Lower Kurast (Hell): Run 601 - 700


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Lower Kurast (Hell): Run 601 - 700

Yup, I finished another set of 100 runs. The Ber still hasn't dropped. :D

Runs were done with a level 90 Blizzard sorceress on /players8, and all chests/stashes/logs/corpes were investigated.

Grand charms: 53 (kept: druid summoning skiller, druid elemental skiller, 5 strenght//51 mana)

Large charms: 53 (kept: 5 dex//8% resistance to all)

Small charms: 60 (kept: 10 life//11% lightning resistance, 19 life//8% cold res, 17 life, 7% mf)

Jewels: 60 (kept: 10% resistance to all, 11% lightning res//15% ias)


Amn x4
Ort x6
Ral x6
Tal x7
Dol x2
Thul x4


Tancred's weird
Isenhearts horns x2
Spire of Lazarus
Skull splitter
Sander's wand
Skewer of Krintiz
Sigon's gauntlets
Tal Rasha's spun cloth
Angelic wings
Dangoon's teaching
Isenheart's lightbrand
Nagelring (22% mf)
String of ears
Gore rider
Sparking mail
Tal's mask
Culwen's point
Dwarf star
Tal's lidless eye
Cathan's mesh
Undead crown
Iratha's coif
Spirit shroud
Tannr Gorerod
Silks of the victor
Spire of honor
Berserker's hauberk
Soulfeast tine

Perfect gems stash contains over 1000 perfect gems now... Very soon I'll start the crafting/rerolling spree!

P.S. I considered Flavie, but it doesn't yet work on my computer. Something about me needing Java blablabla. Me not understand computers. Boyfriend is convinced he can make it work for me though. Wish he would get to it. :D

Sint Nikolaas

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Well the charms are nice here :) tough luck though, nothing too spectacular these runs.. I guess an Um is allways nice.

EDIT: Oh my god!! I missed the culwen's point! Very nice find there man, good show I wish I was that loaded on WF!


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Nice work!! Wow that's a load of crap uniques/sets...at least you got a sweet sweet Um rune and some nice skillers. You deserve that Ber when it finally drops:)


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heck you've got some commitment there Illiana. Congrats on the finds so far and I hope that Ber's coming alomg at some stage.


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Illiana said:
P.S. I considered Flavie, but it doesn't yet work on my computer. Something about me needing Java blablabla. Me not understand computers. Boyfriend is convinced he can make it work for me though. Wish he would get to it. :D
In case he conveniently forgot about it, just go to sun.com and download/install java sdk kit, easy as that.

How long does it take you to do 100 runs?


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Shagsbeard said:
Anyone want to donate a Ber so that this poor woman can finally stop?
Nonsense, she should continue all the way. Then I know how many runs to plan for before I start doing mine :)

I thought the drops this time look pretty good though, couple of good runes, charms+jewels

Go for it, Illiana, our hearts and thoughts are with you :thumbsup:


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Okay, i freakin hate kurast runs, I did 200 this week and came up with these runes:

1 sol
2x amn

No joke, dead serious. This is what a I did for my runs; tele to bonfire chests in kurast, then go to trav and take out council. Tele to sewers lvl and hit the gold chest, fight the gloom bat super unique pack and finally open the 10 or so chests in sewers lvl 2. There's always about 4 super chests in lvl 2 sewers.

Let me repeat, after 200 of these runs I found 1 sol and 2 amns


I did find an assload of uniques and sets though. The gold chest popped 3 uniques all at once 3 times =) Out of all the items, 9 were elite.


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Yeah, but barren, you gotta pop everything! I mean, everything which is what Illiana is doing iirc.

I've got my best runes from regular poppables rather than the superchests. The highest I got from those chests was a Lem. I've gotten many more decent mid-level runes from the regular stuff as well as uniques like Stormshield and Shako ... and i've done much less than 200 runs.

It's painful to be sure ... but it's potentially rewarding. Come on WF ... give Illiana that Ber!


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Yes, Barren, try to do only LK chests. It seems like you spend more time traveling then popping the chests actually. And I didn't see a unique drop from super chests while i often get some uniques from regular chests/skeletons in LK.


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Congrats on the Um.

You only need another 300 runs to get 2 Beers :)

When you finish 1k runs you can post the total of runes you find?.