Luck was with me today


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Luck was with me today

I had my greatest run of finds duing one gameplay session today (normal questing, not item hunting) with Delianna. It started in the World Stone where I picked up a Woestave Halberd from a random enemy and a (I think this is the name)Meat Scraper Lochbar Axe from Baal.

Since Delianna can't make use of these, I wasn't too extactic. That was until I entered Act 1, Nightmare. While I was running around outside of town, I picked up Frostburn Gauntlets. Not to be out done, from the second floor of the Hole I found Silks of the Victor which is an item I've never been able to get my hands on since I started playing D2 at its release. If this were classic, I'd be in item finding heaven right now.


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Congratulations man!!!
I wish you even more lucky findings in the future!

Deekin says: "Hoozah". :clap:
That's some good luck you have going there. It is a good feeling to find an item that's perfect the char you are playing, especially untwinked.