Lower Kurast (Hell): Run 901-1000


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Lower Kurast (Hell): Run 901-1000

If I am going to be admitted to the SPF looney farm, could you all please wait until after I've found a Ber? Thanks! :D

Runs were done with a level 91 Blizzard sorc (330 mf) at /players8, all chests/hollow logs/corpses etc. were investigated. Average time per run was 3 and a half minutes.

Grand charms: 63 (kept: +1 assassin traps//4 dex, +1 druid elemental//26% gold
Large charms: 64 (these are easily the most boring charms. No keepers here!)
Small charms: 60 (kept: 19 life, 6% mf, 5% mf)
Jewels: 54 (kept: 35% ed//4 minimum damage, 6%mf//-15% requirements)


Dangoon's teaching
The Chieftain
Civerb's cudgel
Hellplague x2
Arctic binding
Bartuc's cutthroat
Vidala's vetlock x2
Butcher's pupil
Arcanna's flesh
Vidala's barb
Demonhorn's edge
Tancred's weird
Angelic armour
Tancred's skull
M'Avina's tenet
LAnce guard
String of ears
Heart carver
Natalya's boots
Isenhart's horns
NAgelring (30% mf)
Cleglaw's pincers
Manald heal (6%)
The minotaur
Viadala's snare
Sigon's wrap
Isenhart's parry
Nagelring (20%)
Hsarus iron heel
Death's touch
Sigon's shelter
The Gnasher (grail)
Tancred's crowbill
Aldur's stony gaze
M'Avina's icy clutch
Jalal's mane

Ort x4
Thul x6
Ral x7
Sol x5
Hel x2
Tal x16 (leet...)
Amn x4
Shael x2
Io x2

Still no Ber. Ah well. I actually started doing these runs because I was looking for skill charms, and I didn't do the runs on nightmare difficulty because I liked the fact that on Hell there was the possibility for high runes.

Time to start my next series of 1000 runs! :p


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1000 runs and still no high rune? No wonder we are suspicious when some g0zu first time poster claims he found two Beer r00ns in one LK run :rolleyes:

Just keep running, the big drop is just around the corner* :thumbsup:

*Really, it has to be
After all this running you must be close to the big one. Dont know how many runs it took for me to get a Sur rune but I only did sewers L2 runs. Very fast



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man 3 and a half minutes per run is pretty fast. i think it would take me a while just to memorize where all the logs and whatnot are.


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I'm just gonna say this. You are easily the most persistent LK runner I think I've ever seen. Good luck finding that high rune, I think you should be getting close. 1000 runs...wow...


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LK Runs don't seem appealing anymore..

I know that on my first few runs I found a Gul Rune, but nothing better after that.

I quit doing them a long time ago. I think I made it to 30 runs.

IMO, Countess and a lot of cubing is much funner, and entertaining.


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Whoa 1000 runs? Good achievment. Still no BER? Hmmm, maybe high runes are just myth?


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Feceset said:
IMO, Countess and a lot of cubing is much funner, and entertaining.
Maxgerin also did 1000 runs, got no more than a single Ist I believe, after cubing. High runes are just about luck. Just go and make a gosu build that kan do p8 hell with 200 mf and spend a month in level 80+ areas :p


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Nacaa said:
Why are people running the Lower Kurast?
Because of all the chests/logs/corpses and the relatively few monsters. Once you kill Meph/Council, the little guys in the robes all run away from you.


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Ok, I still don't get why people do LK runs :) Nice change of environment though.


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HF= hell hellforge? In that case, one would need 32 Guls to cube a Ber, with a chance of 1/11 to get a Gul, you'd have to do aproximately 352 runs.


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Heh. I can see it now.

Thrugg or some other stat geek comes through and states;
"Whoops. I made a mistake. You can't even find a Gul in Lower Kurast. My bad."

Honestly I think you're not helping the "LK is a good place to find runes" idea.


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Nacaa said:
Ok, I still don't get why people do LK runs :) Nice change of environment though.
Because some guys get a high level rune every 100 runs :D...

Is the same with countess i smile every time someone says "yaa I found a Ist/Gul/Mal in 100 Runs and 3 Puls and 2 Um's" :)

I made 500 runs and got 1 Pul From Countess....


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The good runes are out there... you just have to be persistent (which you are) and lucky (which you could use a little more of). I certainly feel bad as I did nowhere around 1000 LK runs to get lucky... twice :(