lvl18 jabberzon Q


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lvl18 jabberzon Q

I found this rare war javalin:
1 to javelin skills
20 max
1-104 lightningdmg.

I have 50% ias from death's belt/gloves and twitch. Does that give me a 5.5 fpa? Is that the fastest i can get? Thanks for any info you can give me.


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they really arent that bad at all... but it is possible to find much better ones. Jabbers can make use of nice etheral sticks with no replenish, so they can go for cheap. Try your luck at imbuning etheral war javs.


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Ethereal War Javalin with High ED / Max Damage / Replenish ( For the few occasions where you switch to throw if they run away or something ) / AR would be sexy. However, my jabber uses a regular rare t-spear with 5X% ed, 16 or so max, chance to cold blast, 8X ar, which is 39 max one hand and 62 max throw, and she kills fine.. heh. I really need to upgrade it though. o_O



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PhatTrumpet said:
Well I dunno about ias breakpoints, but those javs r teh suxxor. :p
actually, for a lvl 18 those aren't that bad. Some leech or percent to cast AD woulda been nice, but, who's counting.