Lvl 60 char lost VS lvl 20 pker.... how?


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Lvl 60 char lost VS lvl 20 pker.... how?

So this is how it happened. I was just "Chillin" in a pub after some gem xfer between my mules, looking at my gear on my lvl 60 Ranger Pally... when Some Wolfdruid my level entered the game and hostiled. I went to the edge of town just to see what build he was and, of course, didn't even think about going out. He got tired after some time and re-entered the game with a lvl 45 bone necro. Once again, I stayed put knowing boneprison would get me killed very easily so he got tired again.

Finally... he rejoins with a lvl 20 pally and hostiled. I saw he was using holy shock and thought stupidly: Zealot?... no way...Charger? if so.. He actually lost skills on holy shock instead of using might?.
He stepped out and stayed at some distance from the edge of town so I figured... "come on.. 40 lvls of difference wont give him a chance to hit, and still he cant be that nasty... an arrow of my maxed+fully synergized holyfire should do at least some damage to a lvl 20 char. I'll give just one shot and go back".

As soon As I got out I fired at him, he charged, hits and deeds. :cry:

My arrow hit but hardly took 1/12 of his life and I got pawnd in one hit. I was like WTF??:shocked:
First of all... I accept I'm an asshole. I got what I diserved for fooling arround, but still.... HOW ON EARTH is that possible? I've played this game for years and I know for sure that lvl difference influences A LOT the chance to hit, even without using shield. Not to say the damage output makes no sense... how much damage can a lvl 20 charger do?.

Please explain me how this can happen...was this guy lucky or what?
PD.. if you are out there and read this, you can actually be kind enough to explain it yourself... I bet you remember the lvl 60 ear you got 2 days ago.

PD2 Just for the record... One game before that, I dueled a lvl 45 Bear druid with life spirit and after 4 arrows directly at him he had to run to town. Just to add more to the nonsense.

Anyway.. I guess it was his destiny.. my chars name was "suicidal_ranger"


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It's not hard. He could have just had a holy shock scepter on switch

At level 20 he wasn't using holy shock if I remember my tree's correctly.

If he was a lvl 27-29, you didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell

If he was a 21 you didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell.

You take your max dmg gear (+150 or so, not including wepon) get the biggest 2hander available or a very nice 1hander and then make things die. The enh dmg from charge makes absolute monsters.


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His Hot Spur's negated your Fire damage.

It was probably Azazaz. I'm sure he will be along to explain it all shortly. ^^



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His Hot Spur's negated your Fire damage.

It was probably Azazaz. I'm sure he will be along to explain it all shortly. ^^

Now that I think about it... it is Azazaz for sure. After blowing my *** off, he said "Cheers" just as he does here in every post.:scratch:



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Azazaz doesn't have a lvl20 least not one I know of. Are you sure the pally was lvl20? The fact you didn't hurt him much isn't surprising, but if this pally was really lvl20 either you had under 700 life or perhaps you lagged and he hit you multiple times. I've never heard of a lvl20 being able to 1 hit KO any lvl60 no matter what the class/build. Maybe with the mass duping a pally with an eth great maul socketed with 15max/20%ed's and 20 max's in helm and armour might deal out enough damage but even that's doubtful.


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I've done it before, using full sigons and cleglaw's sword, maxed might, 1 pt in charge, 1 pt in smite, I was 21 or something. Worked against a level 71 assassin with crappy traps :D


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awww thanks guys, i had a right good chuckle at this thread :)

The pally was lvl 29 not lvl 20.

He does 450-1500 pvp per hit. That means if you have less then 450 life its a guarantee 1 hit kill.

He's got reasonable attack rating so the chance to hit a non blocking char with no defense is pretty reasonable.

The advice everyone else offered was pretty much accurate :)

In all fairness though it wasn't a pk, you were just hanging out in a game and i hostiled and you walked out the front door :)

p.s. I do too say cheers tai!


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Is this on some super secret acct I dont know about?!

+ I have 2 builds coming up. One PK and One MLD...HELP!


29 with 500-1500 pvp? wacha usin?

In the early days of 1.10 I had a 130-200 bhammr clvl 25, and a 30-100 warhammer clvl 16... those were cute weapons. especialle that clvl 16 one, he netted me quite a few cute level 30-40 ears ^_^.


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The bear is using multi-accounts?
Aaron is ripping off my catch-phrase?
Diet Dr. Pepper tastes the same as regular?

Now I don't even know what to believe...

Something other than Cheers