Lower Kurast (Hell): Run 1201 - 1300


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Lower Kurast (Hell): Run 1201 - 1300

Runs were done with a level 92 Blizzard sorc (330 mf) at /players8, all chests/hollow logs/corpses etc. were investigated. Average time per run was 3 and a half minutes.

(Yes, something is different... The sorc is now level 92 thanks to Mr.Pindle, who unfortunately is only giving me experience and pretty much nothing else! :rolleyes: )

Grand charms: 53 (keepers: +1 warcry, +1 offensive auras, +1 shadow disciplines//38 life)
Large charms: 66 (and once again, I kept none. These are boring!)
Small charms: 57 (kept: 6% mf, 20 life, 15 life, 17 life, 20 life, 7% mf, 15 life)
Jewels: 53 (kept: 98 AR//7% fhr)

Hsarus iron stay
Thundergod's vigor
Raven frost
Blackhorn's face
Bing sz Wang
Goldstrike arch
Aldur's rythm
Culwen's point x2
Vidala's snare
Tal's mask
Sigon's shelter
The Generals Tan Do Li Ga
Moser's blessed circle
Tancred's weird
Soulharvest (eth)
Tannr Gorerod
Dangoon's teaching
Spire of honor
Saracen's chance
The Atlantean (eth)
Heart Carver
Milabrega's rod
IK detail
Civerb's icon
Magnus' skin
Venomgrip (eth)
Sigon's visor
Harlequin crest

Thul x5
Tal x7
Dol x3
Ort x4
Amn x4
Hel x2
Ral x2
Io x2

Still no Ber. But then again, I started doing these runs for the skillcharms, and I now have at least one for each skilltree except for the Paladin's combat skills. When I find one of those, I think I will stop these runs (or when I find a Ber, but I doubt that's going to happen :rolleyes: ). Onwards to run 1301!


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Good to see you're still doing the LK runs. Pity about the lack of runes. Hopefully one will drop soon.
Well i really hope your 1301st run gives you a ber and a combat tree skiller, so you can get back to normal playing, and not endless LK runs, which must be getting very boring by now....


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Sheesh! The runes certainly seem to have gone dry don't they? Well, keep it up - there must be a whole backlog of good runes just ready to drop for you!



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Run number 1339 will drop you your rune Illiana, because that spells "beel" backwards, which by no strange coincidence, means absolutely nothing at all :). Keep the faith, you're an inspiration to us all :thumbsup: .



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Awesome!! Let us know what you get on run 1337. :D Good luck to ya'. If you don't get you BER go kill Diablo. It's his fault anyway.


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Hey, at least you got a Shako out of it among other things. Some people have a hard time getting one so at least feel good about that. :thumbsup:


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Hey, save me the +5 strength/dex large charms, please?

I'll give you something for your troubles. :thumbsup:



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Great going Illiana! your madness is an inspiration to us all. :) Here's to hoping you find a Ber before that Pally Combat skill charm. :drink: