mace barb ideas


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mace barb ideas

I've been finding maces lately. Lots of maces.

it has inspired me to create a mace barb... I play normal ladder characters only on USeast

right now, the gear I'm looking to use is based on what I have, and I'm thinking of arming my macebarb with:

3-socket Aldur's Rhythm
Sureshrill Frost

to create a barb that can whale on opponents pretty well and will survive hell melee a bit better due to the freezing capabilities of the sureshrill

Now I guess that finding better-still maces will be one way to upgrade. Clearly Nord's Tenderizer is a bit better than Sureshrill but I ain't got one of those yet. ;)

I have bloodrise for macebarb to use until he levels enough to use the cooler weapons.

my questions for the board:
- what would you socket into the Aldur's Rhythm, keeping mind that I don't have many runes above ko or so? I do have herds of perf gems, etc... I was thinking that something like Eth might also be cool to reduce target DEF...

- based on this gear, what would you seek to complement the capabilities of the maces?

any other thoughts/advice about macebarbing?


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Well, I don't know what kind of build you're going for on your mace barb. But if I had to guess, I'd assume you're making a WW mace you're gonna want to obtain a schaffer's and socket it with a shael rune, then get a nord's tenderizer socketed with a shael as well. Both of them are outstanding one handed maces, but their attack speed is a bit slow, so shael will take care of that. If you're going to use a two handed mace, I'd reccomend the Earthshifter w/ shael or an eth/botd thunder maul, even though it's difficult to get.


I just found a Nord last night. It dropped simulataneously with a Shadow Killer in the Pits (I kid you not - each of these my best ever finds). I believe a shael would be a total waste. It's like putting a shael in a light sabre. This baby is already at the fastest breakpoint for WW. Base speed is -10, it has 25IAS and don't forget it is 1H so it is already at the -35 breakpoint.
The other nice thing about it is the low reqs str ** dex 43. You could easily build a big fat baba (vitality baba) :lol:

It's funny I was just going to start a mace barb, intending to use IK maul. The Nord has high enough damage I could use it with a shield.

Anyway you should choose first if your are going 1 or 2H. If 2 handed don't put any points in Dex, and IK maul with 2 shael is very cheap, and nearly as good as all the unique elite mauls.


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My mace/maul barb is a frenzy one, except I'm using pieces of IK set, so I can't decide what build I want. Although my ultimate frenzy mace barb would be using 2 Scaefer's and 2 Baranars Star lol.


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best frenzy way is to go with one mace with large range and huge damage and one small with very fast speed , only problem is the ranged weapons that are mace aren't one hand , so maybe 2 schafaers will work fine


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If you already have points in frenzy DO NOT PUT POINTS IN WW and vice versa. These are 2 very incompatable builds. A proper frenzy build will not have enough points left over to max WW. If you can't max WW do not waste a single point in it.
That being said you can easily do much better than aldurs, sureshrill, and bloodrise for you weapons but they are obviously nice for leveling purposes until you can use the elites. One good combo would be shaefers with ED and nords with shael or IAS/ED. My ultimate combo would be eth zod stormlash and eth zod nords.


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Just a reminder

Just a reminder that if you use cool maces that trigger spells like %chance to cast meteor on striking and stuff, whirlwind doesn't trigger these spells. Not sure about frenzy, although I would imagine frenzy would trigger these neat spells.

I have lots of fun maces also with spell triggers on them, and been wanting to make a barb running around with flames, blizzards, orbs, etc etc going around him :D


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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I'm planning to try frenzy mostly because I'm bored of WW.

I'm finding that my starter mace (bloodrise) is frickin' outstanding for Normal Act1/act2 soloing... it has great base damage, leech and other crap on it. Only complaint is that it's a bit slow...


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im planning making titan/maul barb, i sitll dont know which maul would be best, since im investing all my points into strength, i need some massive dmg mauls that can 1 hit kill in hell difficulty

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Frenzy mace barb:
1. Cheap one: 2*Nords. I tested it, not great dmg but just think about this: "freeze-freeze-freeze-icecubes all over the place"
2. rather expensive:Switch one Nords for Schaefers/Stormlash. "static-freeze-static-freeze-icecubes+all the other monsters at 50% of their hp"
3. really expensive setup: Botd mace+Schaefers/Stormlash ethereal zod-socketed :lol:

2-handed ww barb:

1. Ik maul. very cheap, average dmg, very fast for a maul.
2. Cranium Basher. 70-ish% crushing blow iirc, str, res, high dmg
3. Botd 2-handed mace. I guess that would be and ethereal Thundermaul

Shield+mace ww barb: I have no idea. Only do this if you're really sick of axes/swords, because they're far better than maces 1-handed imho.

Both "cheap options" are available for Pgems, so that shouldnt be a problem.