LVL 75 and 7 skillpoints left, what now?


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LVL 75 and 7 skillpoints left, what now?

Hi all,
I am playing a skelliemancer, with only skellies, no mages, 1 in claygolem, 1 in revives, 1 in all curses, max live, no block, +7 (summoning)skills.
All resistans on 75, and in end of NM.
I am to enter hell, have about 800 HP, and doing fine, with 7 skillpoints left.
What to do now, maxing dim vision or mayby enlarge amp damage radius.
But first i will level my might merc from 65 to 74.

Can you give me some good tips, i like to play slow and all the way, all acts and all quests, no rushing, and i have time, i do not want to start this one over (i know he WILL die).
I mostly play solo, or in small groups, BO and OAK are very nice.



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So you are lv 74 as well? strange..I'd think you should have more points left over..

Anyhow...I think that a large radius for DV will save your butt in hell - no question about it. Gloams, Archers, will need DV.

Actually 10+ points in CE can be REALLY helpful. My build at end of Hell, lv 82 was like this: 20 RS, 20 SM, 5 SR, 1 SM, 1 Revive. 1 CG, 4GM, 5 DV, 10 CE. 1 BA, 10 BW...all other curses covered with 1 point. My + skills were around +9 (some in +all, some +summoning IIRC).

Blocking was kind of messy, as I never found a decent shrunken head, so I suppose I wasted my 130 dex points here (only ever got 45% block).


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I see you use BW, for what?
Is it useful?
Untill yet the combination of AD + CE(max) is great, especially in big parties.
But DV is a good advise i think, thx.


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Nah, I sometimes tried BW out to hold a few monsters in place, but basically it makes it harder for my skellies to kill. Only reason is synergy for BA.

Each lv of BA gives (I think) only a 10pts increase in BA defence, while the BW synergy gives a 15 pts increase in absorbing damage on BA. Thats the only reason.

I only went to lv 10 or so with my CE, because it does not scale in damage with big parties, so in a 8 ppl game it is much less effective than in a solo play (IIRC). When soloing, I use it extensively. That's why i am on a middle ground.

No LR, because in parties there is bound to be another Necro who has it..and i don't use mages that i dd not want to "waste" 3 points to get to LR...only to help somebody elses build ;)


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CE is also very usefull to prevent resurection, but revives does the job also.
The only downside is the mana cost.

Grz. Cees.


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No boneshield ? I could not live without that skill . Not only will it save your life at some point , but it just looks Kewl !!


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No boneshield? Is that a skill?

No? You must be refering to the actual sort of shield? When he said "no block", I assumed "no block worth mentioning" like it is at 5% when your dex is base. :scratch:

Oh..and if you get your skells from Pindle, then run Eldrich/Shenk, 1 corpse is all you need and CE away. Lots of dead monsters. Thats why I love certain situations it just kills faster than skells. :)


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Seems like the orignal poster is neglecting to infor where the rest of the points are but that is ok.

Any left over points past what you want to max should go into Bonewall to boost your bonearmor. My personal choice is this fot a skelly master

Max Skelly
Max mastery
1 All Golems I like FG as he attracts things to him with holy fire, he also withstands fire attacks and many fire attacks in 1.10 are very nasty and waste a lvl 1 Clay fast.
1 Revive
1 Resists
1 BA
1 All Curses or skip Attract, confuse and Dim.....personally I dont care for Dim.
Max Bone ...spirit or Spear....when solo there are things that kill skellies quick and Merc may die quick to also without excellent gear or your help. Also Skellies dont listen to your screams..."NOT THOSE GUYS GET THE #$% $%@# BOSS!!!" So with this skill you can kill bosses in almsot every case in small games and in large games you can effectively hurt them helping your minons or party memebers.

i revive helpfull things, things that move fast and keep up, or heavy hitter, God its nice having Frenzytaurs and moonlords as well as pitvipers as your friends.

CE lvl 1-5 or higher, I think I have 3 hard points and +3 skills and it does the trick. More would be nice but i intend to have more + skills eventually and dont want to spend the points. lvl 10 CE is very adequate, lvl 20 is devistating, but with my choice in skills every point in Bone Wall or Prison helps my Armor and my Spear or Spirit, I dont not mind CEing 5 times instead or two to have a lot of points in wall to get a big absorb number on my Armor.

