M0nk i need ur help!


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M0nk i need ur help!

M0nk i need ur help with my new mf sorc. My lvl 87 sorc just died -.-


Ok i am gonna be Frozen Orb/ Chain lighting

This is gonan be my following gear

Storm shield
skulders ire
tals ammy
raven frost nagel
War travs
maybe ik gloves

Str 160
(lots of people said i should get 160 to wear ss ) i need suggestions on this part
dex 75 so far
vit rest
energy base

hmm i need help with my skills
Any suggestions would be allright!!!!!!!!


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Your equipment looks decent but a couple things:

- Look to get 70% FCR. I only see 50% there
- Get as many +skills as possible for the Lightning tree. It's rough to do in hardcore but Lightning needs it for Hell +10 doubles CL and L's damage. I recommend at least +6.
- Energy base? What king of +mana items are you getting? CL/FO needs 700 mana (800 to be comfortable)

For skills: What do you want to run more? If act bosses, put 15 in Cold Mastery and scale back the Lightning tree accordingly. If you want to run The Pit or general PvM, put more in The Lightning tree.

But I recommend this by level **

20 CL
18 L
20 LM
1 ES
1 TP
1 Static

20 FO
10 CM
1 Frozen Armor

Since you are hardore it will most likely be awhile before seeing Level **. I recommend in my guide of finishing the Cold tree before going heavy on Lightning. But you may want to strike a balance for Hardcore.

Maybe go 20 FO, 5 CM, 10 Lightning, 15 CL, 18 LM by level 70.

Read my guide for tips on early level progression. There is a few things that are important there. CL/FO is a hard build until clvl30. It then takes off from 30 till you enter hell before running into trouble. The Lightning tree is not powerfull enough to carry you in early hell. But it starts getting much easier in hell by level 80 and it's cake by level **. Try to hold off entering hell until clvl75 unless you are going with a group.


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damn i already maxed Fo / Cm

and i am gonna mf meph and eldritch and The PIT
and i can get to lvl ** easily

just baal runs =)


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Ok, CM didn't need to be maxed but no big problem. You will just have a stronger orb than your lightning tree.