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Low-Level Pally Gear

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by pantherus, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. pantherus

    pantherus IncGamers Member

    May 18, 2008
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    Low-Level Pally Gear


    I'm potentially looking at building a Paladin purely on SP, although with my notoriously short attention span and apparant inability to play any character other than Amazon or Assassin past Normal I envisage he won't get to any particularly high levels. So therefore I'm only really looking at relatively low-level gear to build him with. I'm keen to have him set up with the Sigon's Complete Steel set (I have a thing for using complete sets :) ) which I have accumulated and muled from other characters but am a little unsure what to give him other than that - particularly for a weapon. I considered using most of the Angelic Set (Sabre, Amulet and Ring) since they seem to give some pretty good bonuses (including +1 to all skills from the Amulet) but am concerned that the sword does pitifully small damage and won't be useful past Act 1 or so...

    Can anyone suggest a relatively decent sword that would work well here? I'm probably only going to go as far as killing Baal on Normal (Nightmare can come later if I have the time and desire). I'd like to keep Sigon's for a good length of time as the "theme" i suppose you can say for the build; so any suggestions of "don't use Sigon's you n00b" or similar can be kept to yourselves - suggestions for Weapon and jewellery are welcome though.

    If it matters, I'm planning on him using Zeal as his main attack - what Aura goes best with that, Fanatacism?
  2. ThomasJohnsen

    ThomasJohnsen IncGamers Member

    Feb 12, 2007
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    Re: Low-Level Pally Gear

    I allways advocate (and use) Death's Set (sword+sash+gloves) for lower level chars. It has some very tasty mods, although the sword has some pretty steep str+dex requirements (being a war-sword). Some of this may be avoided by socketing it with a Hel. Or you can use the gloves+sash and a weapon like Rixot's Keen (which incidentally has CB that can be helpful against bosses).
    Combine a complete Death's set with Angelics (2 rings, 1 ammu, Armor) at level 12 and you're a killing machine with nice mf. Don't ever use the Angelic Sickle!!!
    Find a nice Rondache or Targe with some res and a few sockets, and use the sockets for Elds (for added blocking) or Diamonds (for res). Or if you are a sucker for mf, you can use Sigon's Boots+Shield+Helmet along with the Angelics and Death's.

    This equipment should easily take you through acts I through IV, though you will face problems in Chaos Sanctuary (act IV) with Oblivion Knights and in Mephisto's Durance (act III) with exploding Stygian Dolls.

    Later on you may wan't to switch to Sigon's Gloves+Belt+Boots, decent rare/unique armor (Twitchthroe, Rattlecage, Goldskin) and helmet (Tarnhelm, Duskdeep, Rockstopper) and a weapon like fleshrender (which incidentally works well both for zealing (again CB) and smiting (adding dmg and CB).
    Find a decent paladin shield with res and stuff it with diamonds or make an Ancient's Pledge, Rhyme or Spirit runeword.

    All the listed items are very common and low level, and you shouldn't pay more than a few PGs for each item.

    And finally. Fanatism works well with zeal and smite :nod:.

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