low lvl pvp bowie (39)

Silent Shaddow

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low lvl pvp bowie (39)

erm yeah im quite getting into low lvl pvp stuff :azn:
and i wanna try a bowie :laugh: erm centering around harmony made in
Matriarchal which its self has a lvl req of 39...

so it stands like this: i plan 2 take my char to lvl 39 and into nightmare....
my bow will be a harmony and i have not a clue about the rest...
so that leaves me with

47 skills
20 ga
some other stuff ie what?
~ 10 maybe in multi shot

205 stats
str- enough
dex - lots
vita - lots
energy -none
sound good?

Crow Caw/Rockfleece/Shaftstop
helms,Blackhorn's Face/Stealskull/Rockstopper/ [FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1][FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1][FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]Peasant Crown
boots: water walks maybe? or sigon/ik combo
gloves: sigon/ik combo/bloodfists
belts: ik combo/deaths ofc/Gold wrap/Stringy
rings: dont know/angelics
amu: dont know/angelics
swtich: edge or spirit/sigon for prebuffing... erm lol what?

and some tit tacs... which would be...
erm any thing ive missed out?

big question: do i max out dex for dmg? :wink2: or what?


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what i used on mine when i had her at 39 (from memory)
30frw/30ias circlet
45ias/life light plate
harmony mat (whole reason i made her was because it came out perfect)
rare stat skill/stat ammy
rare stat rings
deaths belt
clegclaws gloves (she was for high lvl hammers so any bming was like idc)

almost all your stats will be going to get the prereqs for mat which are really high for the level so i dont know if you'll have enough str for some of your choices. life is low so pour on the frw and blaze around shooting GA. you dont need ar for GA so i'd not use angelics unless you cant find rings that are better.

max GA
some into multi (till you're comfortable w/ it i honestly didnt use it that much)
good amount in d/a/e
rest in critical (b/c your damage kind of sucks when compared to others your lvl)

i hell rushed my zon so i had more stats/skills to play around with but i still went zero into vit. never got around to figuring out my switch but a jav with a shield is necessary if you want to ever get close to killing a character w/charge. one point jab might be usefull in that case. be sure to check the ias breaks i think that 75 is exactly a bp (45 armor 30 helm). make up any life you think you'll need in your inventory (life scs) or use a ton of frw (what i did) preferably with max damage.

Edit: i wound up remaking her as a lvl 50 (for raven/wartrav and more specifically cat's eye...damn i love that thing. i like the lvl 50 more.