Low Strength High Defense Armor?


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Low Strength High Defense Armor?

I'm currently playing a Concentration Barb (gogo Hal) in hardcore, looking at my endgame options for how much Strength I'm going to wind up needing. My initial goal was to get enough to use the best axe for blood axe recipes, but I'm also thinking I'm going to need a fair amount of defense from my items to stay alive.

Unfortunately it seems the best armors all take ridiculous strength. What are some options that give great defense for low strength? I want to save as many points for vitality as possible :)

Thanks for any suggestions


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elite light plates seems nice. Best option for low strenght yet I question if that is you best option for a conc barb. Atleast go for the heaviest gloves, boots and helms I would say. Yet on the other hand, I have never played one.

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Best all-around armor is the Archon Plate. Low strength requirement of 103, with defense that is only slightly lower than the sacred plate, depending on the roll; you could, in fact, get MORE defense than a higher end armor if you got a good roll. Plus, it's light weight class, meaning no run speed or stamina penalties.



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Aye I've read the guide and am familiar with the arreat summit resource. Have been using both very heavily so far but the guide at least was last updated about 2 years ago and doesn't address this situation directly. That's why I was asking to see what other hardcore barbs had done for high defense low requirement armor.

The defense difference between the elite light plate and elite ancient armor doesn't seem to be worth filling in the stat points, but at the same time I know there are other slots like you mentioned, plus certain unique items and runewords to take into account. That's mostly why I was looking for opinions/experience.

edit: Thank ya for the heads up Hal. I think my initial goal of 138 for the axe will be more then enough for the armor too then.