LvL 9 Assassin PKer Help!


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LvL 9 Assassin PKer Help!

Okay...I want to make a lvl9 Assassin that can kill higher lvl maybe lvl15-25.

I need help on what skills and stats to put...I have an idea of my items:

Helm: 3-soc Bone Helm w/ 9max jewels
Weap: 3-soc Claws w/ 9max jewels or Cleglaw's Sword
Shield: 3-soc (shield) w/ 9max jewels or Clewglaw's Shield
Armor: 3-soc (armor) w/ 9max jewels
Rings: Angelic Halos
Ammy: Angelic Wings
Gloves: Bloodfist
Boots: Rare 20% r/w boots (unless anyone have suggestions)
Belt: Suggestion?

Skill and stat disturbution is hard more me, because I'm not experience at using Asns...please help me.

**Is there a way, you can't get lvl9s to Hell to get +skill quests**

Thanks a lot!


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for belt use deaths sash, it has cannot be frozen, might be important if ppl have cold damage, also if u use deaths gloves u get some 30 ias ,som life steal and 15 all res, but bloodfists are better overall.
and no sadly u cant get to hell with jus a lvl 9 char, u need to get past the ancients at the respected lvls and difficultys,(lvl 20 norm, 40 nm, 60 hell) so u cant get the skill quests/stats in nm/hell :( )


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you can get lvl9 to hell

Actually you can get to hell. you just need to be present in the game when they kill baal (assuming one or more of the higher levels need baal quest). I know this works because i had a level 24 in hell.


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Pit_Spawn said:
Angelic is lvl 12, you need to use 2 75 ar nagel rings and a rare amy.

nagels arent bad options. theres better rares out there though, but at first they are ok. i have 5 mod rare rings and a 6 mod rare ammy. boots, i recommend hsaru's, or gorefoot for a amazon. gives you an extra shot for mana on the leech.

death 2 set pieces cannot be matched for level 9 pvp.

make some rare gambles and with ts and bos you can rock.
for armour i used socketed ed/poison/max damage jeweled in a uniq padded armour.

very good item.

cleglaws set is a good idea. 9 max jewels, eh too typical from 1.09 post. really, theres 10x better jewels to find. 20% 4-7 damage is possible, 4 on the min, much better, 20/2 poison can go with all of that, dex can be there (you need blocking, cleg not so good

go slow in building one for best action. i kill assassins with your build with my zon 100% of the time.


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I have an assassin a lot like this, the skill distribution that I chose was:

max TS for level
1 CM, 2 BoS

The gear I wore was:
Cleglaws Sword (+5 max/-15% req's)
Cleglaws Shield (+8 max)
Breast Plate (+24 max)
Mask (+24 max)
71 AR nagel
+1 max/60 ar rare ring
+1 max/AR/str amulet
Hsaru's Belt
Hsaru's Boots

You could certainly do better, but it's more than plenty to get some rookie ears. I completed cleglaws set to get the ias bonus, it's been my experience that most PvM people don't fight back with enough ferocity to justify maxing out your blocking.

With CM no longer being bugged with 100% critical strike all the time, you really need cleglaws sword to get access to that 50% DS. When I hit people without DS, I just bang em for about 70% of their life... but when DS connects it's a near sure ear.

If you wish to fight other pvp characters, I think you should use a BSoD with two maxes, switch to a deaths sash, max out your block and try to up your damage and life some more with charms. There's a lot sexier gloves than cleglaws, but the partial set bonus is scaling +max dmg/level, which will be like 1-2 more effective max jewels in your rig. You could go for more speed with deaths sash/gloves, at the expense of that free max damage. For pking either will suffice.

For general pk-ing strategy, most of your time will be spent snooping around just looking for people that didn't leave the game when hostiled. When you see their X on the minimap, I've found it better not to just bum rush and start swinging at them, but act sort of timid and run away to build their confidence. I sort of watch their X for a second, and let them watch me. Once you've got them biting, charge up to 3 TS on a monster or a summon/merc and let it loose on them. Charging on them will make them tend to run away. You want to connect on them once, for the kill shot.

For reference, the highest ear I've obtained was a 25 druid, most are around 14-18. I've fought higher levels but found it difficult to penetrate the defense/level advantage due to the lack of AR from angelics.

Happy hunting!


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My lvl 9 assassin (who leveled to 11 by charging on monsters throughout her brutish career) was EVISCERATED by a level 14 assassin. The opponent was a real dueler, not a PvM. I should have taken my own advice, used death's set and gotten max block. RIP. The guy was nice enough to loot me my stuff back, at least.