Lv 75 In Normal Challenge


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Hey Guys, I am new-ish here!

(Tl;dr at the end of the post)

I got bored and remembered something I did back in my childhood (7 or 8 years old); not going to Nightmare difficulty becouse it gets scary with all those immunes that begin to pop up.
So back then I played my paladin, who ofc. had to face a gajillion amount of magic immunes *cough uh.. no? cough* and decided that NM and Hell can go bugger themselves.
Those ~3 times I did NM Andariel were scary enough for my ~Lv 60 paladin...

Soo... why not make a character that reaches a high level in normal?
I set the "top" at lv 75, mostly becouse I do not think it is reasonably possible to get higher within the free time alloted for stupid stuff, also becouse I like the number 75.


Rules that I follow:

- No Cheating (Duh)
- Untwinked (only the crap that your character finds)
- Only Play on "Normal"*
- Use The /Players X command (you do not want to do that on P1... I think)

*If you accidently click on "Nightmare" at the character select, just save & quit... becouse NM is obviously with a name like "Nightmare" scary enough, no reason to go there.


I play Vanilla Diablo 2 LoD 1.14d with Bnet Runewords enabled (by adding -direct -txt to the Icon and adding a txt. file in my Diablo 2 folders) and I will start it with a HC character, mostly becouse its Normal and if I die I feel like I deserve it.

Since it is only Normal, it will ofc. enable basically any build. From Fissure Druids, to Plague Javelin Amazons or maybe even masochistic ones like the Pacifist Paladin, good luck getting that level with him :D
But do not forget that you only have 1 reset from Akara...

My first progression post will happen once I have slept and done my daily stuff


Tl;dr Why do that?

It's SP, you could easily move that character ontowards Hell anytime you want. Challenge yourself with reaching a stupidly high level only playing in Normal.


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This reminds me of the title-less character challenge- stay in Normal but can't complete Baal quest, otherwise the Slayer/Destroyer title is added. Having access to Baal experience and drops will help a lot, but Nihlathak will remain the key late game target since he is the highest level monster in Normal at 68. Level 75 is a reasonable target.. it takes 246 P8 Nihlathak runs at 74 to reach 75. The sharp drop off in experience occurs at level 78, once you're 10+ levels above Nihlathak. I'd imagine reaching level 80 in Normal might be equivalent to reaching level 99 in Hell. Interesting project though, good luck!


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Weird - therefore fun - project!

Will you go on a normal items grail before pushing to NM and complete the exceptional grail and finally misc/elite grail on Hell? #GrabYourTC3BeforePushing


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I finally finished Cold Plains and am now heading towards Stony Field.

Bishiboshi got me that level up.
Sadly neither Coldcrow, Blood Raven or the dude in The Crypt(a?) dropped anything of interest :(
The Arctic Pelt and Hsarus Shield were given to me by some stalking weirdos on the way to the burial grounds.

I thought about the build a bit and decided to make a FO sorc, since it will save much time. Other Points will be put into Teleport and Warmth.
My next "phase" will be collecting runes Rals to cube up later from Countess and saving Cain for ID convenience.


Will you go on a normal items grail before pushing to NM and complete the exceptional grail and finally misc/elite grail on Hell?
(dont mind me not knowing how to directly quote people ^^)
Yes about Normal. Idk yet if I do that in NM, or even going to NM at all (probably smth. like "Getting lvl 90 in NM + Normal Challenge".

But also since NanoMist mentioned something of the past with a very interesting sounding "title-less character challenge" I think I may not be able to go to the cow level before going into NM... or even do cows more than once since it is Vanilla :D


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Moving forward,

I did Andariel on lvl 20, Duriel on 24 becouse I lost patience.
Note; Do not skill into Ice Bolt in the beginning, it sucks. At least 1 point into Static Field is OP and broken in Normal...

Mephisto died in P8 with 1 skillpoint into Blizzard... I did read a bit in my book as I killed him via moat.
Sadly he dropped a +1 light circlet :(

Runequest dropped me a Ral rune, Izual was easy (only saw 3 Souls)...
Diablo nearly killed me, but then commited suicide by doing nothing next to my frantically Static using self. Wtf Diablo?
Aaaand with Lv 26 I went to A5.

Current point

I have already done some Shenk/Eldritch runs, next is saving those dudes that give me runes and then Anya ._. becouse I need those Pindle/Nihlathak Exp.
For the 1. time ever I am happy to have found a Dol rune, becouse I need several in order to cube up to Lum for Splendor RW in a shield :D
I also need several Shael runes for the weapon socket cube recipe in order to make an Insight in an eth Poleaxe found either in RoF or CS (Alvl 26 or smth.... it will get 4s there x.x)

I will re-roll some Nihlathak (lv 68) GCs for skillers in the near future since flawless stuff drops in A5. I might open/close games for some gem shrines.
Unless ofc. Normal mob drops can not roll as skillers... But I do not believe that is the case ^^



Rnd crappy+1 Static Orb.
Ral Ort Tal shield
2 rings with some res and 10mf ea.
amu is both +40 life/mana
crappy 4slot belt with 17fhr
boots with res and mf

Brandistock 3s with 2x Ral + 1x Tal
Rnd helmet with some fhr+ res.


