Lvl 81 Zealot Setup


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Lvl 81 Zealot Setup

This is the setup im thinking about using for my zealot. Im gonna use him mainly for key runs and ubers.
20 zeal
20 fanat
20 sac
20 HS
1 Smite

Weapon:Grief PB
Armor: Fortitude or CoH
Shield: Eth Kurast Exile or should I go HoZ and up it
Boots: Gores
Gloves: Draculs
Helmet: Not Sure

Tell me what you think I should keep and/or change please.


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Well since your gonna be useing him on ubers Guillaume's Face would be a nice choice for the crushing blow and the deadly strike is nice with zeal, I use that helm on my uber killer and with the 25% cb from goblin toe I find that a total of 60%cb works well.


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yeah it looks good
armor: fortitude
shield: exile
helm: Guillaume's Face (from orphan's call set)
belt: can use credendum (disciple set)
rings: get raven frost(can not be frozen), and one with life steal, strength
ammy: i prefer metalgrid because of attac rating, defense and resist
for weapon switch use CTA to boost health

for key runs: use natures peace ring for D key runs (will stop Nihlathak from corpse explosion)

for weapon switch use CTA to boost health

merc: its up to you witch act2 merc to get (i use one with defiance aura). Put etheral fortitude, ethera crown of thieves (quite easy to get) and reapers toll (the decrepify will really help against physical immunes)


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your set up looks good. a holy freeze merc would work great with your setup. it will help you hit more often because you will not get interrupted as often when your zealing.

fanatacism is a great skill but i like concentration better. it does'nt have the ias or attack rate, but the 20% uninterrupted attack makes up for it. i dont whiff the air as often, enabling me to survive better. just a thought. in the end tho it really depends on what gear your useing.