Bone Armor with invested synergies is irreplaceable!

bone Wall and Prison have many useable situations. One that is VERY good is in CS. If you lay down a wall between you and Infecter of Souls you WILL live, if you dont you may not! Prison works very well on Diablo also, and if you want you can trap the thrower or the ancinets, or many other nasty bosses. dont under estimate what can be done with wall and prison, but also rememember that using them at the wrong time can bring a whole new world of hurt your way. If a Wall is up and a monster is within a certain range of it and you they will come running and it is very possible to get a devistating amount of monsters coming at you.


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And now we come to the point where you (sorcees) asked for opinions..and got very different ones.

Needless to say, both, STINGER and me are very happy with our (slightly different) approaches..and have come far with it. Now you just need to apply the one that fits best to your existing build.


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Put them in Dim Vision or Bone Prison/Bone wall. DV will save your life.
my build
max SM
max RS
1pt SM
1pt Revive
1pt clay/blood/iron golem
5pt fire golem
1pt golem mastery
1pt summon resist
5pt CE
1pt BA
1pt BW
10pt BP
1 pt all curses
10pt DV
5pt LR
(approximate) might have more in Fire golem, will eventually max him.
All in all I have about +10 on the summoning tree +8 on curses and +6 on poison/bone. Max resists in hell and around 800hp, and a BO barb always in the game with him, so around 1600 hp actually. ^^


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For people who decide to go the Bone route after skellies, is there any concensus on which is more effective? I had assumed BoneSpirit would be best as you only need the one corpse to get a CE chain goin and it's better for bosses, but I've also heard that BoneSpear's damage is comparable at higher lvls, so the piercing and hitting multiple targets makes it more effective. Has anyone tried both?


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Thx all for the reply, i was not able to react for some time, a man has to sleep sometimes between work, LoD, family, LoD, friends, LoD, etc.

No block means only 5% block, although I found a very nice head, with 20% extra block and 30% faster block, 2 to necro skills, and many resists, put a perfect diamond in it (48, 48, 61, 48), so mayby i rebuild.

I have 1 in bone armour (with +3 to P&B skills) and it is up al time.
CE is 20 +4 to curses, and has a good range, i like it very much.

For now I entered HELL, solo with no problems, done the CAIN quest for so far.
Going slow, steady and safe, lvl 75, merc lvl 74, and 9 skillpoints left.
Ranged attacers are my fear, esp. gloamlike, but with 1 in revive and +7 for summoningtree, i revive them and let them kill eachother.

In the meantime i practice with dim vision and attract, looks nice but i am not tha fast on the keyboard, so mostly i toggle between CE and amp, sometimes decripify, and always 1 finger on the full revj.

b.t.w. i am a left hander, so keyboardlayout is somewhat tricky, fos someone who can't type blind.

Lookin forward for the first time in the pit (HELL, HCL).

CU, i am on europe, *sorcees, *sorcees_1


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Use Decrep instead of Amp. It doesn't last as long but it's much more effective.


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I do, mostly on bosses, single monsters or small groups, with large groups, mostly spreaded and covering half a screen i use amp, but maybe i could go for attrakt + decrip in those situations.

Thx, CU.


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PhatTrumpet said:
For people who decide to go the Bone route after skellies, is there any concensus on which is more effective? I had assumed BoneSpirit would be best as you only need the one corpse to get a CE chain goin and it's better for bosses, but I've also heard that BoneSpear's damage is comparable at higher lvls, so the piercing and hitting multiple targets makes it more effective. Has anyone tried both?

I have both in Classic. My first 1.10 Character which was stolen and now I have back is lvl 87 and he has Spear. I selected spear simply as I knew nobody in my group would have good gear so with the pierce I figured I could hurt many monsters at one time and it works very well.

My rebuild after being stole however I went Spirit for the bigger one hit power since I had some troubels with uniques and spear. This worked very well also.

Spear is just a tad over half damage of Spirit at equal lvls IIRC.
Spear is somehwhere at about half the mana cost also
Spear is naturally faster casting.

In a ballpark statement pick which you like as they both can put out similar damage per give time although Spirit rarely misses as it tracks moving targets where spear will not.