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- Weapon sockets is amn+ral
- Area levels does NOT dictate monster levels in normal, this only applies to nightmare and hell. Thus, the lowest level dudes in AS drop poleaxes which cannot get 4 sockets! Your best bet would probably be finding an eth bill in late act 5.


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- Weapon sockets is amn+ral
- Area levels does NOT dictate monster levels in normal, this only applies to nightmare and hell. Thus, the lowest level dudes in AS drop poleaxes which cannot get 4 sockets! Your best bet would probably be finding an eth bill in late act 5.
Huh... you're right ^^
Idk from what kind of strange place my mind picks the Shael ö.ö

And I did not know that a Bill could drop in late A5


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Love it!

If you don't mind, I'll join you. Been looking for a fun D2 project like this lately. I will run HC with my barbarian Bul-Kathos. I will start as frenzy and spec to WW later. Actually considering going WW->WC too, because I can easily obtain 105 FCR and Insight. Hmm..

Anyway, I will try to grail all obtainable items, however I see some real struggle such as BK ring from Baal being abysmally difficult to find.

In parallell, I will do a similar barb in HC Classic. Just to see how far I get. :)

Edit #2:
I love this recipe! :D



Made myself this with the chipped recipe:

Bul-Kathos is level 18, going strong!
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I really dont mind anyone "joining in" so to say... the more, the merrier! :D

Great start there, though I think classic is going to be really tough ^^ I think there is this one dude somewhere in A4 that gives more exp/faster than the big bad himself.
Also this flail is truly worthy to be worn by your barb :p
Too many people underestmiate the true value of such recipes... especially when they want to do normal :D

Some progress from me; Now level 55
I got a spirit sword made, and an Edge bow (ofc. in an edge bow)
I changed my boots to Sanders for the 40% run speed and also made a Lore helmet...


I found some interesting charms for melee norm characters and re-rolled 1 Nihlatak GC 1x... sadly it rolled as crap as before.

I also found a 80% goldfind amulet and a 15 to life sc.
I still have not found an Insight base or more Dol (highest rune Nihlatak drops) runes to cube up to Io (highest rune Baal drops) and then 3 of those to Lum for Splendor.

Kind of strange that a Lv 68 Nihlathak drops worse than a Lv 60 Baal... or a Lv 73 Nightmare Nihlathak who drops up to Ist ._.
By the way, his corpse explosions are literally only tickling my HC sorc.

In the future I will alternate between Nihlathak and non-exp areas to fill up my grail... up to 35 items overall and no set is done yet.
Ancients will be done as a way to spontanously gain 1,4mio EXP
I might not even kill Baal at all for not getting that title ^^


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Only about 10,000,000 Normal Nihlathak runs to go from 98-99?
Actually 4,099,416 runs at p8. Each kill gives you 71 XP... A project for the ages (and aged!) for sure.

But yeah, on the plus side, you probably WILL have the normal holy grail by then xD

BTW and more on topic: those cube recipes really are great! I always use them in the untwinked tournaments. You can also

1. Roll a savage Partizan with the diamond formula
2. Reroll it with sockets with the magical socketed item recipe

Only ilvl30 that way, but potential affix and suffix and 2 sockets


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Well, chance of death setbacks would be much much lower:) Runs would be slightly faster as well....could reasonably gear for 200 fcr since less res/damage gear needed...and with that many runs you could likely still cube up to some decent runewords.
Still, that would be some serious commitment. At 10 second runs it would take just under 8500 hours (4 years of 40 hours per week running just for 98 to 99 on 1 character)


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Nihlathak's level 68 advantage ends once the character reaches level 78 and is 10+ levels above all monsters in normal. I would look at going back to Baal/Lister runs if anyone reaches that point.


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...and with that many runs you could likely still cube up to some decent runewords.
I was curious about this, so I checked Nilathak's chance to drop Dol at p8 (1:2500) and how many Dols you could expect over 3M runs (1200). If you cube up every last Dol you find, you'd end up with somewhere between Lem (3^6 Dol) and Pul (3^7). After doing 90-99, you might have enough runes to cube up an Um, so you could make the world's most difficult Crescent Moon.


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Good progress man.

My classic char, a orb sorc named Esu, is level 36 now. It is too bad Diablo is level 40 and also the highest mlvl in the game (in classic normal), as item level 41 is required to get 3 sockets in helm. Obviously getting exp is much slower because of this, but it's all good so far. I guess getting level 50 in normal classic is a good goal to start with, also getting the grail. Although I am not sure if Diablo can drop all unique items, such as Silks?

This has already become the "tele and kill seals and diablo only" phase, but only on players 3 for now. Should be able to go players 5 soon enough.