occassionally pressing S with index to redeem and back to D with index until mobs all slaughtered.

why use vigor when charging?-- because it helps to solidify in your head you're switching gears from w/e it was previously to locomotion, and strengthen the hand's reflex ability to quickly remember that to switch gear from locomotion to attack and back is to press two button above or two buttons below all while having your shift held down.

anyways this is my brief digest of the hdin, here's to hoping it helps.


Ian's Normal Summary:
Lv 48 , HP: 842, MP: 198
STR: 64 , DEX: 76 VIT: 170
BH: 20, Conc: 16, Vigor: 5, HS: 1, Redemption: 1
MF: 21
BHDmg+Conc: 1134-1156


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Aona finds a fake relic!

Kidding aside, I'm currently in beginning of A3 @ lv29 with Aona. So far so good, that is if I ignore the glaringly large lack of health. A lot of things brings Aona down to below half bulb, but luckily with smart usage of decoy and newly equipped Ian's Shield it shouldn't happen too many times.


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tl;dr: Aona, lv36 currently at Frigid Highlands and a lot of goodies dropt.
screenshots of the build progress and weapon used: [1] , [2] , [3] , [4]

Somewhere on the way up to Shenk, Aona happened acrossed a fellow sporting some really fancy Goblin Toes; being the kind fellow that he is (and with the use of force), he parted away with them. Besides that, there's really nothing much to say about Aona besides the fact that she is becoming one fine stallion.