I dont dislike either, but my 3rd Necro in Xpac I choose Spirit once again as it deals out more damage per hit and tracks targets. My main uses for this skill are picking off oblivs (Big reason to have a bone skill), getting one corpse in a pack, or in some situations focusing on a nasty boss. Like in the pit, a Fanta MS Enchant Archer is pretty likely, or maybe PI, and they are smart and retreat a lot when skelles engage them thus leaving thier minions in melee range while they step back and start picking of Skellies and Merc. This can really stink, and without BO/Shout one of thes chicks can take down skellies rather rapidly.

The other purpose for the Spirit is to simple help get a couple skellies. A Merc without special gear can die before his arura kicks in and it can be very common. My lvl 1 +skills Golem solo is a pretty easy target also, but as long as I can get a couple skellies up quick there is usually no problem.

Now my Xpac Necro is a poor Necro. He has a grand total of +3 skills, hell my Classic guys have more skills!!! Lvl 23 Skellies are still damn good but they are not as good as lvl 27+ obviously!

Now if i had all the +skills and could get my rez for those lvl 30 skellies i would, and maybe with that I might not go with a Bone skill, but as I consider options for those 20 points I just dont see anything that is as usefull. Sure I could max CE, get more in Armor synergies, maybe pump my golem (golems dont kill much so seems wastefull), or get more revives (they dont kill much and cost about as much as 3-4 Spirits and spirit kills and kills what I want it to kill)

I am no Necro guru, but I slept at a Holiday Inn last night!

i am still learning this character, my first 1.10 Necro was invested improperly and so was me second some, my thiird is invested much smarter. In Classic I used Decrep or LR exclusively but now I throw out AmP once I get the enemies stopped and contained by the minions so they kill quicker. Some fast big hitters i just keep decreped and nail them with Spirit.

Personally I think there is no bad summoner, it is a pretty simple build if you just understand your curses. I dont think Spirit or Spear is a must have skill, but I feel comfortable having this option and I also feel involved. i feel having the skill increases my killing speed and if something attacks me I can kill it, not run away or curse it away!

i use my walls and prison in situations for safety, sometimes I use them to gather monseters to thier mass destruction. Lay downs some Walls in CS right at the bototom of the center Star and then run around the circle real quick!!! You will gather a massive amount of badies and if you already have corpses you can clear half of CS in a matter of seconds. This is not adivsed as it could be your death or death to others with you, but when a guy wants a little excitement it is pretty exciting!

Cows + Bonewalls = fun

But might be death!


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Well really the only way the bone tree is effective after skellies is if you have marowwalks to slap on. Then you will actually be able to deal some damage with it. I like bonespear over spirit for a few reasons, 1 being that spear can hit multiple targets which is very nice :). 2 the mana cost is way way way lower! Now spirit is a bit better for bosses but if your necros are kinda hard up for mana then spear is actually better anyways. Since the damage is not that big of a difference but the mana cost is a huge difference. I would have to look at my bonemancer but I think with max bwall, bspear, bspirit and the marrows my spirit does around 3.5k and my spear does like 2.8k. Since you can cast like 3 spears for every spirit, spear ends up being better. But if you have the mana to spam bspirits all day go for it :).


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Interesting view, but i would stay a pure skellymancer, with some backup for safety, not so much for killing myself, thats to my little army.
Right now I am lvl 78, in HELL act 1, did all the quests till I found the pit.
I think I stay there for a while, its safe for a skellymancer, just keep your distance, O, and I have 11 skillpoints left now.



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my skelliemancer is lvl 79, in a2 hell and has max skellies, max fire golem (helps him keep alive and kill something) an i ALWAYS use decr.. specially for the slow.

only dangerous things are indeed the archers/gloams but i ussually got 27 man army in from of me...:):)


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Hi, lvl 79 now + 12 left over.
Killed Andy on my own, play a lot solo now.
Did A2, and just before Duriel.
Maggot lair was easy, but took a long time, therefore Arcane was a pain.
I could hardly kill, many immunes and out of reach, but i love my teleport staff.
The summoner was a giggle, just TP my whole army on the platform, with 8 revives, and that was it.
Duriel will be easy too, i think, full army, good revives, decrip + CG.

My highest char. in 1.10 HCL, and still 12 points left, i think it will be dim vision.