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Lvl 29/30 Zealot.

Discussion in 'PvP' started by theheft, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. theheft

    theheft IncGamers Member

    Dec 12, 2007
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    Lvl 29/30 Zealot.

    I do quite a bit of LLD but only have one character at the min, a level 21 zealot...too high for level 18s and too low for level 29/30's.

    Im currently sourcing items to remake a level 18 zealot and make a level 18 hybrid ama, an idea stolen off a friend on, it work surprisingly well as long as you don't try to go toe to toe with zealots, keep your distance and don't change to the bow at the wrong time and get hit by a charge.

    Anyway, getting to my point, I was in a LLD game the other day full of level 29/30's and I noticed that although my level is lower than them when I landed hits on the level 29's I hurt them....A LOT, my problem was actually landing the hits due to low AR, currently 2.5k with zeal. I like zealots and thought about making a level 29/30 one, mystified had suggested levelling my current one up, although I feel the skill distribution would need tweaking so the level 21 would retire to being a mule.

    Anyway, I was thinking something along the lines of this....


    20 Sacrifice 12% damage to zeal per level, would have be an idiot not to!
    4 Zeal - Extra points gain only minimal amounts of AR and Damage, so keeping this as at 4 seems the best option to me.

    The rest I am unsure about, need to have a play about the on the character editor on SP I think, not sure if I should pump points into might to have a strong charge, or use conc, or go to level 30 and use Fanaticism.

    Usual PVP melee stats, enough strength for equip, enough dex for max blocking, rest into vitality


    Weapon only two choices I can see here really

    Roba Naga (nice damage and speed but no deadly strike)
    Honour Divine Sceptre with some +skills (Charge, Conc, Zeal, Fanat)


    A few choices I can see

    Rhyme - only other source of CBF apart from deaths sash
    4 Socket Paladin shield (ED AR) full of maxers with resi
    4 Socket Paladin shield (RESI) full of maxers with AR
    Spirit - FHR, resi, skills


    Twitch - Blocking, IAS, some FHR
    Artisans mage plate of the colossus/squid - Life and damage when filled with maxers


    3 socket helm of some sort with maxers - pure damage
    P crown - Skills, FRW etc
    Rare level 30 circ - skills, resi whatever else spawns on it


    Bloofists - Life, FHR etc
    Deaths - 30% IAS when used with belt


    Cowkings - good amount of dex
    Sanders - dex strength 40frw
    Goblin Toe - 25% crushing blow, not sure how useful it would be though compared to the other options, could be useful vs high life barbs maybe?


    Deaths sash - Cannot be frozen
    String of ears - 15% DR

    Rings and amy

    Angelics, no other option here really on an AR dependant build


    + 10 max/XX AR with STRENTH or DEX to meet requirements, rest 3/20/15's or as close to as possible.

    I think damage wise it has potential, its just landing those hits, resistances shouldnt be too much trouble as I have nearly managed to max mine out even when using my ED/AR shield on my level 21.

    CDM, hit me with your knowledge and set me on the right path, if you feel its going to be waste of time, effort and currency tell me before I start!
  2. NewForumBloke

    NewForumBloke IncGamers Member

    Jul 24, 2004
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    Re: Lvl 29/30 Zealot.

    Im not CDM, but i do have some knowledge on lvl 29/30 Zealots lol.

    Im not very clear on the skill portion myself. A lot of ppl swear by the 1 pt into fanta and using a couple +skills from items in certain places to boost some of its dmg. Others prefer the more pure dmg of conc. IMO, id go fanta only if i had a nice Honor Divine Scepter wtih 2+Fanta.

    The 2 usual best bets for sheilds are 1x 60+/100ar+ 60+max sheild and a 45 res 60+max sheild (for dealing with casters if needed).

    The 3 socket 60-80 life mage plate with maxers is a good idea, but dont forget about Peace. Peace can be a good choice if you decide to go with a Robo naga, that way you get crit strike.

    Gloves id say, depends on the situation. For times when your going to need cbf, id say the Death Combo will serve you the best. Most of the other time though id say Bloodfists/String will serve you fine.

    The rings and ammy really can change, a lot of llds like to use 100+ar/life/stat rings, with a good +1 Pala/ar/life/stat circ (preferably with 2 sockets for max dmg jewels).

    Boots id go with the sanders for the extra Ar, and the frw. You might save more stats by using cow kings, but your also losing 100 ar and 10% frw.

    Charms its just best to spend the stat points and get the life off of your charms. It really is. 3/20/15's are just plainly your best friend (with maybe a couple 10/60-70/12 fhr's for any of the fhr bps you may need).

    Im sure CDM will give a few more pointers, but thats usually the basics of what ive learned.

    -BLoke :smug:
  3. mystified

    mystified IncGamers Member

    Nov 10, 2006
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    Re: Lvl 29/30 Zealot.

    hello :)
    well hear are some of my lowly experience.
    15ed grand crown with 3 sox work good for def wise. you may prefer to save stats to get more life but I think def is worth it (plus extra stats go toward dmg, and you need 12x str to use naga anyway so wouldn't be a prol equipping it)
    for speed, you will want to go for twitch. not sure about upping it (i don't remember lv req but I thought it was high..but need experienced comment on this) if you go for robo option, you can use peace or max armor with life (which would also grant nice def) (oh wait, NFB mentioned this XD)
    sander's is a better option than CK, and I can't think of any better boots.
    skills wise I personally prefer conc, since fana is somewhat weak unless comboed with good +skills. (but this way you are stuck with honor and twitch)
    also you want to find a switch HS sceptre and a spirit. that will save skill points which can go to increase your dmg and AR of zeal, even if you plan to spend skills on charge.

    PS still need that bow set up. its fun, but hard, which makes it fun :rolleyes:
  4. crawlingdeadman

    crawlingdeadman IncGamers Member

    Jun 7, 2005
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    Re: Lvl 29/30 Zealot.

    sorry, no experience w/ a 30 zealot.

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